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How to Replace a Vendor’s Check that has been Lost in Sage

    replace a vendor's check that has been lost

    You may have experienced many unwanted situations while carrying out your day-to-day accounting activities. One such situation may be-a vendor may have complained that he did not receive the check you sent already to him. Another instance may be, you may not be able to locate a check due to a vendor in Sage. But, if you are using the Sage accounting software, it has a cover for you to deal with such situations. In Sage, you can easily locate andreplace such a check by assigning a different number altogether, without any fear of duplicity.

    Not sure of how to perform such operations in Sage ? Don’t bother! All you need to do is to go through this blog. Here, we will provide you multiple methods to replace a vendor’s lost check in Sage.

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    Easy Methods to Replace a Vendor’s Check that has been Lost in Sage

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Method 1-

    🔷 Go to the Payables (Vendors and purchases) module
    🔷 Click the Payments  tab 
    🔷 click on Payment  from  the top of the Payment window,
    🔷 Click on the  Lookup a payment tab
    🔷 Choose the payment you made earlier
    🔷 The concerned  payment will appear on your screen.   
    🔷 Click on Payment
    🔷 Next, click on the Reverse a payment tab
    🔷 You will see a drop-down list. Click on it to choose the vendor concerned
    Now  enter the amount you need to pay, near the invoice
    🔷 you can print and post your new check now

    Method 2- Here, You will be Allowed to Reverse a Check at a Date of your Choice

    🔷 Go to Payables (Vendors and purchases)
    🔷 Click  Payments 
    🔷 choose the concerned vendor from the “Pay to the order of” list
     navigate to the top of the window and click Payments 
    🔷 Now click on the Include fully paid invoices  tab
    🔷 change the check detail to something like “Reversing check number XXXX” 
    🔷 choose the date on which you wish to reverse the check
    🔷 Search  for  the invoice paid previously and fill in the specified amount in the Payment amount text  box but, with a negative sign
    🔷 Now, you  can  post the check
    🔷 In the same window, you will notice a drop-down list. Click on it and  choose the concerned vendor
    🔷 Fill  in the amount you need to pay, near the invoice
    🔷 Finally , print and post the new check

    Final Words :

    We hope the sequential steps shown above would help you replace a vendor’s lost check in Sage. If you have any difficulties in implementing these steps or if youhaveany queries, you may speak to someof theauthorized Sage experts.

    👉 Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Difference Between Voiding and Deleting a  Check in Sage 50? Which one is Better?

    From an accounting point of view, there is no major difference between voiding and deleting a check in Sage. Deleting and Voiding accomplish the same thing. Both the actions remove the impact of the transaction on your financial statements. From a record-keeping point of view, it is better to void a check than to delete it.

    What Happens when I Void a Check in Sage?

    When you void a check in Sage, the original check would be marked as cleared by Sage in account reconciliation. It will generate a copy of the original check, but with negative amounts. The copy will be assigned the number of the original check, with the suffix V. For example, if the number of the original check was 15504, the number of the copy will be 15504V.

    What are the types of payment reversal allowed in Sage?

    Usually, there are three methods by which you can reverse a transaction in Sage. These are-  refund, authorization reversal and a chargeback.

    How can I Void a Payment in Sage 50?

    First, you should select your mode of payment. Then, select the name of the concerned vendor, enter a date and the check number ( like  777-REV), to indicate the check is  a void one. Next, go to the Payment Amount column and select both the void and original invoices. Sage 50 will automatically enter the complete invoice amount for them.

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