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Fix Sage 50 Cannot Create Report Error

    The report center is a crucial part of Sage 50 for managing different kinds of reports. There are numerous reports available to see the key information in detail. The management of the reports is done in accordance with the many categories, such as vendors and purchases, finances, projects, banking, profit & loss, tax, etc.

    Why Do We Receive Sage 50 Cannot Create Report Error?

    There are number of reasons are responsible for Sage 50 Cannot Create Report Error and few of them are jotted down.

    Let’s check out them:
    ☛ Damaged printer driver
    ☛ The logged in user does not have full admin rights to the program path
    Sage 50 E-mail Writer is set as the default printer in Windows.

    How to Fix Sage 50 Cannot Create Report Error?

    Perform the step by step instructions to fix the Sage 50 Cannot Create Report Error with ease:

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    Check Email Writer Settings

    Check the Email Writer

    In Windows, the email writer should be set as the default printer.

    Follow the steps as discussed below:
    ☛ Start with opening the Control panel
    ☛ Next, select the option “Devices & printers
    ☛ If you find the Email writer in Sage 50 is set as the default printer then you’re supposed to perform a right-click on the printer
    ☛ Once done then choose the option named “Set as Default Printer
    ☛ Finally, verify that you can print a report.

    Verify DDF Files and Permissions

    ☛ Navigate to the specific company folder
    ☛ Removing the files cosess.dat, *.ddf, and *.ptr

    Important Note: Follow the next steps if you’re on a network
    ☛ Select Properties by right-clicking the appropriate company folder in the data path folder
    ☛ After that, click on the Security tab
    ☛ Next step is to move to the Advanced tab
    ☛ Now, look for the Change Permissions and select it
    ☛ Moving forward, go to the data path folder and check the box named “Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object
    ☛ Finally, verify that you are able to print a report.

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    Create a New Data Location in Sage 50

    To create a data path in the same location, follow these steps:
    ☛ Close the Sage 50 systems on each of your systems
    ☛ Open the Run windows on the system containing the data
    ☛ Write services.msc and then press the “Ok” button

    Now, adhere to the following services:
    ☛ Peachtree SmartPosting ####
    ☛ Sage 50 SmartPosting ####
    ☛ Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine
    ☛ If a stop button displays, select it

    Use the procedures below to locate the data path and program:
    ☛ Open the File option in Sage 50
    ☛ After that, open the File Company window
    ☛ Drag the field now to show the complete directory
    ☛ It seems that the data path is the directory without the company name
    ☛ Use the steps below to search the program’s path
    ☛ Find the Sage icon and then select it with the right click
    ☛ Moving forward, select the Properties button
    ☛ It will show the highlighted path, known as the program path, on the Target line but without Peachw.exe
    ☛ To open a file, click the appropriate button
    ☛ The program path will be displayed
    ☛ Give the directory a new name, such as OLDDATA
    ☛ Open the peachtree###.ini file after done with the above step
    ☛ Change the path to reflect the applied name in the Datapath= line
    ☛ After that, download and install the Database Repair tool for the most recent Sage 50 version
    ☛ Select “Run” from the menu
    ☛ With this, it will launch the tool
    ☛ After selecting “Yes”, press the “Agree” button
    ☛ Select the “Create New Local Datapath” button
    ☛ Press the “Ok” button
    ☛ To finish the procedure, click the Database Repair Utility
    ☛ After done with that, close the open window
    ☛ Find the Database Repair Tool by searching the same
    ☛ Finally, look for the “OLDDATA” folder.

    Remove and Then Reinstall Printer Driver

    Reinstall Printer Driver

    ☛ Initially, press the Windows Start menu
    ☛ Click to launch Devices and Printers
    ☛ Pick any printer
    ☛ Select Print Server Properties in the window’s top menu
    ☛ Select the Drivers tab
    ☛ Select the printer driver that has to be uninstalled
    ☛ Select the Remove button
    ☛ The “Remove Driver and Driver Package” tab should be clicked
    ☛ Tap the “Ok” button.

    This will eliminate all driver installation files from your printer’s device.

    The steps below need to be followed in order to reinstall the driver:
    ☛ First, press the Windows Start button
    ☛ Then go to the Settings option
    ☛ Head over to the Devices tab
    ☛ Select the Printers & Scanners from the list of sections
    ☛ Open the Related Settings
    ☛ After that, Print Server Properties should be selected
    ☛ Then move to the Drivers tab
    ☛ Ascertain whether your printer is listed.

    Important Note: You should click Add if you can’t find it. You will be brought to the Add Printer Driver Wizard’s welcome page. To move on, click “Next”.  
    ☛ You can choose your device’s architecture
    ☛ To move on, click Next
    ☛ Pick your printer manufacturer from the left-hand menu
    ☛ Select “Install Printer Driver” from the right-hand window
    ☛ After that, press the Next button
    ☛ Follow the on-screen prompts to install the new driver after selecting the Finish tab.

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    Run your Sage 50 as an Administrator

    ☛ To do a right-click, select the desktop icon for Sage
    ☛ Choose the “Run as administrator” option.

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    The steps discussed in this write-up are some of the most preferred solutions to resolve the Sage 50 Cannot Create Report Error. If troubleshooting a technical issue is a burdensome task for you, give us a call on Sage 50 Customer Helpdesk. Our experts will connect you shortly and help you troubleshoot all your queries in the shortest turnaround time.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Happens if I Have to Resolve the Issue with Report Using Sage 50 Database Repair Utility?

    In this situation, emblem the data path with the server name using a UNC path by following the steps listed below:
    ☛ First, you have to run the tool
    ☛ Allow the tool to extract all the necessary files after it has started
    ☛ Simply click the link
    ☛ Click the Agree button to accept the terms and conditions
    ☛ There are three options available in the tool
    ☛ After that, remove the Pervasive.
    ☛ Set up Pervasive by installing it
    ☛ Build a new local data path
    ☛ Use them in accordance with the needs.

    How Can I Apply Changes in Report to Fix Sage 50 Cannot Create Report Error?

    In this case, use a UNC path and the following steps to embed the data path and server name:
    ☛ Start with locating the required report
    ☛ On the toolbar, click the Modify button
    ☛ To make changes to a report component, click on it
    ☛ Make the necessary modifications
    ☛ Finally, click the “Ok” button.

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    What are Various Report Formats that Sage 50 Supports?

    The reports that Sage 50 can run are listed below:
    ☛ Cash reports
    ☛ Detailed reports.
    ☛ Products & services reports.
    ☛ Online payment reports.
    Tax reports.
    ☛ Data reports.
    ☛ Essential reports.

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