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QuickBooks Web Connector Error

    QB Desktop 2021 Version Errors Web Connector Fails

    In the most recent version of QuickBooks 2022, users experience a bug related to failure of Web Connector. This happens when users are trying to pass their data between QuickBooks V2021 and TSheets. QuickBooks Desktop 2021 Version Errors “Web Connector Fails” may also damage other features of QuickBooks so it is required to fix it as soon as possible. This bug usually impacts systems with both V2021 and V2020 installed. Many users noticed this bug for the first time when they use the Web Connector after updating both QuickBooks versions. They observed an error in TSheets logs when they were not able to import a new client to T-sheets. If you investigate the Web Connector logs from the Web Connector itself you may find a line near the end that indicates an error parsing XML data. It gives you an error message which read as follow:

    “QBWebConnector.WebServiceManager.DoUpdate (): Exception in WSManager.Update: QuickBooks found an error when parsing the provided XML text stream.-QBXMLRP2.RequestProcessor.2”.

    How Does it Affect Tsheets

    As most of the QuickBooks users depend on the Tsheets for time and billing for accounting and payroll purposes. Because of this error, users are:

    • Unable to enter time for new clients
    • Cannot process time for billing or payroll
    • Unable to invoice clients.

    How to Verify QuickBooks Web Connector Error

    You can try implementing the below steps to verify this issue by checking the following

    • First, open your both QuickBooks V2020 and V2021
    • Next, go to the Help menu >>> Update QuickBooks Desktop
    • Note down the version numbers in the upper right corner of the Overview tab
    • Now, open Windows Control Panel >> Programs and Features
    • Look for the entries for QuickBooks V2021 and V2020
    • After that, note down the version numbers
    • You may see that the version number for the installed V2021 in Programs and Features is the same as BOTH the version numbers you noted in the QuickBooks update window, however the version for V2020 is only 30.x and this indicates the problem “Web connector Fails”.

    Note: Learn how to setting up QuickBooks web connector & Integrating

    Steps for Fix QuickBooks Web Connector Error

    Try to resolve this Web Connector failure with the help below instructions:

    Troubleshooting 1:

    The first thing you need to do is connect with QuickBooks Desktop support and ask them to roll you back to QuickBooks Desktop 2020. This may fix the error and once you’re notified that this issue has been resolved then you can upgrade to QuickBooks 2021 version.

    Troubleshooting 2:

    You can also fix this bug by updating QuickBooks Win 2020 R10 release. When you update this QuickBooks release; make sure that QuickBooks 2021 must also be installed on the same computer. Once done then you are also required to update QuickBooks 2021 to R4 release. With this approach you can resolve the error in all the latest releases of QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Accountant.

    In order to make sure that things are working properly, update QuickBooks to the latest release by

    Clicking Help menu >> Update QuickBooks >> Update Now >> Get Updates.

    In Conclusion!

    It is generally very important to upgrade and update your software on a regular basis. As always, each new update also includes all the changes, enhancements and fixes from any earlier updates. So to fix QuickBooks Desktop 2021 Version Errors “Web Connector Fails”, execute the above instructions and hopefully it will fix this bug efficiently.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. What exactly is QuickBooks Web Connector and how does it work?

    Ans: It is basically a go-between application that allows qbXMl and qbposXML to pass between a web-based application and QuickBooks accounting software or POS. in other words, it is an interface that helps in collecting information from third-party web based applications.
    It works on a simple object access protocol which is popularly known as SOAP. It cam sync and gather the information as well on its own in QuickBooks software. QuickBooks web connector works with QuickBooks Point of sale and also QuickBooks desktop and is an XML file that was designed to craft a bridge between web applications and QuickBooks desktop products.

    Q2. How do I Setup and Install QuickBooks Web Connector?

    Ans: Before you start with the installation process, you’re required to confirm that you have a .qwc file from a third party web-service provider. Once confirmed then carry out the below steps:
    ➤ First, download the installer of QuickBooks Web Connector
    ➤ Next, unzip the downloaded installer and then run the .exe file
    ➤ Now, you are needed to follow the prompts to finish the installation
    ➤ Important point to be noted that Windows components must be installed in the installation process if needed.

    Q3. What is the Different Error Codes Encountered in QuickBooks Related to Web Connector?

    Ans: There are multiple errors which are commonly encountered by users while using QBWC. Few of them are jotted below:
    QBWC error code 1085: QuickBooks was unable to write the log file. QuickBooks will open without writing the log file.
    QBWC error code 1006: QuickBooks Web Connector failed to run
    QuickBooks WC error 1040: “Web connector did not provide a valid username and password“
    QBWC Error code 1038: User canceled from master key input. Need a master key to continue. If you forgot the master key, you would need to re-enter the password again to reset the master key.
    QBWC Error 1035: DNS.Resolve (localhost) failed due to Exception – [An error message will appear describing the possible root cause of the failure]
    QuickBooks WC Error 1022, 1023, 1024: An error occurred when connecting to QuickBooks and more.