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Fix Sage 50 Smart Posting Error

    SmartPosting Error Code in Sage 50

    Sage 50 is one of the most renowned software among the business owners and accounting professionals.With its amazing features, this software has indeed helped them meet their accounting needs more efficiently. However, one thing we must not forget is that no software can be fully free of errors and Sage 50 is no exception either.

    Some users have complained that they faced frequent error messages while launching the SmartPosing service in Sage 50. If you are one of them, we would highly recommend you to go through this blog.  Here, we will show you multiple ways to fix Sage 50 Smart Posting Error.

    Here we go!

    • SmartPosting cannot be stopped.
    • You cannot find the SPState.xml file.
    • The SmartPosting service is not running so SmartPosting cannot be restarted.
    • SmartPosting cannot be started because an unresolved error exists.
    • The SmartPosting service is hung or crashed and cannot be restarted.

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    How to Fix Smart Posting Error in Sage 50?

    Here are some easy ways by which you can resolve the Smart posting error in Sage 50-

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Deactivate Sage Smart Posting Service

    Please follow the below-mentioned steps-
    🔷 Press Windows + R on your keyboard. The Run menu will pop up on your screen
    🔷 Write services.msc in the search box
    🔷 Press Enter
    🔷 The list of services in this category will come up on. Choose the particular SmartPosting Service option you are using from the drop-down list 
    🔷 Double click on the name of the service you selected
    🔷 Click the option Deactivate from the Startup
    🔷 Click Recovery
    🔷 Now click on the options  ‘Take No Action for First failure, Second failure, and Succeeding failures
    🔷 Press Ok to proceed.

    Search for and Resolve Damaged Transactions

    🔷 Before proceeding further, please ensure that you are the only user that is using the company file 
    🔷 To verify,  go to Maintain
    🔷 Then go to Users   and then to User Login Manager
    🔷 Next, click on  Maintain
    🔷 Click on  Company Information
    🔷 Now, click on the tab next to Posting Method 
    🔷 Then select  Real-time
    🔷 Click the Ok button 
    🔷 Press  Ok on the next screen as well
    🔷 Next, click on  Maintain again
    🔷 Click on Company Information
    🔷 Here you will check if the posting method has been changed to SmartPosting. These are out-of-balance or damaged transactions in your company.
    🔷 Resolve the damaged transactions

    Search for and Resolve out of Balance Transactions

    🔷 Click on the link at the bottom that indicates the SmartPosting service has stopped.
    🔷 Click on Start SmartPosting. If starting of Smart Posting fails, it will indicate the journal related to the error
    🔷 Click on Tasks 
    🔷 Go to System 
    🔷 Then click on Post.
    🔷 Select the journal indicated in the step above
    🔷 Click OK. 
    🔷 If after posting the journal, you get a journal out of balance error message,  you should load the Integrity 
    🔷 Go to the Integrity Check window 
    🔷 Click Journal Balances.
    🔷 Click OK.
    🔷 After  the test gets completed,  click Maintain 
    🔷 Then click on Company Information.
    🔷 Change the Method of Posting  from SmartPosting to Real-time 
    🔷 Once all the journals are posted, click on Maintain
    🔷 Click Company Information 
    🔷 Change your Posting Method from Real-time to SmartPosting . Alternately, you can start SmartPosting by clicking on the Activate SmartPosting tab on the main screen.
    🔷 Check if the SmartPosting service is running smoothly.


    We hope the troubleshooting methods mentioned above would help you resolve the Smart posting error in Sage 50. If you have any more queries, we would recommend you to speak to someof the authorized Sage experts via mail or chat.

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    🔔Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Does the Smart posting Error Occur in Sage 50

    Some of the reasons of occurrence of this error are mentioned below-
    ▪ If the SmartPosting service has stopped 
    ▪ Firewall /antivirus blocking the SmartPosting service
    ▪ Damaged program files or folders
    ▪ Damaged transactions
    ▪ Transaction declined due to insufficient balance 

    What are the Uses of the SmartPosing Service in Sage 50?

    The SmartPosting service in Sage 50 would help you improve performance by allowing you to save transactions without waiting for them to get posted. This  service posts your transactions automatically. It facilitates multiple users working in network environments. With this service, you can handle tax payments, bills, invoicing  and finance recording more efficiently. 

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