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How to Fix Sage 50 Error Code 1721

    Sage 50 Error Code 1721

    Sage 50 Error Code 1721 notifies that there’s a problem with the Windows Installer package. It can then be fixed by first trying to troubleshoot and get help from your network administrator before contacting us for assistance.

    When you are faced with Sage Error Code 1721, it is usually because Windows Installer cannot be used to install or uninstall your software. This error message is typically caused by corrupted files and can also prevent the installation of an affected program.

    What is Sage 50 Error 1721?

    The Sage 50 error 1721 arises during installing or uninstalling the Sage 50 software on the system. If a customer wants to remove this error, they can contact the Sage 50 technical support team by dialing the customer service number.

    Error Massage Showing when User Facing Sage 50 Error Code 1721

    There is a Problem with the windows installer Package. A Program required for this install to complete could not be run.

    Causes of Sage 50 Error 1721

    There Are Multiple Causes Of This Sage 50 Error 1721.

    • Due to Unregistered/Registering Windows installer.
    • Due to corrupted files in the windows installer.
    • Cleaning of improper registry.
    • Installation of new version of windows.

    Steps for Fix Sage 50 Error 1721

    Total Time: 28 minutes

    Unregistered/Register Windows Install

    🔷 First Restart the system and hold
    🔷 Now log in as an admin and select start>Run>Type cmd and Enter.
    🔷 In command prompt, write ‘misexec u/unregister’ and press the Enter
    🔷 Again type ‘misexec u/register’
    🔷 And click on X on the top.
    🔷 Select Start>Control Panel and select ‘Add/Remove Programs’
    🔷 Uninstall

    Cleanup Utility Of Windows Installer

    🔷 It is designed to remove corrupted file.
    🔷 It is the main reason for conflict on the user system.

    Required Latest Windows

    🔷 Install the latest version of Windows installer.

    Registry Cleaner

    It may be due to the registry being used by the system. It is the central database which preserves all the information, files and settings. It is used in every part of their system. The registry is also one of the reasons for this error. For appropriate solutions, it is recommended that the user uses a registry cleaner program to fix all the errors. It can fix 99% of all the issues and errors on the system. They can use this cleaner to stop errors, viruses and fault with any system.

    Final Words :

    In case the above solutions fail to fix the issue and the Sage error 1721 crops up again, then it is recommended to contact Sage customer support number immediately. The team comprises of highly qualified Sage experts with comprehensive experience to handle customer queries and errors. The Sage support team is prompt and responsive in providing support. Directly approach through the toll free number that is active 24*7. On the other hand, customer can contact us by Sage live chat and mail chat.