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Sage 50 Cloud Hosting

    Sage Cloud Hosting

    This article is an overview on cloud hosting, with focus on Sage 50 cloud, its benefit and cloud hosting support. Cloud hosting is the use of resources spread across several servers to run and maintain websites. One main benefit of this is that it prevents any downtime, as there are servers available to replace the malfunctioning one.

    Cloud hosting also allows websites to mange load during peak hours. The bandwidth needs are met by other servers in the cloud.

    In other words, websites function via support from a group of servers called the ‘cloud’.

    Sage 50 Cloud Hosting Advantages

    • Sage 50 cloud provides web-based accounting solutions for taxes, inventory management, cash flow, invoicing, etc. Besides these, there are also facilities for payroll management and credit card processing.
    • It also helps companies use the built-in accounting best practices feature to remain compliant and keep track of finances. Payments can be made on the go and accounting books can be accessed in real-time.
    • It is a hybrid desktop app with cloud functionality for accessing and storing data. Sage 50 cloud can keep track of purchases, vendors and bills, and its expense management facility helps keep track of mobile payments and bank feeds.
    • It allows customers to access bank accounts, recording sales and receipts in real-time, tracking receivables, transferring funds, reconciling bank accounts and making deposits. Customers are also provided access to financial reports online.
    • Sage 50 cloud integrates Sage Business Cloud Accounting to the cloud. This allows companies to store and share data in the cloud. Payments can also be accessed after Sage 50 cloud is integrated with Sage Payment Solutions.
    • Sage 50c’s allows automatic updates of stock levels and usage of stock valuations for managing assets via the inventory and stock management feature. As Sage 50c is integrate with MS Office 365, users can work from anywhere.


    Sage 50c’s dashboard helps users track their businesses via information related to important budget and revenue trends and focusing on key performance areas. Users can manage customer contacts and generate invoices, sales orders and quotes.

    Mobile Payment

    Users can keep track of purchases and vendors and also pay bills. Sag 50c allows users to manage expenses and also mobile payments and bank feeds. Bank accounts can be linked directly for recording sales and receipts in real-time. Besides, the facility to access reports on the go allows generating accurate reports via the drag-and-drop templates.

    Benefits of Using Sage 50 Cloud

    • Sage 50c allows users to mange their finances easily with user-friendly features
    • Sage 50c makes regulatory updates automatically
    • It provides 24*7 back-end security support
      • Users can create and submit their VAT returns within minutes
      • The cloud functionality provides access to data on the go and lets users work from anywhere

    Conclusion :

    If you have any other queries, or need any help related to cloud hosting, then please call our Accounting Problem Sage Technical Support helpdesk at this toll-free helpline number . The helpdesk personnel are available 24*7 to guide you through any issue on cloud hosting.