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Sage Drive Multi-User for Sage 50- U.S. Edition

    The Sage 50 accounting software has been helping businesses accomplish their accounting tasks with increased efficiency. Sage 50 is loaded with enhanced tools & functions and no wonder why it is extremely popular across the world. In this blog, we will look at one important feature embedded in this accounting software- the sage drive and its ability to upgrade to the multi-user mode with ease. Here, we will tell you how the multi-user mode in Sage drive can help your business, along with other related information. If you are yet to experience the multi-user capability in Sage Drive, this blog will help you immensely. Hence, we request you to go through the blog till the end.

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    What is Sage Drive?

    Sage Drive is a service incorporated into the Sage platform. It enables you to keep a copy of your company data in the cloud. You can then access it from anywhere, from a computer with a fast internet connection and Sage 50 installed on it. The Sage Drive feature is included in all current versions of Sage 50. To access it, you should have a currently active Sage 50c or SAN (Sage Accountants Network) subscription.

    It was designed for use in two scenarios:

    • Business owners who need to access their company data from the office as well as from home.
    • Small businesses in which the accountant usually enters all the accounting information.

    What is Sage Drive Multi User?

    The Sage Drive Multi-User is a collaborative tool incorporated in Sage 50. It allows you and your co-workers (whether they are in the same office or anywhere in the country) to access your company data within Sage 50cloud, in real time. Previously, one user was allowed to work in a shared company. The other users were allowed to access the company only in read-only mode. In Sage Drive Multi-User, several users can be granted access simultaneously.

    The Sage Drive Multi-User now enables the users to read or write new and existing transactions in the company data files in Sage Drive.

    Prerequisites to Fulfill to use the Sage Drive in Multi-User Mode

    You should fulfill the following criteria for smooth functioning of the multi-user mode in Sage drive-

    • You should have installed the Sage 50cloud v 2019.0 or later on your system
    • Each Sage 50 user that has been granted access to the company must have a unique Sage ID
    • You need to have a high-speed internet connection (a minimum download speed of 20mbpsand a minimum upload speed of 10mbpsare recommended for best performance. In general, a download speed ofat least 20mbpsand an upload speed ofat least 5mbpsare recommended.)
      • If the size of your company is less than 500 megabytesand if you are not using inventory or multiple lines on transactions, an upload speed of 5mbps should be sufficient
      • If the size of your company is more than 500 megabytesand if you are not using inventory or multiple lines on transactions, an upload speed of over 10 Mbps is recommended for best performance
      • If you are using inventory and/or multiple lines on transactions, an upload speed of 10mbps is prescribed for best performance
    • The maximum data size for Sage Drive Companies is5.3GB, including archives and attachments
    • If your company size is more than 5.3GB, you should reduce the database size by using the purge process
    • You need to have a high-speed internet connection.

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    Final Words:

    We hope the discussion above would help you get a fair idea of what a Sage drive is and how to ensure the smooth functioning of the Sage drive in multi-user mode. If you want more information about it, you should consult with some authorized Sage experts.


    What is Purging? When to Purge Ddata in Sage 50?

    Purging is basically the process that lets you remove inactive employees, purchases, jobs, quotes, vendors, invoices, customers and others from your company records. By purging, we can reduce the size of the bulky files of the company. Thus, you can free up valuable disk space to store active and current data.
    In Sage 50, you can purge data as and when you want. Most of the users perform purging after they close the payroll tax year or the fiscal year through the Year-End wizard.

    What are the benefits of Upgrading to the Multi-User Mode in Sage 50?

    Upgrading to a multi-user platform in Sage 50 provides manifold advantages. Some of them are mentioned below-
    ▪ In the Sage multi-user platform, you can make multiple employees work simultaneously. This will strengthen their motivation and spirit 
    ▪ A multi-user platform facilitates the proper distribution of work. It helps reduce work pressure and related stress 
    ▪ You can easily switch between single-user and multi-user modes
    ▪ in a multi-user environment, you can enable about 30 users to work simultaneously

    Do I need to take Back up before Purging Data in Sage 50?

    Yes. Before you start the purging process, you should take a proper backup. In fact, we would recommend you take 2 backups. One can be used for present reference. You can store the other in a secure location for any emergency use in the future.

    Once I start the Purging Process with the Purge Wizard in Sage 50, can I stop it at any Time?

    Yes. You can stop the purge process at any time. You can also resume at the same point whenever you like. However, if you stop the process, some remaining maintenance records/transactions may not have been purged. Therefore, if you stop purging, you should run the Wizard again, later on, to remove the remaining unwanted records and transactions

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