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QuickBooks Error 12031

    QuickBooks Error 12031

    Refreshing helps in troubleshooting basic tasks. However, when users try to refresh the QuickBooks system or its payroll services there might be several types of issues. The QuickBooks error 12031 is one of them which generally interrupt the updates downloads. It often takes place when there are incorrect firewalls and other system security system settings. Let’s delve into the below write-up to know the other causes and the resolutions of the QuickBooks error 12031.

    πŸ”° What are the Primary Reasons for QuickBooks Error 12031?

    ⏩ Internet connectivity issue
    ⏩ If the internet explorer browser is not set as the default browser
    ⏩ The firewall & antivirus settings blocked the connection path because of the incorrect configuration
    ⏩ SSL improper configuration
    ⏩ Network time-out
    ⏩ Third-party software might be creating trouble
    ⏩ When the server takes too delay in responding to a command

    πŸ”° What is QuickBooks Error code 12031 is All About?

    The QuickBooks error 12031 is an update error that generally takes place because of the wrong configuration of the system security system, network errors, or firewall settings.

    πŸ”° Solution for QuickBooks Error 12031

    Here is the list of resolutions to resolve the QuickBooks error message 12031

    Total Time: 25 minutes

    Use QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

    It is one of the dynamic tools useful to resolve the connection errors of the QuickBooks. Here are the steps to use this utility to fix the issue:
    ⇛ Initially download the Quickbooks connection diagnostic tool
    ⇛ After this give a click on the Download file to install the same
    ⇛ Now follow the instructions on the screen
    ⇛ Next, run the tool by giving a click on the icon that appears on the desktop
    ⇛ Click the section named test connectivity, choose the tab to browse.
    ⇛ You will discover it near the tab named company files
    ⇛ Now click on the company file having the error
    ⇛ Choose the button named Test connectivity
    ⇛ It will start the repair. You simply need to wait once you are done with this

    Setup Internet Connection

    ⇛ Here you need to give a click on the tab named Help
    ⇛ Choose the setup named Internet connection
    ⇛ Click Use my computer’s internet connection settings to create a connection when you have internet access
    ⇛ Hit the Next button and then click Done
    ⇛ After this re-perform the update process

    Rename Network Data File

    ⇛ First of all, open the folder with the QuickBooks company file
    ⇛ You will find the ND file. It is simple to spot this file with its .nd extension
    ⇛ After this give a right-click on the file named Network Data
    ⇛ Choose the option named rename
    ⇛ Insert old at the end of the file name

    TLS & SSL Configuration

    These settings are very important for QuickBooks connectivity. To perform this, you need to follow the below steps:
    ⇛ Firstly close the QuickBooks Desktop application
    ⇛ Select the Internet Explorer browser
    ⇛ Choose the tools and then click Internet Options
    ⇛ Select the option named security
    ⇛ Give a click on the globe icon
    ⇛ Choose tab named Content
    ⇛ If the content advisor display Disable then enter in the disable & password content advisor
    ⇛ Here are the instructions you need to select using tab named connections
    ⇛ It is suggested to select the option named Never Dial a connection button when not using the system dial-up node
    ⇛ Make sure you have chosen the right ISP
    ⇛ Hit option which says OK
    ⇛ Select the tab named LAN SETTINGS appears at the bottom
    ⇛ Make sure you have checked the box named automatically detect setting
    ⇛ Clear the box labeled Use a Proxy server
    ⇛ Hit the Ok button on the LAN Settings display
    ⇛ Choose the tab named Advanced
    ⇛ Select the option which says Restore Advanced Settings
    ⇛ Search the Use TLS 1.0 in the option named Settings
    ⇛ Now use TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.1 button
    ⇛ Make sure you have checked the field named Use TLS 1.0 and unchecked Use TLS 1.2 & Use TLS 1.1
    ⇛ Now close the window named Internet Options
    ⇛ Choose the tab named Ok
    ⇛ Now close the Internet Explorer window and then restart the system
    ⇛ Click on the icon named QuickBooks system desktop and switch on

    πŸ”° Closure!

    Here the article completes! Hopefully, now the post is helpful to understand the scenarios when the users face the QuickBooks error 12031 when using the QuickBooks system. In case the error persists then get connected to the professional team. Use a live chat, email [email protected] if you need to take assistance from the experts.

    πŸ”” Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1. How Would I Perform the Updates of QuickBooks?

    Ans: πŸ‘‰ Hit Help button
    πŸ‘‰ Click Update QuickBooks
    πŸ‘‰ Choose Update now tab

    Q 2. What If I Need to Perform Internet Connection Settings?

    Ans: πŸ‘‰ Open the QuickBooks Desktop
    πŸ‘‰ Click option named Internet connections setup
    πŸ‘‰ Select the Internet Properties option
    πŸ‘‰ Click on the tab named Advanced in the drop-down button of Internet properties
    πŸ‘‰ Ensure that the advanced settings are the same as you need
    πŸ‘‰ Click Apply button and then choose OK

    Q 3. Can Network Timeout be the Reason for QuickBooks Error Message 12031?

    Ans: Yes, network timeout can give rise to QuickBooks error code 12031.

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