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Sage 50 2015 Download (Sage Premium ,Pro ,Quantum Accounting)

    Sage 2015 Download

    Sage 50 accounting system allows you to record operations, conduct transfers, and generate statistics. It assists users with a variety of financial chores. When you submit a purchase, it is instantly deposited to the appropriate account, and the contents are placed into the main bookkeeping system. Based on these records, you may generate thorough reports to learn as much about the item.

    In this article, you’ll learn more about Sage 50 2015 download.

    Why Download Sage 50 2015?

    There are two instances in which you’d want to download Sage 50 2015:

    • New user: You would really like to adopt an accounting information system, therefore you acquired the Sage 50 2015 installation.
    • Upgrade: If you wish to switch from the preceding versions of this accounting system, you’ll need to get Sage 50 2015. After downloading the Sage 50 2015 installation file, you may install the application on your machine.
    • Open company file: if you want to open a company file that was created in a previous version of Sage 50 without upgrading the company file, then you’ll have to download the installation file for Sage 50 2015.

    Most users use the 2015 edition of Sage 50 to upgrade a company file created using a version older than 2015. Once the company file is upgraded to Sage 50 2015 version, then the user can further upgrade the company file to import the data into some of the latest versions of Sage 50.

    Sage 50 2015 System Specifications

    Every type of tech necessitates the use of system resources in order to function. Several prerequisites are also needed to accomplish the installation and applications. If your machine does not match the minimal system requirements and does not have Sage 50 2015 dependencies loaded, you will need to upgrade it.

    Here are the Sage 50 2015 system specifications:

    • GHz CPU 2 GB RAM
    • Internet Explorer v7.0 is absolutely required. Higher versions of this browser are also supported.
    • Printer along with installed drivers for printing forms.
    • Adobe reader 9.0 required
    • SVGA video with at least 16 bit of color resolution. Supports 1024×768 screen resolution.
    • Operating system with most recent Microsoft patches loaded
      • Microsoft windows® XP SP3
      • Microsoft Windows Vista® SP1
      • Microsoft Windows® 8
      • Microsoft Windows® 7
    • 1 GB of disc space for installations
    • Internet connection if you want to use web tools from the accounting software.
    • Microsoft Office Excel, Word, and Outlook above version 2003. Or a subscription of Microsoft office 365.
    • Microsoft®.NET Environment CLR 4.0 necessitates an added 280 MB – 610 MB of disc space.
    • Windows server 2003 or above for hosting the company file.
    • DVD-ROM, especially if you want to install Sage 50 2015 using a CD or DVD.

    Sage 50 2015 Setup Download and Installation

    Here is the download link for Sage 50 2015.

    After downloading the setup for Sage 50 2015, you need to follow the steps provided below to install it on your system:

    1. Run the Sage 50 2015 installation file.
    2. Before installing, perform the setup wizard’s instructions.
    3. Choose the location where you wish to store the application.
    4. Select the install options you desire. Select network installations if you wish to save the business file on a web server.
    5. Follow the steps outlined by the setup wizard.
    6. To register the application, input the licence & product details.
    7. After installing the programme, you may begin utilising the accounting software.

    Sage 50 2015 has been downloaded and installed. You must now construct a business file that contains all of the financial information.

    New Features in Sage 50 2015

    Sage 50 2015 offers a plethora of innovative capabilities to provide your company. It may greatly simplify your bookkeeping and provide you with access to a variety of embedded analytics.

    • Investment returns assistance for past-due sales invoices

    Charge a daily charge of interest on outstanding bills to generate a motivation for clients to reimburse you on schedule.

    • Buyer invoices have been modified to make collecting simpler.

    Maintain a record of who owes you profit for the owners reports for clients with pending or past-due accounts. Quotes show any unsettled or unpaid balances as well as any money paid.

    • When changing sales templates in Sage 50 Forms Designer, the process is improved.

