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Sage 50 2019 Upgrade

    Sage 50 2019 Upgrade

    The Sage 50 2019, comes in with powerful features, with an aim to enhance and develop your business to greater heights. Make your business even more exciting and easy with Sage 50 2019 Upgrade.

    Check Out The Latest Features Incorporated In The Sage 50 2019 Upgrade

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Expansion of Sales Order Menu

    The Sales Order drop-down menu of the Sales Order is enlarged to suit the existing Invoice Number field width. You can also see the Total List on the List view.

    Updated .NET Framework 4.7.1

    Sage 50 has now leveraged to .NET Framework 4.7.1, that has been already installed in most of the operating systems with standard Upgrade. The advantages include:

    💠 Improvement in Reliability and Performance
    💠 Better Security
    💠 It also comes with the latest TLS security protocol

    User Security Upgrade

    Sage 50 offers a number of options to maintain a better data security and prevent from unauthorized users fraudulent behaviors. In order to offer effective control over multiple users, Sage 50 has updated the current security settings. The installer is updated to reduce the habitual occurrence of User Account Control message. An Administrator-level recommendation is needed by a standard user to execute some particular tasks.

    Sync Sage Payroll

    The new release also offers standards Upgrade to the newest Azure security compliance. This improves the large sync operations reliability.

    Maintains Microsoft Office 365 Integration

    With this Upgrade, you receive a better performance and there is consistency in improvements.

    Maintains Sage Payment Cloud

    Sage has aligned with PayPal to offer you the latest features including Invoice Payments.  Invoice Payments with PayPal allows the customers to make payment easily and in a most convenient way. With this integration, you send invoices to your customers via email. The customers can also make payments with credit/debit card by simply using the Now button, these payments are processed securely online and is directly deposited to your account.

    Integration with Sage 50 CRM

    Sage CRM is an interlinking system, which plays a vital role for companies in creating a streamline process between business branches or offers customers with economic information. In addition, it also includes features to create an order that passes through the Sage accounting system from Sage CRM interface.

    Sage 50 CRM Features Include

    💠 Shows sales made from Year-to-Date compared to preceding Year-to-Date Sales
    💠 Shows when the last Invoice was created
    💠 List out all the history of invoices and order made
    💠 Also, enable the user to view the details of the line item for historical Invoices and Orders

    How to Upgrade to Latest Release of Sage 50

    To Know More About Sage 50 2019 Update And All The Latest Upgrade Of Sage, Reach Us On Any Of The Given Modes: