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Resolve QuickBooks License Error after Clone

    QuickBooks License Error After Clone

    Hard drive cloning is one of the powerful backup methods used during system failure. This method is also preferable to enhance performance. However, after hard drive cloning, many times the QuickBooks displays a license error. There are several reasons behind this error message such as other applications that a QuickBooks user performs. The below article is rounded up with the fix the QuickBooks License error after clone.

    🔰 What is QuickBooks License Error After Clone?

    This error is a license error in QuickBooks which mainly triggers if the encrypted file contains the product code. It also occurs when the products of the QuickBooks get frozen or corrupted encrypted files or invalid license numbers.

    🔰 What are the Factors that Happen with QuickBooks License Error After Clone?

    💠 Both Dat file and MSXML component are needed to run the QuickBooks Desktop
    💠 When the system security or antivirus software prevents QuickBooks files
    💠 QBO file stored before importing process.

    🔰 What are the Primary Causes of the QuickBooks License Error After Clone?

    The installation of the QuickBooks needs product code and license numbers to check the installation.

    Here is the list of the reasons for the QB license error after clone:
    💠 Corrupted license file(QBregistration.dat)
    💠 Damaged Window operating system
    💠 Outdated operating system/QuickBooks system
    💠 QBO file is unsaved before importing process
    💠 The third-party security applications are blocking the installation of the QuickBooks on the other system
    💠 Corrupted MSXML file in Windows

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    🔰 How to Resolve QuickBooks License Error After Clone?

    Make sure you took a backup of the QuickBooks data before proceeding to the troubleshooting steps.
    Below are consolidated possible resolutions to resolve the issue:

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    Use a Task Manager

    ⏩ The initial thing that you require is to shut down the QB desktop system
    ⏩ After this open task manager by pressing shortcut keys Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys.
    ⏩ It will display a list of processes
    ⏩ You need to cease the procedure using the .exe extension and now give a right-click
    ⏩ Choose End task
    ⏩ Click data folder named entitlement
    ⏩ Hit Run option
    ⏩ Now fill the path C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8 (or v6)
    ⏩ Press the enter button on your keyboard.
    ⏩ Locate the ECML file and give a right-click on it
    ⏩ Choose Delete button
    ⏩ once you deleted the file named ECML
    ⏩ Now open the company file and then register the QuickBooks system

    Update Windows Operating System

    Windows update is essential for the operation of QuickBooks or staying with a trend. It includes the crucial frameworks & components are needed for the smooth functioning of QuickBooks. Therefore you need to update the Windows operating system to the advanced version.

    Here are the steps:
    ⏩ Locate the windows all programs
    ⏩ Click windows update
    ⏩ hit Check for updates option
    ⏩ Now Windows will find the new updates and installations of the same.

    Update QuickBooks Desktop

    If you are not using the advanced version of QuickBooks Desktop then you will need to update it.

    Below are the steps:
    ⏩ After this, launch the QuickBooks Desktop
    ⏩ Hit Help option
    ⏩ choose Update QuickBooks tab
    ⏩ It will appear a list of versions
    ⏩ Click the advanced version with critical resolves
    ⏩ Once you have installed the update then restart the system.

    QuickBooks Tool Hub with File Doctor

    The QuickBooks tool hub is one of the best systems. It contains all the needed tools to fix QuickBooks issues.

    Here are the steps to use to resolve the issue:
    ⏩ Firstly you Download the QB Tool hub system. You need to download it.
    ⏩ Next, launch the application by hitting the icon named QuickBooks desktop
    ⏩ Locate the home page and then locate the program option
    ⏩ It will discover it in the left corner
    ⏩ After this, hit the button named run file doctor
    ⏩ It will display the issue

    Clean QuickBooks Installations

    A clean installation is an excellent method to delete corrupted or broken QuickBooks files.
    Thus, the following are the steps to fix the error:
    ⏩ Initially launch the QB tool hub
    ⏩ locate the installation issues option from the left corner
    ⏩ Hit button named clean install tool
    ⏩ It will start the clean installation tool

    Provide the Admin Rights of the QuickBooks Desktop

    Some third-party systems prevent the operation of QuickBooks. Firstly provide it Admin rights.

    Below are instructions you need to follow:
    ⏩ Locate the icon of the QuickBooks desktop and give a right-click
    ⏩ Now select the option named run as an administrator
    ⏩ It will prompt with a warning message with a button named Yes

    🔰 Conclusion!

    That’s all for today! Hopefully, the article is helpful for you. The write-up contains the troubleshooting guide to resolve the QuickBooks license error after clone. In case of any errors then get connected to QuickBooks professional team using a live chat, email [email protected]. They will assist you to provide permanent solutions in the shortest time possible.

    🔔 Frequently Asked Questions

    ✅ How Would I Install the Updates?

    👉 Click the Start button
    👉 Choose Settings tab
    👉 Hit Windows update
    👉 Select Check for updates option
    👉 It will display Windows update
    👉 Click Download & install now tab

    ✅ How Would I Re-Reschedule the Restart Button of QuickBooks Desktop?

    👉 Choose Start button
    👉 Click the Settings tab and then Windows Update
    👉 Select Schedule the restart button
    👉 Click on a time that is useful for you

    ✅ How Can I Use the MSXML Component in QuickBooks Desktop?

    👉 MSXML is an option that permits the users to fetch and fix the details/data of the QuickBooks Desktop in the Qbreqistration.dat to begin the system.

    ✅ How Do I Avoid the QuickBooks License Error After Clone?

    👉 Make sure you have updated the Operating system
    👉 The.QBO file is not saved before the import process

    ✅ What are the Instructions you Need to Consider Before Fixing the QB License Errors After Closing?

    👉 Make sure that you need to product registration key with to validate the support
    👉 Verify you create a company file backup

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