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Resolve QuickBooks Error Message 400003

    Resolve QuickBooks error message 400003

    There are ample reasons why QuickBooks is extremely popular among the business owners. Its enhanced features have helped businesses and professionals meet their accounting needs more efficiently. However, we can’t ignore the fact that almost all software is prone to errors and QuickBooks also has its fair share of them.

    Some users have complained that they have faced the QuickBooks error message 400003 quite frequently of late and are looking for ways to fix it. If you also have faced this issue , we can be of great help. In this blog, we will show a few, simple steps to fix the QuickBooks error message 400003 issue. Just go through this blog and implement the methods mentioned herein.

    What are the Possible Reasons for Occurrence of the QuickBooks Error Message 400003?

    Many functional and technical issues contribute to the occurrence of the QuickBooks error message 400003 . Some of these are mentioned below:-

    🔻 Damaged components in your QuickBooks,
    🔻 issues with your internet connection
    🔻 Incorrect firewall settings.

    How to Resolve QuickBooks Error Message 400003?

    Here are some easy ways by which you can fix the QuickBooks error message 400003:-

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    Update your QuickBooks to Get the Latest Release

    Please follow the steps below:-
    🔻 Open QuickBooks
    🔻 Navigate to the Help menu
    🔻 Click on the Update QuickBooks Desktop tab
    🔻 Now click on the Update Now tab
    🔻 Click on the Reset Update checkbox.
    🔻 Click on Get Updates.
    🔻 Wait till the download gets completed
    🔻 close QuickBooks Desktop
    🔻 re-open QuickBooks Desktop
    🔻 Navigate to the Help menu
    🔻 Click on the Update QuickBooks Desktop tab
    🔻 Navigate to the Overview tab
    🔻 Select Update Now.
    🔻 Wait till the update gets completed
    🔻 Check if the issue is resolved . if it still exists, move to the next step.

    Re-Configure your Windows Firewall Settings to Add Port Exception for QuickBooks

    QuickBooks error message 400003

    Please follow the steps below:-
    🔻 press the Windows start button on your keyboard
    🔻 search for Windows Firewall in the program list and click on it
    🔻 Now click on Advanced settings
    🔻 Right Click on the Inbound Rules tab
    🔻 Click on New Rules
    🔻 Choose the appropriate port
    🔻 Click Next to proceed
    🔻 Check if TCP is chosen as protocol
    🔻 In the specific local ports field , enter the ports specific to your QB version
    🔻 Click Next
    🔻 Tick on Allow the connections
    🔻 Press the Next button again
    🔻 Please make sure that all the profiles shown on the screen are selected
    🔻 Click Next and then assign a suitable name for the new rule
    🔻 Press Finish
    🔻 Open QuickBooks and check if you are still getting the error message

    Check if Your System Date & Time Settings are Correct

    Please follow the steps below:-
    🔻 On the Desktop, right click on the System Clock
    🔻 Click on the Adjust Date /Time option
    🔻 From the drop-down menu, select the change date and time tab
    🔻 Click Ok twice in order to confirm your selection
    🔻 Close your QuickBooks application
    🔻 Open QuickBooks again
    🔻 Now check if you are still getting the error message

    We hope the troubleshooting options mentioned above would help you a great deal to fix the QuickBooks error message 400003 on your computer. If you are still being troubled by this issue, or, if you are experiencing any difficulties in carrying out the steps above, we would advise you to consult with some of the authorized QuickBooks live chat experts.


    I am not Being Able to Fix the QuickBooks Error Code 400003. How to Contact the QuickBooks Payroll Service?

    Ans: Here is how you ca n contact the QuickBooks Payroll Service:
    ⚫ Open QuickBooks.
    ⚫ Navigate to the Help section
    ⚫ Click on the QuickBooks Desktop Help tab
    ⚫ Click on Contact Us.
    ⚫ Enter your concern or issue
    ⚫ select Continue.
    ⚫ Choose your preferred way to connect the QuickBooks Payroll service.
    ⚫ You may start messaging a support expert , or
    ⚫ You may ask for a callback from an expert , depending on availability.

    How Can I Check if my QuickBooks Status is ‘Activated’?

    Ans: Please follow the steps below:-
    ⚫ Navigate to the Employees menu.
    ⚫ Click on My Payroll Service
    ⚫ Select Account/Billing Information.
    ⚫ Sign in with the Intuit Account login id you are provided , to open the Payroll Account Management portal.
    ⚫ Go to the Payroll Details section
    ⚫ Check if the payroll status is shown as ‘active’.

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