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How to Use Sage 50 Activation Applications for Activate Sage 50

    Sage 50 Activation Applications

    Sage 50 accounting software has gone through use Sage 50 activation applications for activate Sage 50. The application needs support analysis to troubleshoot the issue promptly.

    The software in itself can perform independent process. You can easily apply and retrieve the pervasive key with the help of this software. You can also receive log of communication and other activities with Sage Pass server.

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    Steps to Use Sage 50 Accounting Remote Activation Application

    • .exe file is present in the Program Path and you can easily execute this file from the software.
    • Now, check whether UAC is enabled on to your system. If enabled, we suggest you run the application as an admin.
    • Run Sage 50 Activation Application.
    • Here, you need to make sure that your system has company/data file before you run the app. You need to run the app/software in the computer that already has Sage 50 working in it.
    • Find the file ‘SageReg.exe‘, double click on it. It is the file which is in the program path.
    • Now, launch Sage 50 Remote Application.
    • Activate Sage 50 Tab to launch pervasive.
    • On the Sage 50 Activation tab, click on the Activate button and then retrieve Pervasive key at the time of process, Sage Pass server will communicate when there is a key required for new pervasive.
    • Here, you will get the activation files and new Pervasive key by Sage and such as softwareinstallations.xml and entitlements.xml.
    • Here, you will see the warning message and a message of successful activation will appear.
    • To complete the activation process, go to the Sage 50 tab and open it.
    • Once the process starts, a log will be created. Then, the created log will display some exceptions and all these exceptions will pass through Atlas and Sage Pass.
    • Now, you are at the last step of the activation process, open Sage 50 on your system where all your company files are stored. All the activation will be completed automatically.
    • Now, complete the process and click on OK button.

    If User wants to Add New Connection in Sage Intelligence Reporting

    A relevant connection information will be held between OLEDB and ODBC. This is to complaint Data Source. All the connections will be used to this data source.

    Once you add data connection, the data source will be available.

    If you want to add new data connection, find enterprise object and double click on it. In the object window, click on the respective connection type i.e. Click on the driver to pursue the connection. Right click on it and then click on Add Connection. Now, in the ‘Connection Name’ field, enter the respective field.

    To Contact Us:

    Call us on our Toll-Free Number to get instant support from our Sage 50 help desk Team or connect with us via Sage 50 Live Chat Support. You can also send email on our Official Email Address and we will get back to you as early as possible.

    👉Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1. How can I Activate my copy of Sage 50 with the License keys?

    Ans : You can rely on the license and product keys that you’d have received via the product CD or on your registered email address. If you don’t have it, you can sign into the account via which you purchased this accounting software. Another option is to contact the third party provider who gave you the software. 

    When you have the license and product keys, you can follow the steps provided below:

    ▪ Launch Sage 50.
    ▪ Go to the Help menu.
    ▪ Select Sage 50 Activation.
    ▪ Click on Activate Online Now.
    ▪ You may have to fill out a short form after which your copy of Sage 50 will be activated.

    Q 2. How can I Activate Sage 50 when I don’t have an Internet Connection?

    Ans : In the case that you don’t have an internet connection, you can manually activate Sage 50 using the activation keys. Go to Menu bar and select Sage 50 Registration to input or amend your Sage 50 registration information.

    The registration process is done through the Internet. However, if you have surpassed the limit of how many times you may use Sage 50 without registering and are unable to access the internet, you will be prompted to manually register.

    Along the same machine, you may run two different versions of Sage 50. If you have previously registered Sage 50, you may either upgrade it or register another version. 

    Q 3. I’m Confused about Starting with the Company File. How can I Check a Sample of the Company File

    Ans : Sage 50 actually comes with several inbuilt sample files to give you an idea about the type of data it can store and the type of reports you can create. To open a sample company file using Sage 50, follow the steps given below:

    ▪ Go to the Sage 50 startup display screen.
    ▪ Click on Explore a Sample Company.
    ▪ After selecting a sample company, click Ok.

    You can now view all the data of the sample company file. You can also test different reports and check the various templates to find the ones that’ll work best for your business.