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Sage 50 Install on Single PC, Server, Workstation, Network

    Install Sage 50 on Server

    However, it is important to understand the software and get insights about it. The installation of Sage 50 on Single PC, Server, Workstation, Network is firstly the most important task which has to be taken care. Before starting the process, it is essential to check the system specifications and other network settings. Let us learn the steps to install the software on the system:

    Sage 50 is commendable software. Sage 50 has always uplifted the benchmark for the best accounting software in the small and the mid sized industry. The multiple usability software is designed with various features which all the business to improve on the important aspects and further allows the organization to increase productivity.

    Step for Sage 50 Install on Single PC, Server, Workstation, Network

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Download Sage 50 and Extract Files

    🔶 Extract or Download the Sage 50 file and start installing the software
    🔶 Tap next after reading all the insights and instructions
    🔶 Agree to the terms and conditions of the license and then tap next
    🔶 Set your firewall and select next
    🔶 Fill in your serial number from the disc and then tap next
    🔶 Click no for standalone system installation. This would further take you to multi user installation.
    🔶 Select appropriate path for the program files to be located. (Or you can set it to default)
    🔶 Select install
    🔶 In the Company Share data wizard, map the path of the company file where all the business data is stored.
    🔶 Right selects the folder and click properties.
    🔶 Select Sharing tab > Share this folder

    🗒 Note: Share this folder is the name which has to be noted. This is where all the other workstations would be routed after installing Sage 50 on them.

    🔶 Select OK
    🔶 Once the installation is complete select next
    🔶 In the installation completion wizard check the options you wish to keep, else uncheck.
    🔶 Tap Finish. Sage 50 has been installed on the server.

    🗒 Note: use network tips to understand the network installation manager.

    Mapping a Drive on the Server

    🔶 Select find a computer on the company file. This will allow the mapping drive to open.
    🔶 Select the shared drive and folder.
    🔶 Tap Finish

    🗒 Note: Check the Reconnect at Logon box. In case it is not selected, the connection might lose.

    Get Support for Sage 50 Software

    Sage 50 is one of the most used accounting software worldwide. However, installing the software can sometimes pop errors which are uncertain and not easily detected. In case of such concern, you can contact our customer support team and get resolved with your concerns. We have Sage 50 professionals who understand every bit of your query and resolve it in the least turnaround time. You can also Sage live chat with these experts. We are available 24/7 to assist you with the best of knowledge and solution.