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How to Fix QuickBooks Web Connect Import Errors?

    Sometimes, users may land into QuickBooks Web Connect related issues while downloading or importing the transaction for the bank. When the error occurs, they can see different forms of error messages like “Your data was not imported into QuickBooks”, “An error occurred while processing the online banking data”, “QuickBooks found an error, we can’t read the file sent”, etc. Web Connect Import Errors are often seen when the files from the bank are incomplete or in the wrong format. Any adjustments made by the bank could result in such problems. If you’re also facing the same issue while importing your bank transactions then don’t worry! In this article, we’ll cover how to fix QuickBooks Web Connect Import Errors including causes and other related facts about the error.

    Why do we End up with QuickBooks Web Connect Import Errors?

    Due to the processes listed below, you may receive “no new transactions” while importing transactions from your bank’s website using QuickBooks Web Connect:

    • This inconvenient issue might also be caused by a corrupt QuickBooks company file.
    • It’s quite possible when the transactions have been imported already.
    • Your Web Connect (.QBO) statement includes dates from the company file that was previously imported.
    • If there aren’t any fresh transactions in the Web Connect file.

    Moreover, QuickBooks Web Connect Import Errors can appear with the following error notifications including:

    1. QuickBooks seems stuck and asks you to select a new or existing account when you try to download.
    2. QuickBooks is unable to verify the financial institution information for this download.
    3. Your data was not imported into QuickBooks.
    4. QuickBooks found an error. We can’t read the file sent.
    5. An error occurred while processing the online banking data.

    Important Pointers Must be Taken into Considerations

    Before you begin the process of importing transactions into QuickBooks or correcting Web Connect import issues, it is critical that you examine the following considerations:

    • The most important thing is to update Internet Explorer to the most recent version available.
    • Another crucial step is to make a backup of the company file.
    • You must also use a version of QuickBooks that is supported.

    After you’ve gone over the above tips thoroughly, you’re ready to move on to the steps.

    Steps for Fix QuickBooks Web Connect Import Errors?

    Now that you’ve learned all about QuickBooks web connect import issues, it’s time to get started. Each of the steps will be thoroughly examined. So, without further ado, here’s how we’ll get started:

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Downloading the Web Connect File

    To begin, you must first download the Web Connect file from the bank’s website, rather than from within QuickBooks. This procedure entails the following steps:
    🔹 To begin, go to the bank’s website and sign up for an account
    🔹 Then go to the Web Connect file and download it
    🔹 Open QuickBooks and the company file, and then follow the procedures to import the .qbo file.
    If you have problems downloading or importing the file, it is possible that the bank is having problems. If you can import and view transactions in QuickBooks, you can reset the bank connection by following the instructions below.

    Examining the Bank’s File

    Make sure the file you obtain from the bank is a .qbo file. It’s worth noting that web connect can only read certain types of files. If you have a different type of file, go to the bank’s website and get a .qbo file. You can contact the bank if you require assistance in locating it. Return to QuickBooks and import the .qbo file using the processes outlined above.

    Taking a Look at the Bank’s Notifications

    Looking up Information on the Bank’s Website

    You will be notified if the bank’s support for QuickBooks desktop changes. You must log in to the bank’s website and review your communications. If any of the error messages appear on the screen, you should follow the steps outlined below. If the bank’s online connect service has been discontinued, the steps to disconnect the account should be performed.

    Verifying Requests on the Bank’s Website

    Before accessing QuickBooks data, several banks require users to verify their identities. This problem appears after reinstalling or updating QuickBooks to a newer version. You must log in to the bank’s website and review your messages. Look for any requests for access and comply with the instructions to grant them.

    Switch to the Banking Modes

    🔹 In QuickBooks, go to the banking menu
    🔹 Then go to the bank feeds and select change bank feeds mode
    🔹 Select classic mode from the bank feeds section now
    🔹 To import the .qbo file, follow the procedures to end this process.

    Create a Test File

    In this step, you must determine whether the problem is with the company file or the .qbo file. And see if the transactions can be imported into the company file.
    🔹 First, go to the file menu and pick create company
    🔹 Then select Express Start and complete the required fields
    🔹 Then, to make it easy to remember, add the word “test” to the firm name
    🔹 To import the .qbo file into the test firm, follow the procedures below
    🔹 You’ll also need to import the transactions into the same bank account that the main company file is having problems with.

    To see if you can import the .qbo file into QuickBooks, follow the instructions below.

    In Case you Could Import the File

    There could be a settings issue if the transactions are shown in the test file. You can then reset them by going back to the original company file.
    🔹 First, open the company’s original file
    🔹 Then, if the user is having troubles, follow the steps to disconnect the account
    🔹 The account must then be reconnected
    🔹 The .qbo file can then be imported once again.
    🔹 The problem is addressed if the transactions can be imported into the original company file.

