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Sage 50 2019 Activation Problem

    sage 2019 activating problem

    Sage 50 2019 Activation is important to work on the software and handle all your business finances easily. So if you are facing issues with the activation then below are the solutions that you have to go through and implement the one. The solution you implement must be according to the reason of the problem that you get. The reason for the Sage 50 2019 activation problem also mentioned here so that you can identify it.

    However, sometimes users might experiences issue while activating the latest Sage 50 2019 edition in the system. Find the steps below to resolve the issue.

    Causes of Sage 50 2019 Activating Problem

    There are several reasons that cause the SAGE 50 2019 THERE WAS A PROBLEM ACTIVATING error to occur:

    • Bad or damaged data path files
    • Anti-virus or Firewalls program blocking the activation process
    • Bad Pervasive Database Manager installation
    • The Windows system date has been set incorrectly
    • dat has been damaged or hidden
    • The Pervasive Database Manager has been damaged

    Resolution of Sage 50 2019 Activating Problem

    The following lines highlight some tested resolution steps that you could employ to fix SAGE 50 2019 THERE WAS A PROBLEM ACTIVATING issue.

    Note: The steps that have been outlined below should be performed on the system where the Sage 50 company data has been stored.

    Total Time: 25 minutes

    If the Firewall or Anti Virus Program is Blocking the Activation

    If this is the case, you need to disable the Firewall or Anti-virus program in order to resolve the error.

    If the Clientinfo.xml File has Issue

    🔷 First, ensure to close all Sage 50 program running on every computer
    🔷 Browse to the data path and program path to find clientinfo.xml file
    🔷 If found, move or rename the file to another location outside of the data path
    🔷 Re-open to Sage 50 and confirm you are able to activate the program without any issue

    If the Data Path Files have Issues

    🔷 Close down Sage 50 running on all computers
    🔷 Browse to the data path and program path
    🔷 Find and rename or shift the following files to a different folder outside of the data path:
    🔷 DAT
    🔷 DAT
    🔷 DAT
    🔷 DAT
    🔷 DAT.BAK
    🔷 DAT
    🔷 *.PTL ( files with PTL extension)
    🔷 *.LCK ( files with LCK extension)
    🔷 xml
    🔷 xml
    🔷 Re-open to Sage 50 and verify you get the option to activate the program manually
    🔷 Select the manual activation from the preference and follow the instructions provided in the wizard.

    Check that Both Computers are Using the Same Version

    If you are activating Sage software in any other system using your computer then you have to check and verify that the computers are using the same version of the software. To do this the steps are:-

    🔷 If both the systems have different versions then one of the systems have to upgrade to the same server or the version of the software
    🔷 Go to the Help menu in the Sage software
    🔷 Then click on the option Sage 50 Activation License and Subscription
    🔷 Now, you have to select the Change your Current version option
    🔷 Click on the OK button
    🔷 Now, you have to provide the New Serial Number to activate this new software in another system
    🔷 Close the Sage account and then open it again
    🔷 Check for the error.

    To Activate It on Server

    In this, you have to activate the program on the server and do check that it is activated or not. If not activated then activate it. but if activated then connect with the helpdesk to find out the problem.

    Other Solution of Sage 50 2019 Activating Problems

    Perform the following resolution, if the above resolution steps don’t resolve the error.

    🔷 Completely remove or uninstall the Pervasive and then reinstall it again in your system.
    🔷 You can also examine the Windows system date and verify that it is set correctly.

    Final Words :

    All the solutions and other information regarding the Sage 50 2019 Activation problem is correct and verified by experts. You can find your reason of cause and then took a section accordingly to fix it. For further queries or issues, contact the Sage helpdesk team to get all your answers. The team is here to assist you all around the clock. You can connect with them any time via email, toll-free number, or do a live chat.

    👉Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1. What If I Don’t Know The Correct Serial Number Then What To Do?

    Ans. In this case, you have to open the Sage account that you want to activate

    ▪ Then click on About Sage 50 Accounting on your system
    ▪ Here you get all the details using your serial number.

    Q 2. How To Ping The Server To Fix The Sage 50 2019 Activation Problem?

    Ans. ✔ Open the Run window
    ✔ Then type CMD and press Enter button
    ✔ It opens the window of CMD that is Command Prompt
    ✔ In this type ipconfig and press Enter button
    ✔ You have to note down your IPV4 Address
    ✔ Now type the Hostname and press Enter button
    ✔ Write down the Computer name also
    ✔ Go to your work station and repeat all the above steps again
    ✔ Then type the Ping [server computer name] and press Enter button
    ✔ Check that the workstation receives the response from the noted IP Address server
    ✔ Go to the server and repeat the steps i and j using the computer name of the workstation.

    Q 3. What If In Case The Computer Won’t Receive Any Response In The Procedure Of Fixing The Sage 50 2019 Activation Problem?

    Ans. In this case, you have to say that it cannot return a response or find the hostname from the IP Address you noted down. Then connect with the admin or Sage helpdesk expert team.