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QuickBooks Unable to Create Accountant’s Copy

    QuickBooks Unable To Create Accountants

    QuickBooks accounting software is an excellent financial management system aiding the small and medium scale businesses to tackle all the accounting requirements easily. Since it is automated software, any changes made in the Accountant’s copy are sent directly to the server, for all to view.

    However, sometimes the users might get an error message, such as: ‘QuickBooks unable to create accountant’s copy’, due to several reasons. Let us look at how to fix QuickBooks unable to create accountant’s copy error and why it occurs.

    Causes of QuickBooks Unable to Create Accountant’s Copy

    The error might be caused due to one of the below-mentioned reasons or several of them together:

    • The QBW file is larger than the specified 200 MB
    • Company data file is damaged
    • Third party firewall interfering with the system
    • A long dash, copied from the MS word to the file, can create the error, due to the difference in how the dash is created
    • Updating required for the software

    Steps to Fix QuickBooks Unable to Create Accountant’s Copy

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    Updated your QuickBooks Software

    Have you updated your software to recent edition? If not, try doing it before performing the operation. And, even after updates, you are not able to do it, try rebooting the computer to check if it is able to create accountant’s copy. If not, place a call to the Accounting Problem tech support for aid in fixing the issue.

    Damaged Company File

    First, examine if the persisting problem is file specific, by testing with a new file:

    🔷 Click on FILE and select ‘NEW COMPANY
    🔷 Select ‘EXPRESS START
    🔷 Now, create an accountant’s copy and send it. If you are able to send it, then return back to the file that’s creating the problem

    Try troubleshooting with ‘Standard data damage’. If the issue is not resolved, then proceed to the next step.

    Restoring Backup in QuickBooks

    🔷 If there is a back-up of the company file which has created the error, try to restore the backup in a different location (other than the one where the original has caused the error)
    🔷 Now, open this restored file, to check if the error reoccurs. If you are able to open it, replace this file with the corrupted or damaged company file.

    If after performing this operation, you are still unable to open the file, call the QuickBooks technical help for assistance.

    Long-Dash in File

    If you are trying to make any changes or entering a text for the client, ensure you are doing it without ‘LONG DASHES’. Also, if you are trying to create the text, do it on ‘TEXT EDITOR’ and copy paste it. You can then email the MS word document to the client. Never use or copy paste text with long dashes from MS word.

    Company Files Size

    🔷 Sometimes, a larger file size can also cause this ‘Unable to create accountant’s copy’ error. To check the company files size:
    🔷 On the QuickBooks Company file or QBW, click on F2 (hold it for a while or press ctrl+1) to get the ‘Company information’
    🔷 From the information window, check the file size, to see if it is more than 200 MB or 200,000 KB.
    🔷 If the file size is larger, then you can either restore or create a QuickBooks desktop portable company file or the .qbm file to reduce the file size. Otherwise, it can be done manually by saving and sending the QBX/QBY files without accountant file transfer service.

    Method to Remove Restrictions from Accountant’s Copy

    When your accountant asks you to shoot another accountant’s copy, you need to void the original accountant’s copy that was created before by removing the accountant’s copy restrictions.

    • Firstly ,visit the File Menu
    • Then Click Send Company File
    • Choose Accountant ‘s Copy & then select the Client Activities
    • Now Click on the Remove Restrictions
    • In the Last step ,Select Yes, want to remove the Accountant’s Copy restrictions option and then click OK.


    However, if the file size is smaller and still you are facing the error, it is time to call the help desk to resolve the issue. The Accounting Problem QuickBooks Enterprise Support team will aid in troubleshooting and locating the issues, and also resolve it successfully. The QuickBooks help desk support is aimed at providing QuickBooks users with an uninterrupted and timely service, in case of any errors or problems with the software. Call to get all relevant support at all times.

    👉Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an Accountant’s Copy Used for?

    An accountant’s copy can be created from a company file. The accountant’s copy contains only important data that your accountant may require for maintaining the books. This version is of considerably less size so you can exchange it over the internet. You can also import the changes into your company file after receiving the edited copy from your accountant.

    What are Some ways to Enable QuickBooks to Create Accountant’s Copy?

    Have you installed the most recent version of your software? If not, test it before proceeding with the surgery. If you still can’t do it after the upgrades, try resetting the machine to see if it can produce an accountant’s copy. If not, contact Accounting Problem tech support for assistance in resolving the problem.

    If a backup of the business file that produced the issue exists, try restoring it to a new location (not the same one where the original generated the mistake).

    Now examine the recovered file to see if the problem has reappeared. Replace this file with the broken or damaged company file if it can be opened.

    Does Changing File Name Resolve Error?

    In some cases, the software isn’t able to work with files that have a very long name. So you can shorten the name and remove all the dashes from it. Once you’ve done this, you can try to create an accountant’s copy with the same company file.