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Sage Error: “The User You Entered Is Already Logged”

    user you entered is already logged

    Are you running into ‘Sage 50 user already logged in’ error recurrently and have no knowledge why this happening? This type of error basically could trigger when there have been some sort of corrupted or broken files in the data path or company’s directory.

    This article attempts to explain the prime causes that instigate this type of error and some simple techniques to quickly fix this problem without wasting much of your valuable time.

    Causes of Sage Error: “The User You Entered Is Already Logged”

    Some of the prime root causes of this error are:

    • Subscribed user is already signed in from another PC
    • Wrong Sage 50 data path
    • Sudden shut down of the program
    • Anti-virus program hindering Pervasive database engine
    • Non-Sage 50 files in data path
    • Broken files in data path or company’s directory
    • System time discrepancy on server and machines
    • Erroneously set authorizations or safety on the common data folder

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    Steps for Fix Sage Error: “The User You Entered Is Already Logged”

    Total Time: 26 minutes

    Subscribed User Is Already Signed In From another PC

    💠 Check whether the user name is already in use or not
    💠 Every user must have a different username to work in the program concurrently

    Resuming The Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine

    💠 Exit from Sage 50 program from all PCs
    💠 Reboot Pervasive on the server, then on each machine

    Impaired User Name

    💠 Erase username
    💠 Add username again

    Install Latest Service Release

    💠 Ensure you have installed the newest service version on the server and all machines
    💠 Follow the suggested guidelines while downloading

    Restart the Server and Machines

    💠 Exit from Sage 50 program from all PCs
    💠 Restart the server as well as all machines

    Cross Check the Data Path on Machine and Server

    💠 Locate the data path on the server and each machine.
    💠 Confirm the data path on the machines is the similar as mentioned in the directory as on the server

    Firewall Configurations

    💠 Check your firewall configurations and try to make the desired changes to allow the Pervasive Database Engine to access files in the Sage 50.
    💠 However, if you find any difficulty you can contact the IT experts to help you make the required changes in your firewall configuration.

    Files Not Deleting Out Appropriately

    💠 Go to Control Panel
    💠 Look for Administrative Tools
    💠 Click twice on Computer Management
    💠 Click twice on Shared Folders
    💠 Click twice on Open files
    💠 Exit from any open files in connection with the data path
    💠 Now check whether you can access your account or not

    Delete Lock Files From the Data Path and your Business Data Folders

    💠 Exit from Sage 50 on all PCs
    💠 Find the data path and Remove the following files:
    💠 DAT
    💠 DAT
    💠 DAT
    💠 DAT.BAK
    💠 DAT
    💠 DAT
    💠 All .PTL and .LCK files
    💠 From your company directory, erase the following files:
    💠 dat
    💠 .DDF files
    💠 .MKD files
    💠 Start Sage 50

    Wrong .DDF Files In The Data Path

    💠 Find your data path and remove all files with DDF extension.
    💠 Patch-up the Sage 50 installation
    💠 Download available program upgrades.
    💠 Sign in again into Sage 50.

    Broken or Wrong Files in the Data Path

    💠 Go to Control Panel.
    💠 Click twice on Date and Time and after that on Time zone button
    💠 Verify the Time Zone is set to any value except (GMT).
    💠 Press OK.
    💠 Reboot the PC.
    💠 Remove Sage 50 app
    💠 Install available program upgrades
    💠 Again install Sage 50 software

    System Date and/or Time Discrepancy On Server And Machines

    💠 The system date and time should match with the one as shown on your machines as well as server
    💠 In case it is not, ensure to rectify it immediately.

    Can’t Exit From Sage 50 Software In The Computer

    💠 Hold Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys simultaneously in order to open the task manager
    💠 Press on the more information that you can find at the bottom and press on the information tab that you can find on the top
    💠 Click on Processes option
    💠 Exit from all Peachw.exe processes
    💠 Confirm you can sign in your company account

    Final Words :

    For more advanced resolution for Sage 50 user already logged in error, dial us at our Sage tech support helpdesk and consult our Accounting Problem Sage experts for instant fix.