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How to Fix QuickBooks Desktop Update Errors

    Keeping the accounting system up-to-date is necessary for achieving business success. QuickBooks comes with new enhancements annually. However, when you try to download the update sometimes faces update errors. The update error message popup on the screen and hampers your active work. There might be several causes which are the core of the update problems like poor internet connectivity, firewall settings, etc. The below write-up will help you with everything you need to know to resolve the QuickBooks wont update error.

    Why does QuickBooks update error happen in my system?

    There are different reasons associated with QuickBooks update errors. Some of the major causes are jotted down:

    • Internet security problems
    • Firewall issues
    • Poor internet connection

    Causes for QuickBooks Desktop Update Errors

    “Unstable or patchy Internet Connection”

    If you see any of these following QuickBooks error messages, ‘12045, 12157, 12038 or QuickBooks error 12037’ or no definite messages of error, then you can try to implement these following steps to correct the error and if you are unable to solve them own your own you can get help from Accounting Problem professionals.

    Steps to Fix QuickBooks Desktop Update Errors

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    Troubleshooting Process 1

    🔶 Check the settings of your Internet Connection. Any dial-up connection would require speed not less than 28.8 kilobits per second verify that. To ascertain that your connection is stable and with adequate speed open ‘Chase Banking’. If you were unable to open it, then QuickBooks would not be receiving any update and thereby giving you error messages.
    🔶 If the ‘Chase Banking’ page opens then click and start your QuickBooks. Next click on ‘Help’ and then click on ‘Internet connection setup’. Once the option ‘Use my computer’s Internet connection settings to establish a connection when this application accesses the Internet’ appears, select it and click on the ‘Next’ icon.
    🔶 This will give the option of ‘Advanced Connection Settings’. An ‘Advanced’ tab will appear with ‘Restore Advanced Settings’ option, click on that. Next select the option Ok and then Done.
    🔶 After this you are all set for updating the QuickBooks Desktop.

    Troubleshooting Process 2

    🔶 Try to fix the clock of your computer by checking the date and time.
    🔶 If it is not in sync with the current date and time change and make it into present.
    🔶 After fixing that, close QuickBooks and then reopen.
    🔶 Next step try to update QuickBooks Desktop.

    Steps for Firewall Setting or Internet Security

    Most of the clients’ like any other computer users often have Internet Security or firewall on a default setting which is suppose to stop random updates from the internet. Such a setting or firewall stops the QuickBooks Desktop software update. The best way to fix that error is by configuring the firewall setting.

    Note- Also enable the port 80 and 443, in case they are being used use port 56719.

    Follow the below written steps:

    🔶 Initially, you have to hit on the start option
    🔶 After this find the QuickBooks database server manager
    🔶 Hit on the QuickBooks database server manager option from the list
    🔶 Choose the port monitor option
    🔶 After this, the users require to note down the port number of the QuickBooks desktop version
    🔶 Hit on the Start button and then find the Windows Firewall
    🔶 Click on the Windows firewall
    🔶 Afterward, locate the advanced settings button
    🔶 Now give a right-click to the inbound rules option and then click on the new rule
    🔶 Discover the port button and then click on the Next button
    🔶 Now enable the TCP button
    🔶 Place a mark on the particular local ports and then write the port number
    🔶 After this hit on the Next button and then choose allow the connection
    🔶 Again click on the Next button and give a name to the new rule
    🔶 Once ended now you have to start the outbound rules steps

    Troubleshooting Process 3: Verify your system has multiple instances of QuickBooks Desktop:

    If the error occurs due to the presence of multiple instances of QuickBooks Desktop: Here are the steps:

    🔶 Firstly download the advance updates for the QuickBooks Desktop
    🔶 Now close all the active files and programs
    🔶 Hit on the start option of your desktop
    🔶 Find the QuickBooks Desktop
    🔶 Now give a right-click on the QuickBooks option
    🔶 Choose Run as administrator
    🔶 It will appear No company open a window
    🔶 Hit on the Help option
    🔶 Choose the Update QuickBooks Desktop
    🔶 Now hit on Options and then choose Mark All
    🔶 After this click on the Save option
    🔶 Choose Update Now button
    🔶 Once done click on Reset Update
    🔶 Choose to Get updates
    🔶 Once downloaded updates you have to close the QuickBooks desktop
    After this re-launch it
    🔶 There will appear a prompt to install updates
    🔶 Once done click on the Yes option
    🔶 Now restart the system

    Same Version and Multiple Installations of QuickBooks

    If you have multiple installation of same version of QuickBooks on the same computer, you are likely to get an update error. You can fix the problem first by checking your QuickBooks version and then manually try to download and install the update.

    QuickBooks Desktop Update Errors

    Why Accounting Problem

    Hopefully, the above-described insights about how to resolve QuickBooks update errors are helpful for you in your challenging times! If you still face any doubt then feel free to reach the QuickBooks professional team over the phone. Just give a call to the QuickBooks helpdesk number. Seeking a helping hand is better than worrying and wasting time! Many times scenarios occur when you need instant resolution. No one wants to have a delayed response in this situation. So do a QuickBooks live chat with one of the professional team members. Meanwhile, you can get send an email to send your requirements. I assure you will get exceptional experience!