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Setup QuickBooks Web Connector: Download & Install

    Are you searching out the right approach to setup QuickBooks web connector? Yes, then you have hit on the right link. We can help you in setting up QuickBooks Desktop add-on.

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    In this article, we shall be going into detail to understand the concept of the QuickBooks web connector and some simple steps to install the same.

    Why is QuickBooks Web Connector Required

    Basically, the QuickBooks web connector is an intermediary application that enables the qb XML and qb pos XML to move smoothly between a web-based app (executing a typical Simple Object Access Protocol [SOAP]-based web service crossing point) and QuickBooks financial software application or QuickBooks (POS).

    With the addition of a web service is as simple as transferring a file in your system. The program needs a .qwc file, which is an XML file premeditated to work together with QuickBooks Desktop products and can be run spontaneously by QuickBooks Web Connector.

    Besides this, the QuickBooks web connector can be used with any QuickBooks Desktop product maintained by the QuickBooks SDK or the QuickBooks point of sale SDK.

    Download a Different Version of QuickBooks Web Connector

    • Version 75.9 MB (79,605,760 bytes)
    • Version 75.9 MB (79,640,054 bytes)
    • Version 75.7 MB (79,446,404 bytes)
    • Version 79.8 MB (83,754,544 bytes)
    • Version 80.8 MB (84,742,144 bytes)
    • Version 80.8 MB (84,742,144 bytes)
    • Version 77.9 MB (81,743,872 bytes)
    • Version 12.6 MB (13,231,104 bytes)
    • Version 12.4 MB (13,058,048 bytes)
    • Note: This will install Windows components if necessary.

    Important note: If you wish to know more about the QuickBooks web connector, speak to QuickBooks experts at our tech support helpdesk number.

    Steps for Download, Install and Setup QuickBooks Web Connector

    Install QuickBooks Web Connector

    NOTICE: Always make sure that you own the .qwc file from your third-party web-service source before you actually decide to install or re-install the QuickBooks Web Connector.

    Here are some of the quick steps that you can follow to install the QuickBooks web connector:

    💠 Firstly, you have to download the installer for setting up the QuickBooks Web Connector.
    💠 Decompress the downloaded installer and try to launch the .exe file.
    💠 After this, you have to perform the on-screen guidelines so as to complete the installation.
    Note: When you will follow the above steps, it will finally install the Windows modules if essential.

    Uninstall QuickBooks Web Connector

    NOTICE: You have to save the .qwc file that you have purchased from third-party web-service source before you decide to uninstall the QuickBooks Web Connector.

    Here are some of the quick steps that you can follow to uninstall the QuickBooks web connector:

    💠 Hold the Windows+R keys together and when you will do so, this will open the Run command.
    💠 Now, you have to type control in the search field and press OK. When you will do so, the Control Panel will open.
    💠 Select the Uninstall a program option
    💠 Choose the Web Connector and press on the Uninstall button

    NOTE: If you are not able to locate the QuickBooks Web Connector in the control panel, then you have to remove the QB Web connector folder in the given site:
    C:\Program Files(x86)\Shared Files\Intuit\QB\

    Add an Application to QuickBooks Web Connector

    💠 Open your Web Connector and browse the Add Application option.
    💠 Search for the third-party applications with extension .qwc file.

    NOTICE: The .qwc file will be given to you by the third-party web application supplier. This file should have been transferred to your system.
    Choose the .qwc file and press on the Open tab.

    How to Avert QuickBooks Web Connector from Launching when you are Booting your System

    In case, you are no longer making use of the Web Connector then you can delete it from the Windows Startup Batch so as to avert it from functioning every time you boot your system. However, you need to bear the fact in mind that deletion of the shortcut from Startup can deactivate any app that is making use of the web connector to interconnect with QuickBooks software.

    💠 Click on the Startup folder.
    💠 For Windows 10 and 8 users:
    💠 Hold the Windows+R keys together so as to open the Run command.
    💠 Enter shell: startup and press on OK button.
    💠 For Windows 7 users:
    💠 Select the Windows Start button and select All Programs/Program.
    💠 From the drop down list of Program, choose Startup.
    💠 Do right click on QuickBooks Web Connector and choose the Delete option.
    💠 When asked for your consent to delete the shortcut, press on the Delete Shortcut option.

    Have any question regarding QuickBooks web connector or wish to know more about the same? Contact our Accounting Problem QuickBooks Enterprise technical support team at .instruction on setting up the QuickBooks Web Connector