Sage Error Code 1101

Sage Error 1101

What Is Sage Error Code 1101?

The Sage 50 error code 1101 can sometimes appear at the time of submitting VAT (Value Added Tax) returns. The error message that you are likely to see is, “The VRN specified, wasn’t found”. However, this isn’t the only situation when you face this error as it could also be related to the installation of the Sage 50 software while a Microsoft program like .Net is running simultaneously.

You are likely to experience this error while starting up, shutting down or installing any Windows OS (Operating System). In that case you will have to make efforts to know the cause of the error and resolve it as per guidelines. If the error is just about the gateway not recognizing the VRN you submitted, resubmit with your correct VRN.

Causes Of Sage Error Code 1101

In case of the message, “The VRN specified, wasn’t found”, it is quite likely that you may have tapped on one or more wrong keys while entering your VRN (VAT Registration Number) which is why the VAT gateway isn’t able to recognize your VRN. Another typing related error could be the overuse of your spacebar resulting in spaces between the numeric characters of your VRN.

Another typing error possibility is that you may have added an alphabet character in your VRN. Since the VRN can only be numeric and not alphanumeric or any other combination, the gateway won’t read it and consequently you will see the Sage error code 1101. Sometimes, it could be due to problems with certain files that have become corrupt in your Windows OS.

There could be other reasons for the error as well and these are not related to any wrong entry of VRN. For instance, your .Net Framework software might not have been installed properly or it has been accidentally deleted by another program running on your system. Also, chances of malware or virus infection are always there in any system, and if your PC is affected, then it is likely that the virus or malware has infected your .Net Framework.

Step For Fix Sage Error Code 1101

Fixing Sage error code 1101 depends on the results of your analysis of the causes of the error on your system. If it is failure of the gateway to recognize your VRN due to wrong entry you need to delete whatever you have entered and resubmit the correct VRN. It will also require you to submit your report freshly. You need to freshly enter your account details as well.

For issues with your .Net Framework, it is necessary to create a backup. Therefore, you need to follow this sequence of commands – Go to ‘Start’ >> Type ‘command’, press ‘Control’ and ‘Shift’ keys and then press ‘Enter’. A dialog window will appear; type ‘Yes’ and then type ‘regedit’ before pressing ‘Enter’. Next, go to ‘File’ and choose ‘Export’ and then go the folder where you want to save the backup file of the .Net Framework platform on your system. Then move to ‘Export Range’ and save the backup file.

You might also need to clean up your system of all junk and Temp files. Of course, if there’s malware or virus, you must immediately remove them with a good antivirus cleaner. Sanitizing your system will be beneficial.

Final Words :

Sage 50 is one of the most widely used accounting software in the world and is preferred by businesses of all sizes. If you still face Sage error code 1101, call up our Sage technical support team on toll free number whenever it’s convenient. They are available 24 x 7 to assist you.

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