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How to Fix Sage 50 Error 1046

    Sage 50 Error 1046

    Sage error 1046 arises primarily due to a problem with SQL. SQL is a database administration tool broadly used to drag out data from the program and then work on it. The sage accounting application does not have permission to access the data from such website. Also, while reporting the CT600 and the Accounts online in iXBRL set-up, you may obtain the Sage 50 error 1046 within $SCT name. This error will take place while you are submitting to the entrance. The user might come across Sage error code 1046 while doing payments or while logging in to the HMRC with their Sage 50 account.

    Reasons for Sage 50 Error 1046

    • You might have entered wrong user ID and password.
    • Your password might be of more than 12 digits long.
    • Your tax reference/district might have upgraded through HMRC and not within your Sage software
    • You didn’t have registered to PAYE online services through HMRC.
    • The entrance access might be busy at the very moment of submission, therefore could not authenticate your details

    Resolution Steps for Sage 50 Error 1046

    This Sage 50 error 1046 can occur due to a diversity of causes. You need to be assured that you have confirmed your email id with the HMRC prior to trying to log in. Sometimes the identification entered are incorrect, also create an error.

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Check list of Sage Corporation

    🔷 Click Administration in the Sage Corporation Tax
    🔷 Press on Practice Details
    🔷 And, verify the information provided by you are correct or wrong.
    🔷 You will get permission to log in to the HMRC if your customer does not emerge in the list of Sage Corporation Tax. A customer can only be on this list if you are their certified agent.

    To validate whether the tax reference number and district number is correct

    🔷 Go to Sage Control Centre
    🔷 Click Dataset Properties within File
    🔷 Press on Practice information and Choose “View Practice Client”
    🔷 Click the Tax information field and make a correction in the wrong details.
    🔷 Also, verify the date and year maintained in the taxes is correct.
    🔷 By following the above steps will surely resolve this error.


    After going through this article, we hope that you are clear and have doubts related to Sage error code 1046. But if you want to know more about Sage software and its error code issues that you are struggling while working in Sage product, then our Sage Support team member is available for you “24×7”. They are a handful of skilled and experienced technical group who assures to clear all your doubts and queries and provides with the best solution to the user. They are well moulded and trained with any errors related to Sage software used by companies to improve the business.

    👉Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1. What is the Sage error 1046?

    Ans : Sage error 1046 is caused largely by a SQL issue. SQL is a database management technology that is commonly used to extract data from a programme and then work on it. The Computerized accounting tool does not provide control over the data on such a website. 

    In addition, while presenting the CT600 and Online accounts in iXBRL configuration, you may receive the Sage 50 issue 1046 inside the $SCT moniker. This issue will occur even when you are completing your entry. When making payments or signing in to the HMRC using their Sage 50 account, the customer may get Sage error number 1046.

    Q 2. Can Sage 50 error 1046 occur because of internet connection error?

    Ans : Yes, it can. If the application cannot submit a form online, then it will throw this error. The best way to resolve such an issue is to reach out to your ISP so that they can diagnose and fix the network issue that is causing Sage 50 error 1046.

    Q 3. How do I fix the authentication issue with HMRC when getting the error 1046 in Sage 50?

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