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Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2018 Download

Have you been conjecturing to download the newest version of the Sage 50 accounting software application? Well, so far there has been three latest release of 2018 version, including 2018.3, 2018.2 and 2018.1.

In this article, we shall be highlighting key takeaways from these latest releases of Download Sage 50 2018 to help you decide which one would be better for you to go ahead with.

So, let’s get started!

Sage 50 Accounting Release 2018.3

This recently released upgraded version of Sage 50 Accounting software application is definitely an improved version of the previous release. Let’s have a glance at what is new and product enhancement that the users can expect from this release

What’s new and product enhancements

The latest release now includes the Payroll tax upgrades from July 1, 2018. This clearly indicates that if you already have a support plan that comprises of payroll tax upgrades, then you will definitely be benefiting from the well-timed and all-inclusive internal payroll management with Sage 50 Accounting as it will help you save your valuable time and decrease the possibility of payroll tax forfeitures at year-end.

What’s new in the recent tax upgrade?

The July 1, 2018 tax update contains changes to payroll tax tables and Sage 50 Accounting payroll tax calculations. This document addresses only the payroll tax changes that may require you to adjust your payroll records.

In this release, before you decide to start processing your payroll you need to:

  1. Make desired adjustments in your employee federal personal tax credit claims.
  2. Make desired adjustments in your employee provincial personal tax credit claims.

If you want to consult a Sage expert in this regard, feel free to contact our Accounting Problem Sage tech support team at our Sage helpline .

Now, let’s move on to the Sage 50 Accounting software release 2018.2 to discover what exactly is new in this version of the software.

Sage 50 Accounting (Release 2018.2)

Let’s jump over straight to know the key takeaways of this version:

What’s new and product enhancements in Sage 50 cloud solutions?

Here are some of the main pointers that you can consider before downloading this version:

  1. Sage Bank Feeds- The introduction of Sage Bank Feeds has made it simpler for users to keep the books precise latest. It helps you save your time by robotically transferring bank/credit card transactions into Sage 50. Decreases the possibility for error and no manual reconciliation needs to be done with paper statements.
  2. Sage Intelligence- Sage Intelligence delivers Sage 50 cloud clienteles with added reporting choices online. Together with an upgraded user interface for a better-quality user experience. Besides, it also provides PDF export
  3. Sage Capture: Now accessible for Android devices, Sage Capture 2 enables the users to capture and record procurement and expenditures even when you are on the go. Images of the transactions can be uploaded to drive and then transferred to Sage 50 cloud.
  4. Get paid faster- Payment of invoices can be done at the click of a mouse. Simple! You can assist your clients to make an online payment simply by sending invoices via email with a PAY NOW link.
  5. Enhanced experience- The matching of transaction is no longer a strenuous task as you don’t need to worry about missing transactions with enhanced features.
  6. Easy connect to Office 365 Integration– You can access cloud and mobile offerings that are now included with Office 365 Incorporation on the Cloud & Mobile window

Fixed Problems:

The given issues have been fixed by the team:

  1. (Pro Accounting and advanced version) Now, you are enabled to print from the Print Preview window in several sales, procurement’s, and payroll dialog boxes.
  2. (Pro Accounting and advanced version) When will be trying to search for paychecks, figures are no longer being again calculated.
  3. (Pro Accounting and advanced version) If you generate an employee record by bringing in a file, the Compute Tax field is nominated.

Sage 50 Accounting (Release 2018.1)

What’s new and product improvements

Enhanced experience-

  1. Include the missing transactions without any hassle and reconcile procedures with the corresponding (automatic and manual) bank transactions from brought in transactions.
  2. Lessen the chance for errors by corresponding new transactions from imported reports.

MS Office 365 Addition

  1. You can now smartly control what your employees should be allowed to see in their Sage 50 MS Office 365 apps with User Authorizations.
  2. Give access to team members to applicable accounting information depending on their roles.

Government compliance

Sage 50 now allows businesses to electronically file their T4As.

If you need assistance in Sage 50 2018 download process, connect with our Accounting Problem Sage 50 technical support team expert at Sage helpline