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Repair Damaged Data from QuickBooks Company File

    Data Damage on QuickBooks Company File

    Almost all software’s face the problem of having data Damaged and QuickBooks is no exception. But it is also true that if necessary steps are taken, the issue of data Damaged can be resolved.

    Resolve Data Damaged for Windows and MAC in QuickBooks

    Before you start the process of resolving the data Damaged issue, open the company file; go to ‘Utilities’ and then ‘Rebuild Data’. It will open a box saying to close all the windows, click on ‘Ok’. It will mention that it will perform a back up file. This step is crucial, as it will make a back up file. You must ensure that the process of rebuilding is done on the computer that houses the original company files. Once the local back up is done it will prompt you to select the place where the back up files can be stored. It is recommended that an external drive be selected to store the back up. At times after clicking on the backup for the company file a message QuickBooks is not responding may appear. Do not panic rather wait for the process to be completed. Once it is done, the message ‘Rebuild has completed and proceed with the next step’ appears, click on OK.

    The next step is to Run the verify Utility. Click on the tab File, select and click on Utilities then on click on Verify Data. Once you click on that the message ‘QuickBooks detected no problems your data’ will appear, if there are no issues with your company file. In that case continue and select the company file. In case the verification detects some error with the data the message ‘Rebuild Now or View Errors’ will appear. Click on the Close and continue with the next steps. It can either be review of the QBWin.log or the QuickBooks.log file or you can choose to get the help by contacting the support.

    The next steps that you are required to follow is to rectify the data Damaged and resolving the issue is first to locate the QBWin.log or the QuickBooks.log file. If you have sought the Tech Help, your file needs to send to a repository. This will allow the support team member to see your log file. To be able to do that click on the prompt ‘Send log files to Intuit Support’. The command to verify for Window is Ctrl+F to ‘Begin Verify’ and search for the latest file the order of the log is that the recent file is at the bottom. For Mac you just have to scroll down to the latest file and Verify.

    Next look into QuickBooks Learn & Support and locate the line ‘LVL_ERROR’ or Data Damaged op LVL errors Library. Once you click on that you will be prompted to next steps that will help you to resolve the data Damaged issue. In case you cannot reach, open the company file, you would not be able to reach Utilities. In that case close QuickBooks and search for QuickBooks File Doctor. Download it to repair and resolve the data Damaged.

    Technical Support Help:

    If in case after following the above steps and you are not able to resolve the data Damaged on your QuickBooks company file. Then seek the professional help from the QuickBooks Technical Support Team and get all your issues related to data solved. QuickBooks chat support Experts are available to guide you in all your query related situations. By calling Quickbooks Support Phone Number you can get in touch with them. The QuickBooks are professionals are always there all around the clock.