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Sage 100 Unable to Process the Lock File Error

    Do you use Sage 100 for your accounting software? Have you ever been unable to print a paperless or electronic document because of an error that says ‘The Sage 100 Unable to Process the Lock File? If so, this article may be able to help! Sage 100 Unable to Process the Lock File occurs when printing to Sage 100 Paperless Office PDF or Electronic Delivery from Windows 10.

    It can happen because of two main reasons including Windows Security Settings and Windows 10 Feature Update. Always back up your data before moving on to more sophisticated solutions. This article entails reasons and complete solutions to overcome the Sage 100 unable to process the lock file.

    What Causes Sage 100 Unable to Process the Lock File?

    There are a few different things that can cause a lock file error to occur in Sage. One possibility is that the lock file itself is corrupt. Another possibility is that there is a conflict between the Sage program and another program that is running on the computer.

    If the lock file error occurs, it will usually prevent Sage from opening or saving any files. In some cases, it may also cause Sage to crash. If you encounter this error, it is important to try to resolve it as soon as possible.

    There are two main reasons behind the occurrence of the error:

    ➤ Windows Security Settings

    Windows 10 Feature Update

    Possible Resolutions to Fix Sage 100 Unable to Process the Lock File

    Let’s troubleshoot the error with the below troubleshooting steps:

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    If Printing to Paperless Office

    ➤ Check to see whether there are any stuck print jobs in the Sage 100 PDF Converter (formerly known as Sage PDF Converter) printer by
    ➤ Accessing Windows Start >>> Control Panel >>> Devices and Printers
    ➤ Do a right-click on the Sage 100 PDF Converter
    ➤ Select the “See what’s printing” option
    ➤ Go to the printer and cancel all the documents
    ➤ Check the printer configurations for Sage 100 PDF Converter (formerly known as Sage PDF Converter) in Devices and Printers.
    ➤ Access Start >>> Control Panel >>> Devices and Printers
    ➤ Perform a right-click on the Sage 100 PDF Converter
    ➤ Select the Printer Properties tab
    ➤ Make sure that a Local Port named “Sage” is set as the default port on the Ports tab
    ➤ Set Everyone to have access to the following (tick the boxes) on the Security tab:
    ➤ Print
    ➤ Manage this Printer
    ➤ Manage Documents
    ➤ Click “Ok
    ➤ Remove the Sage 100 PDF Converter Jobs and Locks folders from the workstation’s Windows Registry (formerly Sage PDF Converter)

    Warning: You must be familiar with using and modifying the Windows Registry. Before attempting to change, create a backup of the Registry.

    ➤ Open the Registry Editor
    ➤ Start button / Run (or Search Programs and Features) / REGEDIT on the Windows desktop
    ➤ If any of the following folders (keys) are present under “HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG\Software\Sage 100 PDF Converter” (formerly known as Sage PDF Converter), delete them by right-clicking each one:
    ➤ Jobs
    ➤ Locks
    ➤ To exit the Registry Editor, select File >>> Exit.

    Less Likely to be Cause

    Multiple workstations may be required to implement this resolution:

    ➤ Click Designer on the printing screen for the form. Crystal Reports begins
    ➤ Select Summary Info from the menu for the Crystal Reports File
    ➤ Change the report’s title to something more general, like SO Printing, if the Title column has already been filled in
    ➤ Put a generic report title in the Title field if it’s blank.

    Important Note: Get rid of any form-specific or descriptive words from the title. Adjectives like “marbled,” “plain,” and other words that describe a form are sensitive to the PDF converter in the Title field.

    Additional troubleshooting to fix the Sage 100 unable to process the lock file

    Method 1: Reinstall Sage 100 PDF Converter from Paperless Office Advanced Options

    ➤ Start with right-clicking on the Sage 100 shortcut and select “Run as Administrator” from the context menu
    ➤ Sign in to Sage 100 and choose File >> Run from the toolbar
    ➤ Type: PL_AdvancedOptions_Ui
    ➤ After that, hit the Ok button
    ➤ To choose the default date, click Ok
    ➤ Moving forward, choose “Install Converter
    ➤ Try printing to Paperless one again after leaving Paperless Office Advanced Options.

    Method 2: Configure Sage 100 to “Run as Administrator”

    ➤ Right-click on the Sage 100 shortcut
    ➤ From the pop-up right-click menu, choose Properties
    ➤ Navigate to the Compatibility tab
    ➤ Run this program as an administrator by checking the box
    Note: Choose Change Setting for All Users and check the box next to Run this software as an Administrator if this workstation is shared by many users
    ➤ To save all the changes that are done, press the Ok tab

    Method 3: Set permissions for the following keys in the Registry (at the workstation level)

    ➤ In the beginning, select Start from the menu
    ➤ In the Run window, type regedit access: “HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG\Software
    ➤ Perform a right-click on the Software key
    ➤ After that, choose the “Permissions” tab
    ➤ In the end, click “Apply” after selecting Full Control for Users in this box.

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    Hopefully, you’ll find this article useful and helpful in rectifying Sage 100 unable to process the lock file. In any case, you experience any difficulties while implementing the steps, feel free to get in touch with Sage 100 Helpdesk Team. Meanwhile, you can use our Live Chat option to connect with Team of Experts.

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    How Do I Create a Backup for Sage 100 Contractor

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Make a Backup of Registry Before Attempting to Edit in Sage 100?

    Maintain regular registry backups, create new registry settings or hives before attempting to alter them, remove them, or install new system drivers so you can roll back to a previous, successful version if something goes wrong.

    To make a backup, comply with following steps:

    ➤ Open the Run window by simultaneously pressing the Windows and R keys from your keyboard
    ➤ Press Enter to launch the registry editor after typing “regedit
    ➤ Press the File menu >>> Export
    ➤ Enter a name for the backup file in the dialogue box, choose the place where you wish to export the registry file, and then click Store to create and save the backup.

    What are the Different Error Messages that you Can Receive When Sage 100 Unable to Process Lock File?

    The below listed are notifications that can appear on your Windows screen:

    ➤ “Unable to Process the Lock file” or “Printer not activated. Error code -30” occurs when printing to Sage 100 Paperless Office PDF or Electronic Delivery after installing a Microsoft Windows Updates for Windows 10
    ➤ “Unable to preview (report name). Operation completed successfully “
    ➤ “Cannot create PDF” or “PDF not created successfully” when printing to Sage 100 Paperless Office after installing a Microsoft Windows 10 Update.
    Paperless Office no longer working after installing Windows 10 (Feature) Update.

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    How to Backup Windows Registry Using the Command Prompt?

    By entering reg export and a specific registry root key at the command prompt, you can export registry data.

    Use a script like the one below to export numerous keys:
    ➤ reg export HKCR C:\RegBack\HKCR.Reg /y
    ➤ reg export HKCU C:\RegBack\HKCU.Reg /y
    ➤ reg export HKLM C:\RegBack\HKLM.Reg /y
    ➤ reg export HKU C:\RegBack\HKU.Reg /y
    ➤ reg export HKCC C:\RegBackHKCC.Reg /y

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