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How to Fix Sage 50 Email Not Working

    Sage 50 Email Not Working

    Have you lately upgraded your Sage 50 accounting software application and your email program is not working? Well, this could happen due to some technical issue. You can resolve the Sage 50 email not working glitch either by following the techniques we will be discussing or seek the assistance of qualified Accounting Problem Sage 50 technical support team member.

    This article aims to explain some of the simplest ways to root out the issue of Sage 50 email not working.

    Troubleshooting Steps for Sage 50 Email not Working Error

    Important Note: Be certain that the client is using Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 or 2013 32 bit. Office 365 and other 64 bit will not work.

    Total Time: 5 minutes

    Solution I:

    For resolving this issue, you will need to follow the given steps in the order as cited below:

    💠 Firstly, make sure you install your Sage accounting software program from C:\Sage\Sage 50 Installer files…\setup\setup.exe.
    💠 After that, when you will be prompted by a dialogue box requesting you to carry out the sought after modifications\upgrade or deletion of the product, make sure you choose the mid selection to upgrade/reinstall and again install the program from the scratch.
    💠 You do not need to worry as reinstallation of the program would not demote your Sage 50 accounting software application back to preceding version. Rather it will retain the newest version on your computer.
    💠 Once the process of reinstallation is over, your computer will prompt whether you wish to restart your system or not. At this moment, you don’t have to restart your system.
    💠 Lastly, try to send an email to any of your customers or merchants from your list of address so as to check whether the same issue still persists or not.

    For the speedy solution, you can even get in touch with Sage experts at our product help helpline number.

    Solution II:

    In case you are not able to resolve the Sage 50 email not working error regardless of following the steps as mentioned in the Solution I, then we would recommend you to try out these steps to quickly fix the problem.

    💠 Firstly, look for Programs and Features to check whether there is Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2012 Upgrade 4 (x86) or not
    💠 There could be chances that it may have been either impaired or misplaced
    💠 Obliterate the application from Programs and Features if required
    💠 Download and Install the software application again
    💠 For this, you need to imply to the instructions to download Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2012. We would recommend you to seek the assistance of the experts if you feel confused at any point in time.

    Internal Annotations that you Need to bear in Mind:

    Cautionary warning: Before you decide to erase Visual C++ modules, make sure to verify whether you are able to find the “Intel trusted platform” device in the system or not. For this, you need to go to the services.msc and search for the following programs and see whether they are still functioning or not:

    • Intel Safety True key
    • Intel Management and Safety
    • Intel Content Defense
    • Intel Capability Licensing

    In case you discover that any of these provisions, attempt to prevent the service as the manager. In case you obtain an “access repudiated” error message, then make sure you do not erase the Visual C++ modules lest the user distinguishes the BIOS/UEFI passcode for Intel Safety.

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    In case you eliminate Visual C++ modules with Intel BIOS/UEFI level safety, it will display that the process has been successful, but will not permit you to again install the latest release for the reason that it is “already put to use” by these provisions. Here you will definitely need the assistance of the IT experts who can help you in setting up the computer to deactivate Intel Safety in BIOS/UEFI before you are allowed to again install the Visual C++ module.

    It is presently not recognized whether there are other Intel services that may have been deactivated in BIOS/UEFI, Visual C++ modules are impacted, or just the .net modules are also impacted.

    Conclusion :

    If you are consistently facing Sage 50 email not working error time and again despite following the above-mentioned steps, then we would recommend speaking to Accounting Problem Sage 50 help desk team at our application help number.

    👉Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1. Why can’t I Email Invoices in Sage 50?

    Ans : You can’t email invoices in Sage 50 because of some underlying error that is causing the process to fail mid way. The main thing that you need to do is resolve the error using the steps provided in this post.

    In some cases, you won’t have selected a particular email client as your default. Then, Sage 50 isn’t able to quickly work with getting a program to open up to send the email. This ultimately leads to errors with emailing.

    You can either use Webmail or rely on a MAPI compliant email program. First, you need to connect the email program to the Sage 50 software. After that, you need to verify the email and ensure that user account control settings aren’t blocking the email program from running or integrating with Sage 50.

    Q 2. What is Invoicing in Sage 50?

    Ans : An invoice is a document that details the goods and services that a company offers to a customer and establishes the customer’s responsibility to pay the company for those goods and services. Invoicing is essential for small businesses since invoices are the business documents that allow enterprises to be paid for their services.

    Invoice themes are a common method to get started with invoicing. Invoice templates save you effort by eliminating the need to re-enter the same information every time you create an invoice. Sage 50 is absurdly simple to use if you want to get a little more complex.

    Q 3. What is Webmail and how can it help with Sage 50 Email not Working?

    Ans : Webmail is an email system that is accessible over the Internet. These server-based email solutions are widespread, particularly among younger users. They provide a handy replacement to email services that are installed on a specific machine, such as Microsoft Outlook, where receiving email involves login into a network with the server and emails are saved on-site on the physical storage drive.

    Another advantage of webmail platforms is that they do not need the network technologies that certain resident systems demand. Some less tech-savvy customers who choose to utilise local or non-webmail platforms are annoyed by mail delivery issues that might be avoided if they used a webmail solution.