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How to Record Refund from a Vendor in QuickBooks

    Record and Refund from Vendor in QuickBooks

    While running your organization with this QuickBooks Online accounting software, you need to know about every feature of this software which helps to handle your all business essentials. As like many features, you must know about how to record a refund from a Vendor in QuickBooks, we give you all solutions to handle this issue in all alternative ways.

    Steps for Record a Refund from a Vendor in QuickBooks

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    To Get a Refund from the Vendor as Credit Card Credit, you need to Perform these Steps

    💠 First of all, open the Banking menu and choose the “Enter Credit Card Charges.”
    💠 Then scroll your click on “Credit card Account” from the drop-down options of Credit Card Changes.
    💠 Then click on the refund button and select the correct vendor name and fill the required information such as Ref No., Date and total amount.
    💠 Then write an accurate memo to get all information about transactions.
    💠 If you return your product then open the product tab and click on that product and enter the amount and you will get your refund within minutes.
    💠 To end the procedure, click on save & close.

    To Get a Refund Check of the Paid Bill, go with these steps:

    To check the deposit record of the vendor check:

    💠 Click on the Banking menu and then choose “Make Deposits.”
    💠 If deposited payments will appear on your screen, then go with an OK click.
    💠 Go to the “Make Deposit” and click on the “Received” from the options and scroll your click on a vendor who refunds your payment.
    💠 Then click on the “Account” and choose the accounts payable account.
    💠 Then enter the amount you want to refund and enter all required information like payment method, check number and product name.
    💠 Then select save and close.

    To Get the Record of the Bill credit from the Refunded Payment

    💠 Go to the Vendors menu and click on “Enter Bills.”
    💠 Then choose the “Credit button” to your account to return your product.
    💠 Then enter your Vendor name and click on the expenses tab.
    💠 After that, enter the accurate account of your product.
    💠 Then enter all required information in the Amount section with the appropriate amount.
    💠 Then save and close the processing.

    To Link the Payment Deposits with Bill Credit

    💠 Click on the vendor’s menu, and choose “Pay bills.”
    💠 Then you need to check the status that will match with your account.
    💠 Then choose “Set Credits” and applicable to the “Bill credits” then click on OK.
    💠 Then go to the “Pay selected bills” and click on DONE.

    Customer support

    After troubleshooting with all the above solutions, if you face any kind of issues regarding QuickBooks, get in touch with our QuickBooks technical support team.  They give you full assistance in a proper manner to clear your all doubts and resolve your all queries. You can also visit our official websites and drop your all queries at or do QuickBooks chat support. Our expertise is always available to reply to your all queries.