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Way to Fix Sage 50 Error 1327 Invalid Drive

    Sage Error 1327

    Sage 50 errors 1327 invalid drive appears during the installation process. It occurs when there is a need for system registry update while Sage 50 installation process. It frequently triggers when the system registry pointing to another temp drive or invalid drive due to file corruption. The below write-up is rounded up with the troubleshooting guide of Sage 50 error 1327. Let us delve into the post to know the causes and solutions to rectify error 1327 in Sage 50.

    Causes of the Sage 50 Error 1327

    The Sage Error 1327 can be caused by both technical and functional issues. Some of the causes behind the error are as under:

    • Incomplete download of software.
    • Software may get corrupted with viruses.
    • If the windows registry gets changed the software may get corrupted.
    • The software may also get corrupted because of any active program or any other program that was running behind while downloading the sage software.
    • Sage Error message “Error 1327: Invalid Drive:[drive letter]” may appear if there is any missing drive in the PC. The missing drive can be created temporarily and installation can be completed in following two ways
    • Insert a removable storage device and allocate drive letter in that.
    • Virtual directory can be created using Subst command.
    • While installing office 365 component the software may give error.

    Step to fix Sage 50 Error 1327

    Total Time: 5 minutes

    Install Windows Updates

    🔶 Repair registry associated with Sage error 1327.
    🔶 Scan your computer for viruses.
    🔶 Allow your computer for software updating.
    🔶 Install windows updates.
    🔶 You can uninstall and reinstall the Sage software that may help you to overcome the error.

    Registry File Edit

    🔶 Hold the Windows Key plus R and write REGEDIT.
    🔶 Click on OK and browse to   Hkey_current_usersoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversion Explorer User Shell folders.
    🔶 Now the user needs to change the Value Data field. No change required asa part of this. At the last, click on OK.

    Reinstall the Sage 50 Software

    🔶 Go to the window and right click on the desktop.
    🔶 Go to the New Folder and create the new folder with the name of the test.
    🔶 The user needs to click on the right and select the Properties.
    🔶 Click on sharing tab, and then click on Advance sharing.
    🔶 Click on sharing tab, and then click on Advance sharing.
    🔶 The user needs to check Full Control and click on OK.
    🔶 Properties window close and right click on Computer and properties. Note down the system name and close all the windows.
    🔶 Go to the window and precede windows key + R.
    Select OK and right click on Test as well as click on Map Network Drive.
    🔶 Click On finish.
    🔶 Again install the Sage 50 software.


    Here the article about the rectifying method of Sage 50 error code 1327 completes. Hopefully, this is the last reference you are referring to confidently start with the troubleshooting part. If still does not sort out the issues then it is recommended to reach out the experienced geeks. They are fascinated by the trans formative need of Accounting software, they strive to explore the core problems of Sage 50 and serves the best contribution in tackling the complexities of multidimensional Sage components.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why I am getting Sage 50 error 1327?

    Ans. The reason for the Sage 50 error in your screen is an invalid drive, discovering corrupted, invalid, incorrect download or destroyed windows registry. Some prime reasons behind Sage 50 error 1327 are:
    💠 Destroyed downloading files of accounting software
    💠 File corrupt due to security software
    💠 Destroyed Registry folder.

    How I can verify the existence of a drive letter?

    💠 First of all, hold down the Windows button and E button altogether
    💠 Now verify if there appears a drive letter in the error messages
    💠 If there exists a drive letter then don’t try to make a temporary drive
    💠 After this, you must verify the Windows user and then update the system registry.

    What procedure did I need to follow to update the system registry?

    💠 Initially, you have to back up the Registry
    💠 Now hit on the Start button to hit on Run button
    💠 Find the below folder
    💠 HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows| CurrentVersion\ Explorer\User Shell
    💠 Discover the right corner panel to find the wrong entries in the list
    💠 Update the wrong drive to point to C:.