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Sage 50 Runtime Error 75 Path File Access Error

    Sage 50 Run time Error 75

    Sage 50 is a software that has carved a niche in industry by providing the best accounting solutions to various small and medium scale industries. Sage 50 has solution to all the issues and hindrances you face while managing the payroll of your employees, or while doing the data management.

    The reporting facility with Sage 50 will help you in tracking all your transactions closely and you can also keep a close check over the issues related with the accounting. While working on Sage, one can encounter some issues, and we are going to discuss one among them, which is Sage Run time Error 75 Path File Access Error.

    Causes of Sage 50 Run time Error 75 Path File Access Error

    Major cause of this error is that some of your .DAT file gets locked. Another reason why this error occurs is that your file doesn’t access EFT, it might happen that firewall or antivirus might occasionally block the access or the files are used by some other program.

    Steps for Fix Sage 50 Run time Error 75 Path File Access Error

    Total Time: 20 minutes

    Try again

    🔶 First of all get the error message closed
    🔶 Make sure that generation number you are using is not used before
    🔶 Try to generate it again

    Try running EFT as the administrator

    🔶 Go to the desktop and right-click on the icon saying EFT
    🔶 Then tap on Run as administrator
    🔶 If you are prompted to create the new company which is not found on working directory, then get the EFT closed entirely and move towards the next solution
    🔶 Try to generate it again

    Turn the UAC setting off

    🔶 Go to the control panel and open it
    🔶 Then tap on User Accounts and then choose Change User Account Control Settings. You can also go to search and dear UAC
    🔶 Click on Never notify by moving the slider
    🔶 Get your system rebooted if asked
    🔶 Now, try to generate the payroll again in EFT

    EFT data is stored in C:\Program files (x86)\EFTSIMPLY\ whereas you use the Windows Vista, 7 or 8 and 10

    🔶 Go to the explorer open and start browsing the C:\program files (x86)\EFTSIMPLY\
    🔶 Click on View Comparability
    🔶 Then open the folder of data
    🔶 Get all the .DAT files deleted from the virtual store or location of original working directory, make sure you do not delete .MDB file
    🔶 If you are unable to delete one file then
    🔶 Reboot your system
    🔶 Delete all the .DAT files
    🔶 Get your file generated

    EFT data is stored in C:\Program files (x86)\EFTSIMPLY\, whereas you use Windows Vista, 8 and 7, 10. You tried method 3 and it also didn’t worked. In this case administrator rights are needed by you

    🔶 Go to the browser open it and browse for the C:\program files (x86)\EFTSIMPLY\
    🔶 Then right click on EFTSIMPLY folder
    🔶 Select the Properties
    🔶 Then in the tab of security click on Edit
    🔶 Choose the username for yourself, like ‘Users (%computername%Users)’
    🔶 Then go to the permission table and choose Full control
    🔶 Click on Apply
    🔶 You need to click second apply on the tab of Security
    🔶 Get the properties window closed
    🔶 Get your file generated

    Location of EFT data is not local rather it is saved on server

    🔶 On local C:\ drive get the Working Directory created, a new one
    Like C:\myEFTdata\
    🔶 You can check the related resources to get the EFT if new company created
    🔶 Then close the EFT
    🔶 Then get the current files of working directory transferred to the new folder of working directory in C:\ drive
    🔶 Change the name of the folder of existing working directory
    🔶 Then open the EFT. You will see a message popping up, that will ask to specify the Sage 50 data directory and working directory. Make sure that new working directory is selected along with the Sage 50 data, a current one
    🔶 Get the settings saved. If asked to get the old data of company to be deleted, click on No

    Able to generate sometime but receive the error most often

    🔶 Before you start generating, ensure that the file of the number you are generating does not exist already
    🔶 In case the file is existing already then delete it or create generation number different from it
    🔶 In case the problem still continues then it means that security software, which is generally an antivirus, is interfering while the generation is going on
    🔶 Remove the file that is generated, it could be the .mdb file and not .dat
    🔶 Close the EFT
    🔶 Get the security software re-activated
    🔶 Then generate it again
    🔶 If the problem still persists then there is some problem with the security software or there is some interference with other security software
    🔶 If this is the case, then keep repeating till it starts working

    Working Folder or MDB file is corrupted

    🔶 Close the EFT
    🔶 Get the files in working directory deleted
    🔶 Then open the company and EFT. It will get the vendor’s employees and customers imported completely new
    🔶 Then add the banking information of employee, vendor and customer in EFT again

    For any further help, you can always turn towards our Sage Technical Support helpdesk. Experts at our Sage product help team are ever-ready to help you 24*7.