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Sage 100 Contractor

    Sage 100 Contractor

    Sage 100 Contractor was developed by Sage for the industries pertaining to construction. The software was previously known as Sage Master Builder which was suitable for the industries that have gone passed the accounting software. The services of Sage 100 Contractor are suitable for the companies who provide general contractors, house builders and specialist builders.

    Sage 100 software has distinguished feature set which allow the contractors of any identity to build up estimates and compile the project with utmost fluency and streamlined process. The software keeps recording everything from the initial stages of the contract to the closing stages.

    This article will deliver the benefits and significance of the Sage 100 Contractor software. You can go through the article and understand the software. In case you want to know more you can contact Sage 100 Contractor Support.

    Benefits of Sage 100 Contractor

    • The software is infused with estimation programming which allows the users to get more and more contracts. The solutions and depth of estimating the contract’s value is exactly depicted by the software by just adding few contract details.
    • Sage 100 contractor is based on planning and processing. Once you acquire a project, the software will guide you automatically to approach the contract. The process of planning, productions, process is managed through the scheduling technique.
    • Sage 100 Contractor software focuses only of the contractual business and therefore the software is user centric and contractor specific.
    • The inventory and accounting of the business has certain service business management tools included, which takes care of the complications in the business. This can be adjusted by the consumer as per his requirements.
    • The software provides you with different contractual reports. These reports can be acknowledged to take the difficult decisions of the organization.
    • The software takes the project in such a form which maintains the efficiency of the company and the workforce, making the contract more productive and effective.

    Features of Sage 100 Contractor

    • The software has now 500 more fields with enhanced capacity
    • Sage 100 Contractor is able to inactivate the information which is no longer needed but may be used for future references
    • The software has a more enhanced and adaptable windows interface
    • The reports are installed with refresh option which automatically updates the new data rather than downloading a new report again to obtain new figures
    • Sage 100 Contractor enables you to view changes in a past report. It presents to you the history of the changes done in the report.

    The above features and advantages of the software will allow you to understand the product and its capabilities. In case you want to know more about the software, you can contact our Sage 50 customer support toll free number and get assistance for the software.