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Sage 100 2019 Error No Valid Servers Found

    Sage 2019 error no valid servers found

    Are you having a problem starting and running your Sage software due to Error: Sage 100 2019 No Valid Servers Found. Don’t worry as help is here.

    This article aims to assist Sage users resolved Sage 100 2019 No Valid Servers Found issue. The troubleshooting steps are performed and tried by Sage experts to fix the issue.

    Network Caution

    The resolution steps require advanced comprehension of the network. You should contact the system administrator for further assistance. Changing the Windows security system imperfectly can severely affect the system operations. Always create data backup before you perform any of the advanced resolutions below.

    Operating System Caution

    The resolution steps also require advanced comprehension of the computer operating system. Get in touch with the system administrator to assist you. Imperfectly modifying Windows Registry can severely affect the system operations. And remember to create data backup before performing any of the advanced resolutions below.

    Causes of This Sage Error No Valid Servers Found

    • There is a Name Resolution issue on the network that has to be resolved.
    • The Server Name is not connecting with the Server’s IP address appropriately.
    • The Sota.ini file is absent in the path to Sage Application Server. There may also be other missing information.

    Resolution for Sage 100 Error no Valid Servers Found

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Add the Correct Details To Local SOTA.INI File’s Server Section

    💠 Run the Workstation Setup again, when prompt click on Add option and then enter correct Server Name, path, and Port ID.
    💠 You may also choose to copy contents of the SOTA.ini file -Servers- section to another workstation. You should be able to access the SOTA.INI file that is stored in the existing workstation.
    💠 The SOTA.ini file may be located within “…\MAS90\Launcher” folder where the Workstation Setup is installed.
    💠 INI file is basically a text file, which can be accessed and edited using NotePad utility.

    If other than the “[Servers]” on the SOTA.INI file is missing, consider creating a new name for the file and copy & paste ii in the SOTA.INI file from a different workstation, in which you can access and perform Sage 100 installation/uninstall workstation.

    Replace Sessions.PVK & Locate.PVK Files (For Sage 100 Advanced/Premium Only)

    💠 Firstly, have users exit Sage 100 Accounting
    💠 Close down running Application/Service
    💠 Next, rename “Sessions.pvk” & “Locate.pvk” files in which the Sage 100 software is installed.
    💠 Open Windows Start Menu and then click on Application Server Configuration
    💠 A fresh “Sessions.pvk” & “Locate.pvk” files will be automatically recreated
    💠 If Sage 100 is run as an application:
    💠 Log into the Sage 100 again
    💠 Stop the Application > restart Service > open Sage 100.

    Accounting Problem Support

    If you require assistance while performing the given steps, kindly give us a call on . Our Sage 100 support team experts will definitely guide you through every step and help you fix your issue. You can also send us a mail at [email protected] if you have any other queries, or chat with us live via Live Chat Support.