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Sage 50 U.S. Edition 2019.0

    sage 50 us edition 2019.0

    Sage 50 2019; previously known as Peachtree Quantum is the number one software that delivers the highest level of performance and is one of the best from Sage till yet.

    Sage 50 provides fast access to important company information as well as a variety of other top-notch features. Their impressive line-up includes internal accounting checks, more than over 100 customized reporting options with a built-in reporting dashboard, time tracking, live bank feeds, advanced analytics to keep with the pace of the business performance, automatic inventory checks, seamless vendor and customer management are all sorted well by this multi-user software suite.

    The new and improved Sage 2019.0 delivers more enhanced business features that provide better performance, greater security and increased reliability. The software comes with a customizable dashboard for easy use and syncs well with several salable products to match the growing business requirements. It also integrates well with Sage CRM customer relationship management software, inventory management module and PayPal enabled payment solution to makes your business life much easier.

    The new release pertains to both plans; cloud and as well as traditional users. Here’s what the latest version has in store for you.

    What’s New In Sage 50 U.S. Edition 2019.0

    Expanded Sales Order Drop-down Menu

    When choosing a particular sales order, the drop down list of all the available sales orders can be seen easily as the field width of the Invoice Number is widened so the SO numbers won’t get cut off.

    Totals Added to List Views While Entering Quotes and Purchases

    While you are in the Quotes window or making a Purchases/Receive Bill entry, once you click the list button you can see the total as well at the bottom.

    Sage CRM Integration

    Sage 50 now offers integration with their cloud-based CRM software to assist customer facing staff who need complete financial info, need to create a client order and integrate these activities with the Sage accounting system.

    Additional Enhancements

    Sage Payroll (SPR) Sync

    The integration with payroll can help prepare payroll cheques or issue Direct Deposit, easily create multiple pay rates and calculate hourly wages, deduct appropriate tax, post paychecks into future too.

    Microsoft Azure Compliance

    The new release also includes Microsoft’s Azure security compliance standards that meet a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards, integrates Data Protection Regulation and more which is essential for large sync operations.

    MS Office 365 Integration

    Office 365 is a cloud-based version of Microsoft’s office suite. Sage 50c comes with the Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium Sage 50C productivity suite.

    Security and Stability Updates

    The several behind the scenes updates help improve the security and stability of Sage 50. It also maintains higher levels of data security and deters unauthorized users. These security settings updates in the installer also help reduce the number of User Account Control (UAC) prompts.

    .NET Framework 4.7.1 Updates

    The .NET Framework 4.7.1 is already installed on most OS through standard Windows updates. In case it hasn’t been, then it can be installed from witting the Sage 50 while running the updated version.

    • Improved Performance and Reliability
    • Enhanced Security updates
    • Fully compliant with the latest native TLS security protocols

    Sage Payment Cloud Maintenance

    Along with performance and reliability improvements, Sage has partnered with PayPal to make Invoice Payments easy, secure and convenient in Sage 50. Business owners can invoice their customers via email and include a Pay Now button that enables them to pay you their debit or credit card. These payments get securely made and the amount deposited directly to the bank account of the organization.

    Why Accounting Problem

    Have Questions Before Buying? Call us at and speak to one of our Sage ProAdvisor.

    For upgrading to the Sage 2019 version, if you are already using the Peachtree Quantum 2014 or any earlier version of the Sage software, you can easily upgrade and start using its beneficial features.

    Our advisors have detailed knowledge about the new Sage 50 release and will assist you in clearing all the doubts and queries to so you can make an informed decision.

    Just call Accounting Problem and get all round help from our trained experts in setting up Sage and help running payroll within Sage 50. We provide complete troubleshooting related to Sage installation, upgrade, and update, all functional and help troubleshoot any technical issue.