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QuickBooks Won’t Update (Desktop Error)

    QuickBooks Won't Update

    QuickBooks Desktop Update errors can occur because of a variety of reasons: network problems, interference by third party software and even multiple instances of the program running on your system. We’ll look at each of these scenarios and work our way through each underlying cause to make sure that you can resolve this error without any problems.

    In this post, you’ll learn that QuickBooks won’t update errors.

    What are QuickBooks Desktop Update Errors?

    When trying to download or install updates in QuickBooks desktop, you may get one of the following error codes:

    QuickBooks Desktop Error Code 12045
    QuickBooks Update Error Code 12037
    QuickBooks Error 12038
    QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 12157

    After noting down the error code, you can start working on a possible solution.

    User Rights

    Before we even begin with many of the underlying causes, you should ensure that you’ve administrative rights to make changes to Windows. Without such rights, you won’t be able to install the updates from your user account because the user account control settings will block the installation of any program file.

    One way to get past this issue is to use an administrator account in the first place.

    Or you can use the authentication details of an administrator account in order to authorize the installation of updates in windows.

    QuickBooks Won't Update

    You can also choose to lower the user account control settings so that you won’t be prompted for authentication details when launching the installation of any program. However, this isn’t recommended because it may put your data at a higher risk, as any user will then be able to make changes to your system.

    Check Internet Settings

    QuickBooks Desktop Update errors can sometimes result from internet connectivity issues. When your internet isn’t working properly, QuickBooks won’t be able to download the update files, ultimately leading to an error.

    You should check your internet connection to ensure that QuickBooks can easily download the update files, and you’ll be able to install them on your system.

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    If, however, your internet isn’t working, then you’ll have to contact the connection provider and raise an issue so that they can resolve your internet problems.

    Check Internet Settings

    You can check your internet connection by going to the Control Panel and selecting Network & Internet. You can also troubleshoot the error from here. If troubleshooting fails, then get in touch with your ISP and raise a complaint.

    Internet Settings in QuickBooks

    Apart from network settings in windows, you may have to configure network settings within QuickBooks as well. If your internet is working but QuickBooks still cannot connect to the internet, then follow the steps given below:

    1. Go to the Help menu, and choose Internet Connection Setup.
    2. Choose ‘Use my computer’s internet connection…’.
    3. Click on Next and then on Advanced Connection Settings.
    4. In the Advanced tab, click on the option Restore Advanced Settings.
    5. Click on Ok, then Done.
    6. Now update QuickBooks.
    Internet Connection Setup

    Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when installing updates in QuickBooks:

    • Download accelerators may interfere with the downloading of the update files. So it’s better to disable any download accelerator while you’re downloading and installing the updates.
    • You need a minimum internet connection speed of 28.8 kb/s. If the download speed is below this number, then you won’t be able to download the update files from within QuickBooks.

    Correct Date and Time Settings

    Incorrect date or time on your system may interfere with the update process. So it’s important to set the correct date and time on windows.

    Once again, you’ll require an administrator account to change system settings on windows.

    Correct Date and Time Settings

    To set the correct date and time in windows to resolve QuickBooks Desktop update issues, follow the steps provided below:

    1. In the lower right corner of your screen, right click on the display clock.
    2. Select Adjust Date/Time.
    3. Click on Change date and time.
    4. Enter the current date and time or let windows sync them from the internet on the basis of your geographical location.
    5. Close QuickBooks and then run the update.

    If you’re using a VPN or any other software to alter your geographical details, then you should input the date and time manually; otherwise, windows will pick up the date and time settings that it can fetch from the network’s location.

    Changing date and time does not impact your system or data on it. Simply ensuring that you’ve set the correct date and time makes it easier for programs to sync data and download updates.

    Check for Multiple Instances of QuickBooks Desktop

    If multiple instances of QuickBooks desktop are running on the same system, then the update won’t be installed because it requires all QuickBooks related processes to close before beginning the installation process. There are some cases in which multiple instances of the program may be running.

    But that’s hardly a big problem. If this is the issue, then you can fix QuickBooks Update Won’t Install error by following the steps provided below:

    1. Right Click on the Taskbar.
    2. Select the Processes tab.
    3. Select any instance of QuickBooks currently running, and click on End Process.
    4. Confirm the termination of the process.
    5. Now try to install the update.

    If you’ve multiple instances of QuickBooks installed on your system, then you may not be able to install the updates directly from the software. For instance, if you’ve both the enterprise and premier editions of QuickBooks 2020 installed on your system, then an update error can occur.

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    To bypass this error, you can manually install the updates. You can download the update files and then install them like you would install a normal program.

    Multiple Instances of QuickBooks Desktop

    Simply enter the details about your product, and you’ll be able to find the update and upgrade files for your version of this accounting software.

    If you choose to install the updates manually, then too you’ll require administrative rights to make changes to the program.

    Configure Security Software

    In rare instances, your security software or personal firewall may prevent the download or installation of the updates. If you’re getting errors despite everything working properly, then you should disable your security software and firewall and then download and install the updates.


    QuickBooks won’t update errors and doesn’t usually cause a lot of problems for users. Since you can work on the accounting software and access your data, you don’t have to be worried about anything. However, you may want to install the latest updates and aren’t able to. Use this post to resolve QuickBooks Desktop update errors.

    Note: If you still can’t resolve QuickBooks update error, you can reach out to our experts via QB chat or call 1866-547-0606.

    🔔Frequently Asked Questions🔔

    Can I Set up Automatic Updates in QuickBooks?

    Ans: Yes, you can. Automatic updates in QuickBooks are an easy way to ensure that you’ve the latest patches and fixes installed on your system so that you can smoothly work on your finances without encountering any error. However, if any of the problems mentioned above occur, then you’ll get a QuickBooks won’t update error.

    So it’s better for you to simply go through this post and ensure that you’ve resolved the underlying cause of QuickBooks Desktop Update error. Once you’ve resolved the error, you can enable automatic updates to ensure that all updates are installed as soon as they’re made available.

    Does Manually Downloading the QuickBooks Update Files Put my Data at Risk?

    Ans: No, it doesn’t, especially if you download from Intuit’s website. You should never download updates from any third party website that claims to have those files ready for you. These update files from third party providers may contain malicious code to infect your computer with malware or ransomware.

    The process of manually downloading the update files from Intuit’s website is quite easy. You can select the edition and version of QuickBooks, and you’ll get a list of all the updates available for that version and edition. Then you can select the updates that you want to install on your system. You can even check the change log to ensure that you’re only installing updates that you find relevant.

    Will Ending a Process Corrupt Windows?

    Ans: If you end the QuickBooks process, it won’t harm windows in any manner. There are certain processes that are essential for windows. If you close any of these processes, windows will crash immediately because the process required to run windows.

    However, you can restart your system and start working again.
    But ending the QuickBooks process has no impact other than that the program instances will be closed. And you’ll have to find and end all QuickBooks instances; otherwise, you won’t be able to install the update.

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