    Whenever you customise a template and select to save it, the Save as window displays, allowing you to title your document and save your changes.

    • Sales order codes are regularly incremented.

    When you handle several sales orders, the reference number now constantly advances to save you time and maintain record of your efforts.

    • Enhanced administration for archive creation.

    If you attempt to save someone’s corporate backup to a SAJ directory, you will be requested to store the record in a new folder for improved speed and information security.

    • Purchases, bills, and shipping slips all carry extra details.

    Add extra data sections to your clients’ purchases, bills, and shipping slips to provide them with more information. If you sell items or services that necessitate a more extensive explanation or explanatory material, you can provide it for the convenience of your clients.

    • Simple access to the stock adjustment report

    You may now generate the Stock Correction Detailed summary while operating in the Stock Adjustments panel.

    • Home screen in Sage 2015

    The Home screen is intended for speed, usability, and rapid access to the things users need most. You may rapidly gain an understanding of your company and then use the flow charts to locate the precise jobs you need to do.

    Starting a Company File in Sage 50 2015

    After installing the accounting software, you need to create a company file, which holds all the financial information that you record using Sage 50. It’s stored separately from the application’s program file so that uninstalling Sage 50 will not lead to the deletion of the company file.

    Set the Start of the Fiscal Year in Sage 50 2015

    A financial season (FY), often called a fiscal year, is indeed a period of time used for the public and private enterprises for bookkeeping reasons to develop full financial accounts and reports. A financial year has been made up of 12 months or 52 weeks and does not always finish on December 31. A calendar year is defined as the time spanning January 1 to December 31.

    The adoption of a financial year other than the conventional year gives an incentive for so many organisations, particularly those whose industry is mostly cyclical.

    Corporations and individuals can select their fiscal year based on their preferences. A solid bookkeeping guideline proposes finishing the fiscal year at the historical low of economic activity. Agricultural firms, for instance, frequently complete their fiscal year immediately following harvest time.

    Note: Sage 50 has a built-in wizard to help you with the creation of a company file and setting up of the fiscal year and financial period.

    Setup a Trial Balance

    A trial balance is one of several key accounting instruments, available for individuals inexperienced to accounting. It can be used in prep for making modifying and closing entries, and various accounting reports.

    A trial balance is used to check that almost all debit activities put into the ledger accounts meet all credit items submitted.

    Although a trial balance shows the final amount of every account and indicates whenever accounts are not equal, it will never provide all specifics of just about any financial trades conducted all through the accounting cycle.

    Create a Company File

    After you’ve completed these procedures, you need to input the following details:

    • Company Name
    • Geographical Location
    • Contact Information
    • Industry

    You can simply proceed through the wizard, which will help you in creating your company file. It’ll also create specific accounts on the basis of the industry you picked.


    Sage 50 2015 is a fantastic software application that has a plethora of capabilities that will allow you to not only log operations but also analyse financial information. You may acquire and run Sage 50 2015 and use it to open a business file in the test edition. If you intend to use the application on a regular basis, you should acquire a licence key.

    👉 Frequently Asked Questions

    Would I have to Purchase a License of Sage 50 2015?

    This is dependent on the tasks you intend to carry out using this programme. If you just want to view a Sage 50 2015 business profile, you shouldn’t have to buy a licence since the free trial allows you to read and extract all of the material from the document.

    Should I go for the 2015 or 2021 Edition of Sage 50?

    Due to the obvious additional features in the programme, we suggest that you obtain one of the most recent editions. Additionally, the improved version improves protection and data and analysis. Also, more themes are available to start analyses and build charts to understand your company’s recent trend.

    I’m getting an error while Installing Sage 50 2015. What should I do?

    Check if your machine satisfies the application’s minimal requirements of the system. If the machine does not match the prerequisites for doing the installation, the setup will abort. If the installation is completed but you have not enough machine capability to support the software, it will abort once it is fully launched.

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