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Sage 50 US Activation Service Interruptions Problem

    Sage 50 US Activation Service Interruptions Problems

    Are you getting a Sage 50 Activation problem? The primary reasons for the activation issue in Sage 50 are corrupted or wrong path files, wrong Windows system date, and many more. The below article is composed of the troubleshooting guide to fix the Sage 50 US activation service interruptions problems.

    Causes of Sage 50 Activating Problem

    There are some causes of the Sage 50 2019 activating problem, all are given below:

    💠 This error will occur due to corrupted or damaged data path fillies
    💠 When windows system data has been set incorrectly, this error will occur
    💠 When pervasive database manager installation has been damaged due to corrupted files, this error will display on your system
    💠 Due to blocking of the activation process of firewall programs or anti-virus, this error will occur
    💠 Damaged or hidden Options.dat
    💠 Corrupted Pervasive Database Manager
    💠 Incorrect Data path files
    💠 Incomplete/corrupted installation of Pervasive Database Manager
    💠 Firewall/Antivirus system blocking the Activation process.

    How to Resolve Sage 50 US Activation Service Interruptions Problems?

    There are so many ways to resolve this error, all ways are given below:

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    Activation Process is Interrupted by Antivirus or Firewall

    First of all, turn off the Antivirus or Firewall system with the below steps:
    💠 Make sure you have a login to the computer with an administrator credential
    💠 Open the Control Panel and turn off the Firewall or follow the below steps to disable all shields of Antivirus from the Taskbar
    💠 Click on the Antivirus icon on the Windows Taskbar and now give a right-click on it
    💠 It will open the Settings
    💠 Locate the Shields and then choose the option Turn off
    💠 Click Ok button
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    Check the Clientinfo.XML File

    💠 First of all close the Sage 50 on all systems
    💠 Search to the datapath with the below steps:
    💠 Initially Open Sage 50-U.S. Edition
    💠 Choose the File button and then click Open Company
    💠 Now drag the corner of the dialog window to view the full directory
    💠 The data path contains the Directory, minus company file truncated spelling
    💠 Give a right-click on the shortcut of Sage 50
    💠 Choose Properties button
    💠 It will display the Target line, minus Peachw.exe in the blue color that is the program path
    💠 Find the clientinfo.xml file to the data path and then rename it
    💠 Now open the Sage 50 and then check now you can activate the Sage 50

    Check the Data Path Files

    💠 Initially close the Sage 50 program on all systems
    💠 Find the data path
    💠 Now search for the below files to move or rename to a new folder apart from the data path:
    💠 *.LCK
    💠 *.PTL
    💠 SoftwareInstallations.xml
    💠 Entitlements.xml
    💠 If you fail to discover the listed files then the reason is they might be hidden from the screen.
    💠 Open the Sage 50 and check the button to activate it manually
    💠 Select the manual activation tab and then follow the wizard instructions

    Uninstall & Reinstall Actian

    💠 First of all Close the Sage 50 Accounting-U.S.Edition
    💠 After this Hit the Windows+R buttons
    💠 Enter Control Panel
    💠 Hit OK
    💠 Choose Program & Features button
    💠 Now locate Action PSQL v13 Workgroup R2 2019 or previous
    💠 There will appear the Database engine name as Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine
    💠 After this close the Control Panel Window
    💠 Hit Windows+R buttons
    💠 Enter C:\
    💠 Select OK
    💠 Open the “Pvsw” folder and delete it, and then proceed to open the “pvswarch” folder and delete it as well.
    💠 Now find the PSQL_[version number]_Install.log file and then delete it
    💠 After this find C:\Windows
    💠 Discover pvsw.log
    💠 Know the C:\ProgramData
    💠 Check for Pervasive Software and rename it to OldPervasive Software
    💠 Check the C:\Program Files
    💠 If a folder is applied with an agent named in the Actian folder of OLDAction and a Pervasive software in the OLDPervasive software
    💠 Find C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files and now rename the file Pervasive Software Shared to OLDPervasive Software shared
    💠 After this close the Computer
    💠 Open Run window
    💠 Enter Regedit
    💠 Hit OK
    💠 Now give a right-click to the Computer option then hit Export
    💠 Save the Registry backup to your desktop
    💠 Find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node
    💠 If there is PEYX489ZK and Pervasive Software, then delete PEYX489ZK and Pervasive Software.
    💠 After this close the Registry Editor

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    Check the System Date

    Go to the System Date Settings.


    Hopefully, the guide is beneficial to resolve the Sage 50 US Activation Service Interruptions Problems. If you need to explore more or have doubts about other components of Sage 50 then give a ring. For instant solutions, you can chat with us via Sage 50 Live Chat, link button is given at the right corner of our official website.

    🔔 Ask Yourself the Following Questions (FAQs)

    1️⃣ Can I Check the Windows System Date?

    ⏩ First of all, give a right-click on the Time appears at the bottom right corner of the screen
    ⏩ Choose to Adjust Date/Time button
    ⏩ It will display a window
    ⏩ Click on the tab named Date & time
    ⏩ Below the “Change date & time” button in the drop-down menu
    ⏩ Pen down the time
    ⏩ Click on the Change button
    ⏩ Now the system time has been changed

    2️⃣ How Would I Manually Reinstall Action in Sage 50?

    ⏩ The installation folder is located at C:\Sage\Sage50_[version]
    ⏩ Check the program path
    ⏩ Next, open the folder named PeachtreeInstaller20xx
    ⏩ Click on the folder labeled PervasiveMin
    ⏩ Now run SetupWorkgroup32_x86.EXE
    ⏩ Click Next button
    ⏩ Now accept the license agreement and then click the Next tab
    ⏩ Choose Run as a service and then hit the Next button
    ⏩ Click Complete tab
    ⏩ Hit Next option
    ⏩ Select on the tab named Complete
    ⏩ Click Next button
    ⏩ Hit Install tab
    ⏩ Choose Finish option

    3️⃣ What If I Need to Disable the Windows Defender While Fixing the Activation Error?

    ⏩ Choose Start button
    ⏩ Click the Settings tab
    ⏩ Hit Update & Security option
    ⏩ Choose the Windows Security tab
    ⏩ Click Virus & Threat protection
    ⏩ Select Manage settings
    ⏩ Click Real-Time protection to off

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