    In Case you are Unable to Import the File

    If the transactions in the test company file aren’t visible, the problem is most likely with the bank’s .qbo file. You must contact the bank for assistance in obtaining the appropriate file. It’s worth noting that banks and financial organizations who use web connect are familiar with how to deal with these kinds of problems.
    🔹 Before calling the bank, you should look through the bank’s log files
    🔹 You can also speak with a bank representative who is knowledgeable in QuickBooks bank feeds and account activation
    🔹 Also, inquire about whether your QuickBooks account is configured for Web Connect.

    Advanced Troubleshooting

    Use these advanced troubleshooting methods if you still need assistance. Only use these if you’re an experienced computer user.

    Review the Web Connect File for Errors

    🔹 Open the .qbo file that your bank sent you
    🔹 Select Open with Notepad from the context menu when you right-click the .qbo file (or Excel)
    🔹 Examine the file for the following frequent errors: invalid characters, ampersands, and other strings should be removed, such as:
    🔸 Example: <NAME>Point of Sale Withdrawal ARBY&#39;S
    🔸 Change to: <NAME>Point of Sale Withdrawal ARBYS
    🔹 Fill in the blanks with missing markup. The following should be present in all tags in the file:

    <STMTTRN> (This tag requires an end tag)
    <FITID>00xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx56 (length should be <=32)
    <NAME> (Tag has no data but should) (length should be <=32)
    <MEMO> (length should be <=255)
    </STMTTRN> (This is an end tag)

    Note: If the Payee name field is longer than 32 characters, the rest of the info appears in the Memo field.


    QuickBooks won’t auto-match payee info in the Memo box. You’ll have to manually match them.

    Check your Bank’s Identification Number

    Your transactions will not import if the bank identity information (BID) is missing from the .qbo file.
    🔹 To discover the unique BID information for your bank, select your QuickBooks version:
    🔸 2020 (US, CA, UK)
    🔸 2019
    🔸 2018
    🔹 To find your bank’s name and identification number, press Ctrl and F
    🔹 Make a note of the 5-digit number
    🔹 Then double-check that the following lines in your .qbo file are correct:

    <ORG>(Cannot be left blank) Example: MYBANK
    <FID> (Cannot be left blank) Example: 01234
    <INTU.BID> (Cannot be left blank) Example: 01234
    <INTU.USERID> (Cannot be left blank) Example: 01234

    🔹 Save the .qbo file to your computer
    🔹 Before attempting to import the corrected .qbo file again, perform the procedures to establish a backup of your company file.

    Summing Up!

    By the end of this article, we hope that the information provided will be of great use for How to Fix QuickBooks Web Connect Import Errors. However, if you have any questions or the problems continue to bother you, please do not hesitate to contact our experts at QuickBooks Customer Helpdesk.


    Is it Possible that the Inappropriate Data Range of the Imported Web Connect File gives QuickBooks Web Connect Import Errors?

    Yes, it is pretty possible that you receive such QBWC Import issues, if the date range of the imported Web Connect file is incorrect or overlap. That’s why you must check that the imported Web Connect file’s date range is valid and does not overlap. For example, once you’ve imported the transactions for July 1-30, you’ll need to import the transactions for August 1 and later the following time. It should not include any dates from July 1 to July 30. This approach can help you avoid the QuickBooks Web Connect import error.

    What are the Steps Involved in the Switching to Register Mode, if I Continuously Receive QuickBooks Web Connect Import Errors?

    Start with clicking the Edit menu and then move to the Preferences tab. Select Checking from the left pane, then click the Company Preferences tab. Click Classic Mode in the Bank Feeds section to continue (Register Mode). To complete the task, press OK.

    How can I Export my QuickBooks Online Data before Fixing QuickBooks Web Connect Import Errors?

    Create a QuickBooks Online account and download the migrating software.
    🔹 Log in to the QuickBooks Online account you want to convert using a suitable web browser
    🔹 Use the login details for your Intuit account
    🔹 In the URL, replace anything after /app/ with exportqbodatatoqbdt
    🔹 The URL should be 
    🔹 Then press Enter on your keyboard
    🔹 Other support task connections will not work during this period
    🔹 A window titled “Export Overview” will appear
    🔹 Take a look at the Exports Overview
    🔹 You can print it out if you want
    🔹 Make the decision to begin
    🔹 Click the Download tool to receive the QuickBooks Desktop migration program
    🔹 Once the tool has been downloaded, run it to install it, and then click Next
    🔹 Continue to the next step after accepting the license agreement’s terms
    🔹 Then, for the type of configuration, choose Complete
    🔹 At last, Install and then Finish is the options to click.

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