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How to Run Sage 50 Data Verification

    Run Sage 50 Data Verification

    Are you trying to work out to understand how you can run Sage 50 data verification? Don’t exert yourself by trying different ways out to run Sage 50 data verification. We are here to make things pretty simple for you.

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    In this article, we will be talking through some of the easiest techniques that you can put in use to run Sage 50 data verification.

    Before you delve into the technique to run Sage 50 data verification, let’s try to understand what does data verification means in the Sage 50 accounting software application.

    What is Sage 50 Data Verification?

    In the Sage 50 accounting software application, Data Verification is one of the utilities that enable the subscribed users to confirm whether any of their data files have gone either missing or perhaps impaired. In the course of the verification process, Sage 50 makes any desired modifications so that your data proceedings are attuned with Sage 50 data setup.

    For instance, if an ID in a data log has over and above the maximum permissible words, Sage 50 will cut short the ID. Also, any files that Sage 50 discovers to be impaired and unfeasible are obliterate din the course of the verification process.

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    How to Load, Access, and Run Data Verification in Sage 50 accounting software

    Total Time: 32 minutes

    Change the Accounting Period

    You need to run the test and for the same make sure you perform the desired modifications in the accounting period to period one. Before you decide to change the accounting period, you must ensure that you have authentic user authorization to perform any sort of changes in an accounting period.

    You can allocate new End Date for the desired period. However, make sure that the date you would like to begin with of a period should be the day after the conclusion date of the preceding period. This will guarantee there are certainly no breaches in your accounting periods.

    You can amend the period end date provided

    💠 The period is not closed and so far you have not recorded any sort of transactions to it.
    💠 The period to come.
    💠 The period dates do not overlay with another period.
    💠 The new period conclusion date is not identical to the conclusion date of another period.

    Changing the Accounting Period

    💠 Firstly, you need to open ‘Accounting System Manager’ and look for ‘Accounting Periods option’ and from there go to ‘Maintain Accounting Periods’.
    💠 Now, choose the date you wish to modify
    💠 Select ‘Change Period Date’
    💠 Fill in the desired new period end date and hit on the Ok tab
    💠 Highlight the topmost Accounting Period that you can see from the list, and then press on the OK button.
    💠 Choose the File option, and then click on the Data Verification.
    💠 Click on Both Tests (suggested) box, and then press on the Start button.
    💠 At this time, you will be requested to take a backup of your company files and data as saved in the Sage 50 accounting software, and then press on the Save button. The data verification test will start automatically as soon as the backup process is over.
    💠 When you have carried out the Data Verification test and all is done, you will be able to get access to the option to have a look at the Error Log.
    💠 If no errors were triggered, then just press on the Close tab.
    💠 If errors were triggered, you can scrutinize the fine points of the tests simply by pressing on the ‘View Error Log tab’.
    💠 Cautionary warning: In case the test that you have conducted unexpectedly triggers numerous of errors or if your financial reports suddenly modify due to the test, call tech support team at our Sage help desk number for additional assistance.
    💠 Last but not the least, make sure that you modify back to your existing accounting period

    Contact for Sage 50 Technical Support

    If you have any technical query related to Sage 50 data verification, then get in touch with our Accounting Problem Sage 50 tech support team at our helpline number.