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Sage 100 Contractor 2018 Updates

    sage 100 contractor 2018 updates

    Sage 100 Contractor is a construction-specific accounting and project management software. It is specially designed to meet the needs of the highly sensitive scheduling and costing needs of construction and project management. It is an integrated solution that manages all the phases of construction and service management.

    The software provides better business visibility and control through a customization dashboard. Users can manage all the aspects of production from the dashboard with a comprehensive assessment of job cost and profitability.

    Sage 100 Contractor works well in complex multi-user, multi-company environments that may include remote connections.

    The new and updated version of Sage 100 Contractor utilizes the power of better, more robust SQL server. There are several advantages of moving to this reliable database server and tap into its advanced security benefits. It enables users with better data storage capabilities and the ease of sharing data that enables better data retention and recovery in an event of a crash.

    New Features in Sage 100 Contractor Version 21.1 (2018)

    Accounting Problem recommends using Sage 100 Contractor over any other software suite in the market for obvious reasons listed below. The reputation of Sage seeks for itself, as it constantly releases security and safety patches to constantly improve their products.

    Sage 100 Contractor includes in version 21 has incorporated many new features which were suggested by its regular users. The following are the highlights of Sage 100 Contractor version 21.1:

    • Administrators can give different level of rights to users, from exclusive access to selected access
    • The cost code you enter on a purchase order will be used in the invoice recorded against the purchase order. Previously the software would use the default code from the vendor invoice if this function wasn’t used
    • While recording expenses to a direct cost account, users are prompted to enter a valid cost type
    • Filtered lookup windows make it much easier to search a PO or subcontract in the Payable Invoices/Credits window
    • Invoice date is added to the accounts payable check stubs in Accounts Payable Check report
    • Invoice date is added to the Set to Pay reports in 4-3-1-21, 4-3-1-31, and 4-3-1-41 reports
    • Find employees through their last names instead of first names
    • Employee record can give a glimpse of the entire pay history of an employee
    • In the Timecards window, you can use a pick list of employees for whom you want to create timecards
    • Set pay stubs to be emailed later when you generate a direct deposit for payroll instead of pay stubs getting emailed instantly
    • New Salaried Employees menu can be accessed from within the 5-2-2 Payroll Records to create their payroll with ease
    • Users who do not have permission access 5-2-2 Payroll Records directly now have the ability to create timecards in 5-5-1 Daily Payroll
    • Sick leave is now accrued separately for federal jobs
    • Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Financial Reports automatically exclude zero balance or inactive accounts
    • Project Management reports won’t get filled in with a default period
    • An exported report to Excel can be edited without first “unprotecting” the worksheet
    • Term-based field’s Maximum Duration is increased to 60 months so users can lengthen any service cycle of an employee

    These new features promise better and more efficient payroll management. Each feature is commendable and is an indication of Sage’s commitment to keeping itself on the top of the game.

    For Further Clarifications on Queries About the New Sage 100 Contractor 2018 Updates

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    Final Words :

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