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Invoices Won’t Send from QuickBooks

    Sales Invoicing is one important feature incorporated in the QuickBooks accounting software. With this, businesses can create invoices and send them to their customers over email with effortless ease. With its enhanced invoicing functionalities, businesses can keep an efficient track of inward and outward payments.

    However, some of the QuickBooks users have written to us that they are facing issues while sending invoices to their customers through email. This is a pretty common issue. When this issue occurs in your system, you may also notice other symptoms such as your computer closing down automatically, QuickBooks is not starting, the computer’s screen freezing QuickBooks and so on.

    Are you also facing this issue? Fret not!! You will be able to resolve it with easy solutions provided in this blog. Simply go through this blog till the very end and implement the steps mentioned herein.

    But before that, we will look at why this issue occurs in the first place..

    Causes of Invoices Won’t Send from QuickBooks Error?

    The following reasons may contribute to the Invoices Won’t Send from QuickBooks error –

    • Domain admin may have been blocked
    • Incorrect setting of email preferences
    • Outlook is functioning in the background while QuickBooks is sending emails
    • The MAPI32.dll file may have got damaged
    • Incorrect installation of Outlook
    • Issues with the email provider’s account security settings 
    • Damaged QuickBooks installation

    Steps for Fix Invoices Won’t Send from QuickBooks Issue

    Here, we will look at multiple methods to resolve the Invoices Won’t Send from QuickBooks issue –

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Verify the Webmail Preference Settings

    · Start QuickBooks
    · Click on the Edit menu
    · Click on Preferences
    · Click on the Send forms option 
    · Navigate to the My preferences section 
    · Select the email account you are using
    · Click on the Edit tab
    · Click Preferences
    · The edit email info window would pop up on your screen. 
    · enter the relevant details on the SMTP Server details section
    · Now go to the email provider settings 
    · Fill the required details in setting the server name and port section.

    Update the Quickbooks POS (Point of Sale)

    Here are the given Manual Update and Automatic Update method for QuickBooks POS update.

    Manual Update

    Ø  Log in to your QuickBooks PoS system as an administrator
    Ø  Browse to the Help section
    Ø  Click on Software Update  from the drop-down Menu
    Ø  Click the Check for updates tab to check if any update is available
    Ø  The update now button will be visible if any fresh update is available
    Ø  Click the Update now button
    Ø  Click the OK button
    Ø  Once the latest updates are installed, restart your system
    Ø  Start QuickBooks
    Ø Check if you are still getting the error message

    Automatic Update

    Ø  Log in to your QuickBooks PoS system as an administrator
    Ø  Browse to the Help section
    Ø  Click on Software Update
    Ø  Now, click on Updater preference
    Ø  Select General
    Ø  Press the Automatically download updates tab
    Ø  Click the notify me option to get fresh updates
    Ø  Click OK
    Ø  QuickBooks will automatically download and install the latest updates, whenever they are available
    Ø  Once the latest updates are installed, start QuickBooks
    Ø  Check if the error still exists

    Make Internet Explorer your Default Browser

    Ø  Open Internet Explorer,
    Ø  Click Alt + T
    Ø  The Tools menu will open up
    Ø  Click on Internet options.
    Ø  Click Advanced  
    Ø  Now click on Restore Advanced Settings
    Ø  Click OK to proceed
    Ø  close the browser to finish

    In this blog, we have described multiple solutions methods with the help of which, you can fix the Invoices Won’t Send from QuickBooks issue on your own. In case you have any more queries or if you are finding it difficult to execute the solutions above, you may consult with some seasoned QuickBooks experts.


    How to Void an Invoice in QuickBooks?

    Please follow the below-mentioned procedure -.

    Ø  Go to the QuickBooks homepage
    Ø  Click on the ‘Create Invoice’ button
    Ø  You will see the list of transactions made
    Ø  Click to open the invoice you want to void
    Ø  Click ‘Edit’ from the menu bar
    Ø  At the bottom of your screen, locate the options to ‘Delete’ or ‘Void’.
    Ø  Click on the ‘Void’ button
    Ø  Click the tab named ‘Save & Close’ to apply your changes.

    What is the Procedure to Set Default Email in QuickBooks?

    Here are the steps to follow-

    Ø  Go to the Menu bar
    Ø  Click on Edit.
    Ø  Select the Preferences tab
    Ø  From the Panel on your left, click Send Forms.
    Ø  Go to Company Preferences and set the email as default.
    Ø  Click Yes on the pop-up.
    Ø  Click OK.

    Which Versions of QuickBooks allow the Facility of Secure Webmail?

    The secure webmail feature is available in the latest QuickBooks versions only. The following QUICKBOOKS versions allow connection through secure webmail-

    Ø QuickBooks 2019 & QuickBooks 2020 –  Available for Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Gmail, AOL, Windows mail etc.

    Ø QuickBooks 2017 –  Available in R5 and later versions, only for Gmail users in the U.S.

    Ø QuickBooks 2018 – Available only for Hotmail/live & Gmail users in the UK, U.S.  & Canada

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