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How to Resolve Sage Error 1920: Service Failed to Start

    Sage Error Code 1920

    This article help you to know how to resolve Sage Error 1920 when installing Sage 50 Accounts. This Sage Error 1920 may appear asone of three main main different error messages, therefore how you resolve this issue depends on the error message you are receiving.

    Sage Error 1920: Service Sage 50 Control Service failed to start.
    Sage Error 1920: Service Sage Auto Update Manager Service failed to start.
    Sage Error 1920: Service Sage 50 Accounts Data Service failed to start.
    Sage 50 1920 Error Massage

    What is Sage Error 1920 Service Failed To Start

    The user gets this error while installing Sage account data service on their computer server which causes discrepancies in Sage Error 1920. Within the system the error may arise in many different locations which might carry few details in its error code.

    Causes of Sage Error 1920

    Sage Error 1920 and some other errors arise due to operating system corruption or running of multiple applications on the system. As a result the user may experience crashes and some freezes on their system.Theremay be more reasons of this Sage error 1920 and that are.

    • Due to crashes of the current program window.
    • Due to freeze computer for a long time.
    • May be the user window runs very slow and keyboard, mouse input will also become slow.
    • While running the same program sage error 1920 will show on the computer.
    • Sage error 1920 arises when uncommon things occur with the system. It may be crashing and freeze user’s programs.
    • Once the computer has infected with malware and virus, circumstance may not be same even you simply remove virus from your system, It may harm your system.

    Steps to Fix Sage Error 1920

    To fix the Sage error 1920 below, we are providing some solutions for Sage error 1920. The user can follow steps as per their requirements. Check that you have sample authorization to start PC services.

    Total Time: 10 minutes

    Sage 50 Installation as Administrator

    πŸ”· Login on the system as administrator.
    πŸ”· After this restart your computer.
    πŸ”· Temporary folder should be clean via select on windows key + R and write %temp% and press on Enter key, the page would open select Ctrl+A.
    πŸ”· Click of Delete and select on
    πŸ”· After done these steps temporarily disable your antivirus software.
    πŸ”· Then hold Ctrl+Alt+DeleteΒ and choose Task Manager.
    πŸ”· Complete the process, and again try the installation.

    Check Sage Version and Install

    πŸ”· Hold the windows Key+R and browse the sage version application.
    πŸ”· Right select on the file and select on
    πŸ”· Click on
    πŸ”· Again try to install the software

    Repair the .NET Microsoft

    πŸ”· Restart the PC.
    πŸ”· Login as an administrator and scan the anti-virus.
    πŸ”· Disable temporarily antivirus.
    πŸ”· From the install folder launch the installation right away.
    πŸ”· Install window updates and rename the Install-shield folder and also rename manual register.
    πŸ”· Repair the .NET Microsoft.

    Final Words

    Our all Sage professionals who are highly experts of this domain and have very good understanding of the software. They assure for instant help in short time. Users can make a call on our toll free Sage Technical Support Number. We are here for any support, query and complain.