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QuickBooks Credit Card Processing not Working

    QuickBooks Credit Card Processing Not Working

    This article provides a few ways of dealing with the problem of QuickBooks credit card processing not working. When payments are processed in the Merchant Service Center, QuickBooks error code 10501 appears, along with this message: “Your transaction could not be processed at this time. Please try again later. We apologize for the inconvenience. “

    In the comment or address sections. When such characters are removed, the payments can be processed.

    Processing Payments in the Merchant Service Center

    • Credit card payments can be processed straight from the Merchant Service Center if there’s internet connectivity. Users can also print out a basic receipt of the payment. But if a signature is required, QuickBooks Point Of Sale will be needed.
    • In QuickBooks Online, eChecks can be processed in the Merchant Service Center, which can then be recorded manually in QuickBooks Online. Similarly, payments can also be accepted with the e-Invoicing facility.

    NOTE: if a discontinued QuickBooks version is used, users’ accounts will still remain open and payments can still be processed by following the steps mentioned below.

    • For processing credit card payments, users must sign in to the Merchant Service Center and select Processing Tools, followed by Charge A Card.
    • Next, the payment info must be provided in the required fields. Alternatively, users can select the Click To Swipe Card button (this will open the Change A Card window) if they possess a USB card reader and then choose Submit. If cards don’t have a US format zip code, users will have to contact their banks for using a US zip code, when needed.
    • Debit cards can be used only if they can be processed as credit cards.

    NOTE: Any comments added in the Comment section in the Change A Card window can only be seen by users, merchant and card holders (customers).

    After the payment is processed, a confirmation page appears. Users have the option of printing, emailing or voiding the transaction. They can also choose Done to return to the Change A Card window.

    NOTE: Transactions that have been processed in the Online Service Center are not integrate with Quick Books. All the transactions processed here must be recorded in QuickBooks. For more details, users should check resources on taking payments without charging a card or check. They can also call the Accounting Problem QuickBooks Tech Support Team for help on this matter.

    Problems Accessing the Merchant Service Center

    These problems might be of the following types:

    • Users don’t have permission to access the site or errors occur while logging in
    • A confirmation code is needed
    • Errors occur while displaying pages or pages are not displayed at all
    • Data is missing or incorrect
    • Issues occur while printing from the Merchant Service Center
    • There are script errors
    • Errors occur while exporting data
    • Cookies have to be enabled inn the browser for gaining access to the Merchant Service Center. If this isn’t done, users will be stuck at the Signing in… screen, or other such issues will occur. Cookies must be enable din the browser settings of all computers and tablets.
    • If several users can access the Merchant Service Center, the issue might be with access or login rights.
    • If the message “Need a confirmation code…” keeps appearing while accessing the Merchant Service Center, users should look up FAQs on multi-factor authentication.
    • If there are missing links, features are not working properly or pages are displaying incorrectly or not displaying, users must configure/clear browser settings after logging in. Then, all diagnostic steps must be taken in Windows for figuring out the main cause of the problem. Once this is done, compatibility on other browsers can be checked.

    NOTE: By pressing Ctrl + Shift + Del, the cache can be cleared in most browsers.

    • Other security applications, such as firewall and anti-virus also have control over accessing the internet, those applications will also have to be configured.
    • As the payment applications utilize Java and Flash for displaying, printing and exporting, it must be checked that these applications are properly installed and are updated.
    • Also, when data is exported from the Merchant Service Center, an application that’s able to read .csv-formatted data must be installed in the computer that’s completing the download.


    If the problem persists or you are confused about any of the steps mentioned above, please call our Accounting Problem QuickBooks Technical Support Team at this toll-free helpline.