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Sage 50 Hangs when Trying to Close: What to Do?

    Sage 50 Hangs when Trying to Close

    Have you been struggling hard to close your Sage 50 accounting software but when you do so it hangs? This is another common issue that most of the users face when using Sage 50. Need not to worry at all as you have been to right place and will get answers to all your queries related to Sage 50 hangs when trying to close the error message.

    This article aims to clarify your doubts in relation to the occurrence of Sage 50 Hangs when trying to close error notification and explain several measures that you can comply to do away with this issue.

    Causes of Sage 50 Hangs when Trying to Close the error message

    The major reason that results in this form of error is when you are trying to install Payroll Sync Wizard or it is already installed in your system, but the Payroll Sync Wizard folder is either misplaced or impaired.

    Troubleshoot Sage 50 Hangs when Trying to Close the error message

    Here are some of the measures that you can consider using to resolve this issue:

    Total Time: 20 minutes

    Damaged Installation of the Payroll Sync Wizard

    🔶 Browse Control Panel, and then choose Programs and Features.
    🔶 Do right click on Sage 50 Payroll Sync Wizard, and then choose Uninstall.
    🔶 When asked, approve you wish to uninstall the application.
    🔶 Run Sage.
    🔶 Confirm whether you can close the program normally or not.

    Impaired DDF Files in Businesses Data Folder

    🔶 Choose Maintain, and then click on the Company Info
    🔶 Make a duplicate copy of the company’s Directory
    🔶 Exit from the Sage 50 program
    🔶 Hold the Windows + R Key together, this will open the Run command
    🔶 Now, paste the Directory which you copied in the search tab and click on Enter.
    🔶 Obliterate all files with starting with the extension .DDF
    🔶 Check whether the Sage 50 can open and close in a normal way or not

    Authorizations need to be Modified for the Data Path

    🔶 Find the data path.
    🔶 Do the right click the directory for your business and click on the Properties option
    🔶 Click on the Security button
    🔶 Press the OK button provided you still see the error notification
    🔶 When the Security window opens, allocate the suitable authorizations yourself, or arrange the directory to receive the security settings from the parent directory
    🔶 View the company account in Sage 50 and check whether you are able to close the program or not.

    Restart the Sage Exchange Application

    🔶 Try to find the SE shortcut in the computer for Sage Exchange
    🔶 After that, do the right click on the shortcut and press on the Exit tab
    🔶 You need to re-open the Sage Exchange application by doing the given steps depending on your OS:
    🔶 For Windows 7 users–Go the Start tab, click on the All Programs option, from there look for Sage Payments and then press on the Sage Exchange icon
    🔶 For Windows 8 users– You need to press on the arrow that you can see at the foot of the Start screen to see a list of all your applications
    🔶 Enter the Sage Exchange in the search field that you can find on the right hand corner of the monitor
    🔶 Press on the Sage Exchange shortcut
    🔶 Try to run the program and confirm you can close it

    Problem with Connected Backup PC Online Backup Password (Sage 50 2016 and Older only)

    🔶 Browse the File option, and after that look for the Online Backup/Reinstate. If you get a notification testifying that the password kept in Sage 50 is not similar password as kept online that is where the issue lies.
    🔶 Provide your right Independence online backup password and press OK. This should quickly fix the issue. If you by any chance forgot your password, then the best way to get the password is reset the same.

    Uninstall and Reinstall the Program

    🔶 You need to first uninstall and then again install the program. If you are not sure about carrying out this step on your own then we would recommend seeking the assistance of the Sage experts.
    🔶 Once you again install the program, just open the same again try to know whether you are facing the same issue or not.

    Need Sage assistance?

    Get immediate resolution for Sage 50 2018 freezing when trying to close problem by getting in touch with our Accounting Problem Sage 50 accounting support team on .