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Sage 50 Support for US Users

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    Industry-wide surveys have found that a considerable number of people (nearly 36%) responsible for accounts in small businesses don’t have any financial training. Small business owners spend a critical 52 hours every week managing their administration. Accountants, in turn, spend 28 hours a week, on average, in admin tasks.

    It is thus evident that accounting and invoicing need to be simplified for start-ups and other small and mid-level enterprises remain competitive and profitable. A simplified and intuitive accounting process is needed, so that data is handy and insightful, and businesses remain in control of their finances.

    Sage 50 Support

    We are providing the best technical support of Sage 50 accounting software used in the US. Sage 50 US edition is used across the US, such as

    • New York
    • Chicago
    • Salt Lake City
    • Los Angeles
    • Washington
    • San Francisco
    • Boston
    • Seattle
    • California
    • San Diego
    • Dallas
    • Las Vegas
    • Alaska
    • Plano
    • San Antonio
    • Texas
    • Denver

    Sage 50 Features

    This is where Sage 50 comes in. Sage 50 is simplified, yet powerful and versatile, accounting software that provides accurate and on-the go financial information for your accounts team. Its intuitive features ensure that even business-owners without a financial background can use it. This is made possible via various features such as cloud backups, mobile invoicing, integrated bank feeds, access to credit card payments, Sage Contact and Sage Drive.

    MS Office Compatibility

    One of the most powerful and prominent features of Sage 50 is the ability to synchronize it with Microsoft Office 365 suite. This allows secure management of finances from multiple devices and building reports using intuitive tools.

    The Outlook Connector syncs contacts in Microsoft Outlook with those in Sage 50 Cloud, which allows remote access to customer balance information, credit limits, contact details and order history. This is done via Sage 50’s feature called Sage Contact.

    The Microsoft Office Business Premium feature lets you access core apps such as Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It manages your core business services, accounting and office suite, which helps minimize vendor lists and helps manage your technology platforms.

    Sage 50 Cloud

    But the most powerful feature of Sage 50 is in arguably Sage 50 Cloud, which automatically backs up data in the cloud on One Drive and undoes data errors by restoring data from the cloud date-wise. Sage Drive lets you access data from anywhere, so that you can share it with your accounts team and other employees, irrespective of time and place.

    Moreover, Sage 50 also provides integrated bank feeds that reduce data entry errors and links your bank account to your bank. It connects your debit and credit cards processes to Sage Cloud, which reduces processing time and makes it easier for customers to make payments.

    These features of Sage 50 can benefit you in various ways.

    Sage 50 makes it easy to keep track of customers. With a few clicks, you can create quotes and proposals and convert them to orders and invoices. You can control your cash flow by recording your purchases and making timely payments.

    Mobile Invoicing

    Sage 50 mobile invoicing feature lets you send invoices to customers and receive payments even on mobile platforms, thus improving cash flow. Dashboards provide instant information about various aspects of your business, such as cash-in-hand, receivables, expenses and inventory.

    Sage 50 Payroll

    The Payroll features allow you to pay employees, track benefits and also report taxes. This improves payroll accuracy and makes it timely.

    Sage 50 makes business analysis simpler and error-free with one-click reports on sales, taxes, upcoming expenditures and profits. It reduces the time spent on managing sales transactions and helps focus on core business and customers by eliminating manual data-entry and simplifying payments with automatic reconciliation. It is compatible with your software and requires no formatting.

    For any information or assistance related to Sage 50, please contact our Sage 50 Technical Support Helpdesk team at this toll-free helpline number available 24/7 to provide any product or application-related assistance.