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Sage Accpac 300 ERP Database Error 49153

    Sage 50 Database Error 49153

    The Sage Accpac 300 ERP Database Error 49153 is a very regular occurrence. It mostly happens while establishing connection between Sage 300 ERP application and database and it says failed. The message may also appear when attempting to login “Cannot access database (error=49153) where 49153 is the Sage developer’s error code. Sometimes, it might be frustrating when you constantly get the same error message.

    Sage Accpac 300 ERP Database Error 49153

    However, it doesn’t occur due to any particular reasons, there are multiple factors that are responsible for this Sage error. So, before you move to any troubleshooting, it is highly recommended that you should be aware of all possible causes and reasons for the error. This article gives you complete information related to this Sage including the best possible ways to resolve it as soon as feasible.

    What Does Sage Accpac 300 ERP Database Error 49153 Mean?

    The Sage Error 49153 is the Sage developer’s error code. It occurs when a user has failed in connecting to the database. Or it can be said that the user was entering the user ID and the password to log on to the Sage Accpac software, but in the end receives the message.

    It appears when a user is unable to get access to the database or any other related products. It usually happens when the connection is successfully established or it gives a failure of connection. Entering the wrong user ID and password while log on to the Sage Accpac 300 ERP application is one of the most apparent reasons behind this error. However, there are multiple reasons that can also be possible behind the occurrence of the error that are going to be discussed in the below paragraph.

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    Sage 300 Cannot Access Database Error 49153

    The Sage 300 error 49153 appears when the user is not able to get access to the database. The error appears in Sage ERP applications when the user is trying to get access to the files or any other related products. The error message that appears on screen will read:


    What does Sage Error 49153 Convey?

    The error message appears when the user has failed to connect with the database or the login id and the password entered by them cannot find access into the Sage database, thereby resulting in the error message.

    Reasons that Could Lead to Sage Accpac 300 ERP Database Error 49153

    As discussed before, this error comes on your screen when the connection is failed to establish between Sage Accpac 300 ERP and Database. Now, the concern is the reasons which give rise to this error:

    • Due to invalid server name
    • The database is most likely offline
    • SQL database connection might be invalid or incorrect
    • Windows Firewall may block your Sage 300 software
    • There might be some issue with your database client version
    • DNS servers stop migrating from one IP address to another.

    How to Resolve Sage Cannot access Database Error 49153?

    Sage 300 is accessed by everyone across the industry. It is, therefore, advisable to contact the system admin to resolve the issue or if the user id and password used is correct. Also, the system admin will determine if the user is accessible to the SQL database, and resolve the issue at their end.

    Alternatively, calling in the Sage tech support team or the Sage technical support team can also help in finding a perfect solution for the issue. The tech team will detect the problems from their end to provide a satisfactory solution to it.

    The answer to the Sage cannot access database error 49153 can also be found through little technical corrections at the user’s end. The below-mentioned steps can help in analyzing and solving the Sage technical issue with Sage 300 from the User’s end.

    Step to Fix Sage 300 Error 49153

    To get this error easily rectified, you can try to implement the below discussed number of methods. For instance, you can verify the database connection, this software on other systems, check the database server from the command line, inspect the SQL server, verify ODBC settings, or open the registry to update the server path.

    Now, it’s time to pursue the methods stated below one by one in the given sequence:

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Check the Database Connection

    💠 Click on the Windows Start button and then click “All Programs”
    💠 Next, move to the Sage and choose Sage 300 2012/2014/2016 (depends on your version that you’re using)
    💠 Now, click on the “Database Setup” option
    💠 Enter User ID and password to sign into it
    💠 And then click the “Ok” tab
    💠 After that, all the setup profiles of Sage 300 application are visible to you
    💠 Finally, select the desired profile and double-click on it to view its properties.

    Check whether any other Users are Experiencing the Same error Message

    💠 In this method, you simply have to ask other users whether anyone is getting the same error message. If other users are also getting errors then it is pretty possible that there is some issue with the database server.

    💠 You can also run Sage 300 software on a different machine. Your software may not respond as expected in some circumstances owing to system or hardware issues. If your software works on another computer, it suggests your device has a problem. To resolve this issue, use the methods below to see if your database is up and functioning.

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    Check the Database Server using the Command Prompt

    💠 First, click the Windows Start menu and type “Command Prompt” within the search bar
    💠 After done with that then hit “Enter” key
    💠 Start typing “ping database server name” when the “Command Prompt” window appears
    💠 After that, hit the “Enter” key
    💠 If you see a message that says “Ping request could not find host sql2016. If the error message says, “Please check the name and try again,” the server is to blame
    💠 Now, you need to verify the database condition and then restart the system
    💠 Finally, verify the database server whether the error is resolved or not. 

    In case, you fail to ping it by name then try to ping it by the IP address.

    Verify the SQL Server

    💠 Press the Windows Start button and type “services.msc” in the appeared search box
    💠 After that, press the Enter key from your keyboard
    💠 Check the SQL Server now (SQL Express)
    💠 If the status does not begin, right-click on the “Name” and select the “start” button
    💠 You can now attempt logging into your Sage 300 application after starting the SQL server
    💠 If you still can’t log in, try a different way.

    Try to Open the Registry

    💠 Initially, open the Run command by pressing Windows + R keys together from your keyboard
    💠 Next, type “Regedit” within the search tab and then hit Enter
    Look for the  “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-SOFTWARE\wow6432Node\ACCPAC International, Inc. \ACCPAC\”
    💠 Now, update or change the server path within the Sage 300 folder that should be placed in the Shared Data and Programs
    💠 After that open the “SQL Server 2014 Configuration Manager” and then click on the section called SQL Native Client Configuration if you want to view the subcategory option
    💠 To investigate the TCP/IP, Shared memory, Named Pipes, click on the “Client Protocols” or to verify whether the options are enabled or not
    In the end, go to the “SQL Server Service” to get started with the services once again.

    How to Resolve this Error in an Index File while Operating Sage Time Slips?

    Error in an index file message can be serious and complicated. The Sage 50 technical support team advice a user to contact them immediately for such errors, such it can cause further complications. The Sage tech support team also urges the users to not to repair the error on their own and call in for support, in case if this error message appears frequently.

    One of the initial ways to check if the system is really facing the problem is to create a back-up of the files to ensure you do not lose them in the process. Restoring the database is essential before trying resolution. Also, switch-off and restart Sage TimeSlips to check if the error persists.

    The best way to go about is to call in the Sage customer care team for support on this issue. While it might take a little while to resolve it, (or instantly, if the issue can be fixed over the call), it will be safer to switch-off all the operations, and wait for assistance.

    Sage Error message “Cannot Access Database error=49153”

    It means that the program has started or initiated but when it is trying to establish a connection with the database where all the data of Sage Accpac is stored, for any reason the connection cannot be established. So when the user is unable to form a connection. They send a report to the System Administrator, then the system admin team will then check with user that whether a user is able to access the SQL Database.

    Resolution for Sage Cannot Access Database Error 49153

    It happens to be a very generic error and has many solutions available. This error is basically a connectivity error which states that there is a connectivity issue between the program and the data. So, here are a few methods which will help you to resolve the error 49153 in Sage Accpac.

    Method I:

    • Go to the Run Command and then type “Services.msc” and click on the option OK.
    • Now look for the SQL Express which is the SQL server on your system.
    • Now if the status of the SQL Server shows that “Not started”, then you will have to right click on the “Start”, to start the process.
    • As the Service control pop up will close, you will see a dialog box, “Now as you will login to the Sage, users will be able to log onto the Sage Accpac.”

    Method II: Check for the Firewall setting

    • Turn the firewall off on the server by going to the control panel of your system, then open the Windows Fireball.
    • Now try to log on to the sage Accpac.
    • If can get connected to the sage software, then go back to the Windows Fireball.
    • Select the option “Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall”.
    • Now select the SQL Server from the list.
    • If it is not on the list, then browse it and add it.

    Here are the two methods you can use and try to resolve the issue. You can still try to talk to the customer support for the further assistance.

    In Conclusion!

    In Sage 300 ERP, the approach above will hopefully address Sage Accpac 300 ERP Database Error 49153 successfully. You might also try restarting SQL directly from the server and sometimes, it may resolve the error. If your Error Code 49153 persists after attempting the listed solutions, you should get help from Sage Expertise.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. Does checking the ODBC Settings help me to Rectify Sage Accpac 300 ERP Database Error 49153?

    Ans: To check it, you have to first open the “Run” window or simply press Windows + R keys. Then in the search box, type “%WinDir%\system64\odbcad64.exe” and then “Enter” key. In the “ODBC Data Source Administrator” window, click the server name. This will display the complete information for you. From there you can fix the issue.

    Q2. What database does Sage use?

    Ans: Sage uses Structured Query Language (SQL). An SQL database in common parlance is a database where there is a separate database server; this could be any one of a number of SQL servers e.g. Oracle, Pervasive, MySQL or Microsofts implementation which is called Sequel or MYSQL.

    Q3. What are the Advantages of Microsoft SQL Server in Sage Software?

    Ans: A database using SQL and built in a client/server configuration offers the best solution for a data-intensive enterprise to accommodate future growth. The below bullet points are the advantages of Microsoft SQL Server:
    ➤ Scalability
    ➤ Security
    ➤ Reliability
    ➤ Data Analysis

    Q 4. What is an Additional Way to Fix Sage 300 Error 49153?

    Ans : You can also fix this error by checking SQL Server. Take the following steps:

    ▪ To begin, press and hold the Windows Start button. 
    ▪ Then, in the open search bar, type “services.msc.” 
    ▪ Then press the Enter key. 
    ▪ After that, you must double-check the SQL Server. 
    ▪ If the status reads “Shut down,” execute a right-click on the Name and then select “Start.”

    Q 5. Will Checking the ODBC Settings assist you in Resolving Sage 300 ERP Database Error 49153?

    Ans : To check it: 
    ▪ launch the “Run” window or just press the Windows + R keys. 
    ▪ Then, in the search box, type “% WinDir% system64odbcad64.exe”. 
    ▪ Now press the “Enter” key. 
    ▪ Finally, in the ODBC Data Source Administrator window, click the server name.
    ▪ This will show you all of the information. You can then resolve the problem.

    Q 6. What are the Benefits of Using Microsoft SQL Server in Sage Software?

    Ans : A SQL database constructed in a client/server configuration is the ideal answer for a data-intensive organization to accommodate future expansion. The following are some of the benefits of Microsoft SQL Server: 

    ▪ Expandability 
    ▪ Analysis of Data 
    ▪ Dependability 
    ▪ Safety