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QuickBooks Workforce Install and Setup Instructions

    QuickBooks Workforce Install

    QuickBooks helps to provide you a great platform to manage your accounting from a single place. intuit QuickBooks Workforce is a tool that helps assist you to reduce the gap between you and your employees. It is actually a part of the payroll service. It provides transparency between you and your Employees when a question comes to Money.

    It is very important to know every user about the QuickBooks Workforce download and install process. This article helps you to know the details about the QuickBooks Workforce – Install Setup Instructions. Let’s start the article.

    What is QuickBooks Workforce?

    QuickBooks Workforce is a cloud-based employee management and human resources administration solution. If your company needs help governing their pay scale, base wage or give bonuses for any purpose, QuickBooks Workforce can empower your staff to gain insights about expenditures and opportunities for growth. Practical companies can trial it by uploading a pay stub that is $0.00 in the Items to Send section or by paying their payroll to Intuit.

    How do I Setup View My Paycheck in QuickBooks?

    Go to ViewMyPaycheck (

    • Get your sign up started with QuickBooks Workforce.
    • Sign up for an Intuit account. An Intuit account will allow you to access multiple websites, products, and the help you need through your single user ID and password.
    • Turn on Get Paid Info under your login and enter last paycheck for net pay detail:

    How do i Sign Up for the Intuit Workforce ?

    Setup your QuickBooks account here.

    • Go to
    • There is Right below the See Sign In button, select that and create an account.
    • Enter your email address and phone. Note: If you see “This user ID is already taken” under your email address, it means an existing account already uses the email.

    How do I Setup Workforce in QuickBooks?

    • Turn on ActiveX controls in Internet Explorer.
    • From the main menu, click Manage Payroll Cloud Services.
    • Select Invite Employees.
    • Your employee list will appear in the left navigation area
    • Select and send an invite
    • QuickBooks Workforce sends email invitations to employees before switching on

    If you New to QuickBooks Workforce?

    To set up a company in QuickBooks Workforce, create a single or multiple author records.

    • You necessary use QuickBooks Desktop, have installed with the latest maintenance release and the; latest payroll updates.
    • If you don’t have the latest QuickBooks desktop release and payroll updates installed, add “Manage Payroll Cloud Services” to your company list in order to use QuickBooks Desktop for maintenance release or the latest payroll updates installed.
    • Go to the Payroll Cloud Services window, Select the QuickBooks Workforce checkbox.
    • When prompted, create or confirm a PIN used to send payroll data.
    • Select Save Changes.
    • Click to Return to QuickBooks to close the window QuickBooks.
    • Next time you run payroll, Intuit prompts you to URL-download your pay stubs. You need to upload your paycheck into QuickBooks Workforce automatically so that the employees can sign in and use the software to access the information they need.
    • Now on you QuickBooks Desktop company file, create paychecks as you normally do.
    • In addition to printing checks, make sure to select Send to Intuit on the Confirmation and Next Steps screen.
    • See the Send and Receive Data window, Now select Send. When prompted, enter your payroll service PIN. Tip: If you ever forget to select Send to Intuit after creating paychecks, you can always go to Employees then select Send Payroll Data.
    • Now start inviting your company employees to use QuickBooks Workforce.
    • With ActiveX, QuickBooks Desktop can automatically recognize and draw a graphical interface for inviting employees without any custom tools.
    • Select Invite Employees.
    • Want to give access to specific employees? Select ‘Select Employees’ then select the employee ids of the people you need access.
    • Now check the Invited employee status.
    • You can create an accessibility package for QuickBooks Workforce by telling the software what materials are necessary in advance.
    • If this is your first time setting up QuickBooks Workforce, it might seem a little confusing to upload historical paychecks. Luckily, they’re really easy. The only tricky part is identifying the employee from the last paycheck before you started the self-employed section of QuickBooks. Refer to QuickBooks Workforce: Uploading historical paychecks for more information!

    Steps to Setup QuickBooks Workforce

    Earlier it was known as ViewMyPaycheck, QuickBooks workforce is one of the features which is available for all QuickBooks Desktop Users. If you want to use this feature you want to use switch it on. Once it is on you will be able to automate the paychecks generations & sending a notification to the employees.

    • Check, if your QuickBooks Desktop Program with the latest maintenance release and latest payroll updates
    • You need to be logged in to switch on the Workforce using the login credentials which are different from your company file credentials. To sign in click “Company” and open the menu
    • Choose “My Company
    • Now, go to the top right corner of the Window and click the “Sign in“ option
    • Do login using Intuit Credentials
    • Go to QuickBooks Desktop Company File and Click “Employees
    • Select the option” Manage Payroll Cloud Service”. If this option is not coming it means you didn’t update your QuickBooks Program. First Update your program and get install the latest payroll updates.
    • If you get the Window Payroll Cloud Service Widow opens, click on the button available next to “Status” available in QuickBooks workforce.
    • While switching on you need to enter a PIN which helps to send payroll data. Create a PIN of your choice and click the “Save changes “ option.
    • Finally select “Return to QuickBooks”

    You don’t have to install workforce separately as it is the part of QuickBooks Desktop if you are using payroll service. After switching it on, after running payroll, you can easily send paychecks to the employees.


    For any query, issue, or guidance dial and get connected with QuickBooks’s professional team. Team members are available 24*7 to assist you with the quick and prompt response and resolutions. QuickBooks executives are polite, trained, certified, and having many years of experience in the same domain. You can also email at [email protected] or fill the contact form to get a call back from our dedicated and talented QuickBooks experts. Just get in touch with us get your issues resolved related to QuickBooks.

    FAQs for QuickBooks Workforce Setup

    How to QuickBooks Workforce Login

    The quickest way to login to a quickbooks workforce account is to use the QuickBooks Self-Service Portal. Simply click on the Self-Service tab, then select Sign In and fill out the information required.

    How to View my Paycheck

    If you have a paycheck, go to the My Paycheck tab in your dashboard. There you will find your paystubs, recent and previous paychecks.

    How to ADP Login Workforce

    Depending the license that you have, you can login to your account through quickbooks app on a mobile device, click on the quickbooks icon (with the W logo) in the bottom right of your home screen, select Workforce Services then log in.

    How to Turn on Workforce in QuickBooks Desktop?

    Navigate to the Settings menu and select Workforce. You will find Workforce under Systems and then Company settings under Accounting.