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Fix Sage 50 Error 1628 Failed to Complete Installation

    Sage 50 1628 failed to complete installation

    Are you cyclically experiencing Sage 50 1628 failed to complete installation when you are trying to work on your software application? Well, this type of error can transpire due to some sort of problem with the operating system or maybe you have installed broken or corrupted program file.

    For a quick fix, you can talk to our Accounting Problem Sage 50 technical support team at our helpline number.

    This article aims to explicate simple techniques to get rid of the Sage 50 1628 failed to complete installation error.

    What Happens when you Encounter Sage 50 1628 Failed to Complete Installation Error?

    When you will be experiencing this sort of error, you will be seeing the given cautionary warning on your monitor:

    Sage Error: “1628 Failed to complete installation” when trying to uninstall program

    If necessary, seek the assistance of the certified Sage experts at our tech support help desk number.

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    How to Troubleshoot Sage 50 1628 Failed to Complete Installation Error

    Let’s have a quick look at steps you need to perform to get rid of the Sage 50 1628 failed to complete installation glitch. However, before you decide to move on with the given steps we would recommend you to take a backup of your company files, else consult experts if you lack advanced knowledge of an operating system.

    Total Time: 20 minutes

    Make sure you run the Microsoft Easy Fix Utility Tool

    For running the Microsoft Easy Fix Utility Tool, you have to carry out the given steps in the sequence as mentioned below:

    πŸ”· Go to the Microsoft website and look for the link for downloading Microsoft Easy Fix.
    πŸ”· When you find the authentic link, click on the Download button.
    πŸ”· Once the download is complete, do right click on the downloaded shortcut icon and click on the run Microsoft Easy Fix option from the drop down list.

    What type issues the Microsoft Easy Fix Utility Tool can resolve?

    πŸ”· If you’re 64-bit operating system has corrupted registry keys.
    πŸ”· If the corrupted registry keys are controlling the upgrade information.
    πŸ”· Glitches that inhibit new programs from getting installed in your computer.
    πŸ”· Glitches that avert current programs from getting completely removed from the system or upgraded.
    πŸ”· Hitches that stops you from removing a program by means of Add or Remove Programs (or Programs and Features) in the Control Panel.
    πŸ”· This tool is compatible with the given versions of the Windows operating system:
    πŸ”· Windows 7
    πŸ”· Windows 8
    πŸ”· Windows 8.1
    πŸ”· Windows 10
    πŸ”· In case, any of the above stated problems are actually triggering Sage 50 1628 failed to complete installation error then it should get resolved with this step.

    Ensure you properly uninstall that too by means of the command prompt

    πŸ”· First of all, you have to hold the Windows+R keys all together so as to open a run command dialog box
    πŸ”· When the run command dialog box appears on your computer screen, just type Reedit, in the search field and after that press on the OK button.
    πŸ”· Now, choose the File option, and then choose the Export and generate a backup of the registry (it is something that you need not miss. Taking backup of the important files is always good to be on the safe side).
    πŸ”· Try to find the given folder: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow 6432 Node\MS\Windows\Present Version\Uninstall\.
    πŸ”· Choose the Edit option, and after this click on the Find option.
    πŸ”· When prompted, you have to type Sage 50 in the search field, and then press on the Find button that you can find at the bottom right corner of the window.
    πŸ”· Carry onto search in anticipation of tracing the program recorded that you have to uninstall from your computer.
    πŸ”· Go to the right side of the screen and there you will find the key with name Uninstall String, click twice on the same key, and just copy the string you see there.
    πŸ”· Press on the OK button, and exit from the Registry Editor.
    πŸ”· Hold the Windows+R keys simultaneously again.
    πŸ”· When prompted, you have to type CMD, and then press OK.
    πŸ”· Does the right click on the DOS window, and then choose Paste.
    πŸ”· Hit on the Enter button.
    πŸ”· Lastly, you have to perform the screen instructions after this.

    Final Words :

    Still, have concerns in regard to Sage 50 1628 failed to complete installation error or some other problem you wish to discuss? Dial our product help or you can chat with our Accounting Problem Sage tech support team.

    πŸ‘‰ Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I resolve Sage 50 error 1628 with the Troubleshooter in Windows 10 and above?

    Since the Microsoft fix it tool was discontinued, you need to rely on the inbuilt troubleshooter in windows 10 and above. This troubleshooter can easily scan for any notable errors and then resolve them. Whenever you feel that there is a windows related error or a network error, you can use the built in troubleshooter to solve Sage 50 error 1628.

    How do I resolve Sage 50 error 1628 with the Troubleshooter in Windows 10 and above?

    Software Update is a freeware Windows service that offers upgrades for the Operating system as well as other Windows applications, such as software updates and fixes. Components for common hardware components may also be upgraded via Software Updates. Fixes and other security measures are frequently issued via Windows Update on the middle Second Tuesday, which is known as Weekly Nuget release. However, Microsoft provides upgrades on non-weekdays as well, such as for critical patches.

    Windows Operating Upgrade is being used to maintain Windows Software and a number of other Microsoft products up to date. Unfortunately, Windows Update does not upgrade the majority of the non-Microsoft applications. You must either upgrade those apps manually or use a freeware auto update tool to do it for yourself. Patches frequently contain feature additions as well as security updates to keep Windows safe from viruses and criminal attacks.

    Why do Installation errors occur in Sage 50 and how can I resolve them?

    There are several challenges that you may encounter while installing the program, one of them being Sage 50 error 1628. If you are setting it from fresh or updating it. All of the problems which you encounter must be resolved. Such difficulties include damaged program data, lost files, damaged downloads, network problems, technical specifications that do not meet, Windows that are out of date, admin accessibility issues, and many others. Identifying the cause of the problem and then implementing the appropriate solution strategy.

    Let’s have a look at the causes of any installation issues you may be experiencing with your Sage account. Because no two people have the same difficulty, the user may become stuck when installing Sage for a variety of reasons.