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What’s New Features in Sage 50 CA 2018.1 Update

    Sage 50 CA 2018.1 Update

    Sage 50 is a best selling software and a globally accepted accounting program. The rich features and tools stuffed within the software simplifies the financial and accounting functions of the business. The program offers a friendly interface and welcomes a new user or an existing user to run the software without any problem. The daily accounting tasks becomes simpler with Sage 2018.1 update but also the tasks become more organized and streamlined. Moreover, the update ensures that it is one of the safest accounting software in the world in today’s times. It can be understood even by a person from the non-accounting background. With an immensely user-friendly interface, Sage 2018.1 update is a blessing in disguise.

    During tax filing times, it aids in completing important tasks in the best possible way. Sage 2018.1 update brings with it plethora of options for everyone in the accounting world which makes the software even more helpful than before. Whether it is about automated invoices or business reports or managing inventory in the best possible way, Sage 2018.1 update has no match. Furthermore, Sage users have an edge over other software users as the Sage technical support team is working round the clock for any kind of assistance related to the software. The team of Accounting Problem can be reached on the toll-free number .

    Let’s Explore More About Sage 2018.1 Update

    Sage 2018.1 Update: A Brief View about the New Features

    Sage Bank Feeds – It helps to set up a safe online connection with your bank and without complexity transaction records can be downloaded from your bank into the Account Reconciliation module in Sage 50. The automated process helps in bank reconciliation and that the transactions are up to date.

    Sage Dashboard and Office 365 Enhancements – It helps in displaying some graphs and charts for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Revenues/Expenses (with Sage50C / Microsoft Office 365 only)

    Cloud & Mobile Navigation Dashboard – Now the software has cloud & mobility navigation that offers access points to various frequently used Sage 50 cloud and mobile features. It is with Sage 50C only.

    For more in-depth explanation about Sage 2018.1 update, contact the highly proficient Sage tech support team. They are there to assist you as per your convenience according to your difficulty and issues. They will offer instant solutions.

    What is

    The is the Sage tech support team that is there for your assistance 24*7. This Sage 50 customer support team has professionals with many years of experience and knows the intricacies of this amazing accounting software to help you at any time as per your need. They can give you general tips on improved ways of using the software. They are there 24*7 to help you. The toll-free number to talk directly with them.