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How to Restore Backup in Sage 50

    Restore a Backup in Sage 50

    Taking a regular backup of your extremely critical business related information and records is pretty imperative and one should not push it aside. There are possibilities that you might end up losing your most indispensable financial records at the time of unanticipated error in your Sage 50 Payroll software application.

    This accounting application encompasses a Backup Wizard that makes it quite possible for the subscribed users to carry out routine backups and restore a backup as well. This article aims to explicate in detail some of the simple techniques to restore the backup of your company related files and records at your fingertips.

    Why it is Important to Take a Backup of Financial Records for any Business?

    It is always recommend by the experts that performing a general backup of your data enables the user to defend their confidential information against any sort of damage or unanticipated loss. Holding a current backup indicates that you can reinstate to a payroll interim before the glitch transpired.

    If you fear about losing your data and want to restore a backup, then consult our Accounting Problem Sage technical support team at our help desk number.

    Some Key Point Before you Restore Sage 50 Backup

    • When you decide to roll back, you need to print any documents that you may have to assist you to process again, for instance P11s, payment synopses and pay cheques. If you have to converse a nominal connection forwarded to your Sage software, you should print the Nominal Link Proceeding Report (Un-Assembled).
    • You need to check whether the backup saved or not. For this, you need to make use of the Backup & Restore Journal report. This log lists actually last 6 times you have performed or reinstated a backup, for all business accounts you have in Sage 50 software. It also takes into account of the date, time, and site of the backup. To access the log, press on the File and then select Backup & Restore Journal.

    Steps for Restore Backup in Sage 50

    1. Open your Sage 50 software and look for File/Restore option
    2. Look for the backup document with .PTB extension and click on the Open and Next tab
    3. Select the preferred re-occurrence arrangement:
      1. Overwrite prevailing company details and generating another business using the reinstate data or new business account
    4. Click Next
    5. Press on the preferred restoration selections:
      1. Company Data
      2. Amended Forms
      3. Cloud Proceedings
      4. Business Intelligence Reports
    6. Press on Next tab
    7. Go through the restoration preferences, and then choose Finish
    8. Company account will appear when the restoration of data completes

    Note: If you have to make any amendments in the company name, then you can either take do it by maintaining company related data or simply contact the Accounting Problem Sage product help team.

    To generate a Sage 50 backup, you need to follow the given steps in the order as stated:

    • Confirm you are logged in company account that you want to backup
      • If you have Sage 50 Premium or Quantum be in single-client mode under sysadmin
    • Browse for the File/Backup option
      • You can similarly click on the Backup icon (bear a resemblance to a file manager) from the toolbar on the topmost area of the Home screen
    • When the Sage 50 Accounting – Backup dialogue box appears on your computer screen, fill in the record title.
      • You need to slot in the date as a chief facet of this title (for instance. NC100823)
    • Ensure to select the manager where you wish to place the reinforcement
      • Always ensure that you do not place the record you wish to backup in an area that is in the .SAJ manager as this is the cover that the product cascades
      • The last-used backup record is kept safe and converts into the default for the subsequent backup procedure
      • Another important fact that you need to bear in your mind is that make sure you never try to overwrite an existing reinforcement lest you are very aware of the fact that it is something that you should carry out. Instead you should try to seek the assistance of the Sage experts.
    • Lastly but not the least, you have to click on the Ok tab in order to proceed with the backup process.

    Sage 50 Tech Support Number

    If you wish to know more about how to restore a backup in Sage 50 accounting software application or want to restore a backup, get in touch with our Accounting Problem Sage technical support team at our Sage 50 Technical Support number.