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Installation Sage Accpac ERP and Setup Guide

    Sage Accpac ERP Installation

    Have you been searching scrupulously online the installation guide of the Sage Accpac ERP? If yes, then the good news is that your search finally ends here. We can help you with the simple tips and techniques to install your Sage Accpac ERP just in a couple of minutes.

    In this article, we shall be highlighting simple techniques to install Sage Accpac ERP and information related to system requirement. However, this article is not an alternative for a qualified Sage expert. For immediate Sage product help, you can call us at our Accounting Problem Sage helpdesk number.

    Before you proceed further, make sure you have a better understanding of the related system configurations and their repercussion son installing Sage ERP Accpac:

    • When using a single workstation and a dedicated network.
    • When multiple operating systems are put to use.
    • When multiple database engines are put to use.

    Confirm beforehand whether your system meets the minimum requirement of installation or not for the configuration you decide on. To know more about the minimum system requirement, you can consult our Accounting Problem Sage tech experts at our application help number

    Installation of Sage Accpac ERP

    To install Sage ERP Accpac System Manager, System Manager Modules, and all Sage ERP Accpac accounting apps in one non-stop process, comprises of two stages:

    1. Installation of the programs.
    2. Entering license details.

    Installation Steps Sage Accpac ERP

    1. Firstly, you need to load the Sage ERP Accpac installation DVD into your drive. IN case, the installation window doesn’t prompt on your computer screen, then make sure you go to the DVD derivation directory (for instance, D :\), and there you have to do the right click to press on the run option as given in the list.
    2. When the installation window appears, press on the View Pre-Installation Checklist. Make sure you take a copy of the list and follow all instructions before you decide to proceed.
    3. When the installation window appears on your system screen, select the Sage ERP Accpac.
    4. When the Sage ERP Accpac installation window opens, press on the Sage ERP Accpac.
    5. When you will be prompted by the Welcome window, press on NeXT tab.
    6. Select the selection to agreed the license agreement, and then press on the Next button.
    7. Choose the geographic region where you are setting up the software, and then press NeXT tab.
    8. For the customer related details, provide your customer ID and the business name for registration, and then press NeXT tab.
    9. For the discretionary facts, provide your contact individual, dealer, and proficient consultant, and then press NeXT tab.
    10. In case, you are prompted by the next screen to permit Sage software to gather unspecified data, then you need to either select Yes or No, depending on your preferences, or then press Next tab.
    11. Make sure you choose the edition of Sage ERP Accpac that you wish to install, and then press Next tab.
    12. Stipulate the forenames and sites of the program and information folders, and then press NeXT tab.
    13. When the Select Features window opens, make sure you choose the features and applications you wish to install at the moment. Approximately all the main applications will entail you to install related programs, and all of them necessitate essential Computer Manager Files.
    14. Once you are done with the selection of the program and features you wish to install, you need to proceed further by clicking on Next button
    15. When the next screen appears, in the program folder tab, you need to mention the site on the Start menu where you wish Sage ERP Accpac to display and again click Next button
    16. Press on the Install button to begin the installation process.
    17. When the setting up of the software is completed, you will be prompted by the Sage ERP Accpac License Manager window on your computer screen.

    Entering the Sage ERP Accpac License Details:

    To provide the required Sage ERP Accpac license related information, you need to bear the given facts in mind:

    1. If you already have the activation code with you, then just click on the License field and for every program:
      1. Click twice on the Serial number column and fill in the correct details
      2. Click twice on the Activation code column and fill in the correct details
    2. In case, you have set up Sage ERP Accpac Intelligence Analysis or Intelligence Connector, make sure you provide their correct activation codes as well.

    If you are still confused and not able to install the Sage ERP Accpac, then you can feel free to speak to our Accounting Problem Sage 50 technical support team at our helpline number.