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Sage Error Code 1101

    Sage Error 1101

    What is Sage Error Code 1101?

    The Sage 50 error code 1101 can sometimes appear at the time of submitting VAT (Value Added Tax) returns. The error message that you are likely to see is, “The VRN specified, wasn’t found”. However, this isn’t the only situation when you face this error as it could also be related to the installation of the Sage 50 software while a Microsoft program like .Net is running simultaneously.

    You are likely to experience this error while starting up, shutting down or installing any Windows OS (Operating System). In that case you will have to make efforts to know the cause of the error and resolve it as per guidelines. If the error is just about the gateway not recognizing the VRN you submitted, resubmit with your correct VRN.

    Causes of Sage Error Code 1101

    Causes arises due to following reasons:

    • The download and installation process of .Net framework has been incomplete or corrupted.
    • Uninstallation and installation process of .Net framework is not done
    • Some file has been accidentally deleted by another program running on your system.
    • Also, chances of malware or virus infection
    • Problem with registering Sage 50 with MSIEXEC..

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    Step to Fix Sage Error Code 1101

    Here we are providing some solutions to fix Sage error code 1101 :

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    Fix the Registry Entries

    🔹 Firstly click on start and then type cmd in a search box
    🔹 Press CTRL+Shift key then hit enter
    🔹 When prompted click the yes button
    🔹 Type regedit and hit the enter key
    🔹 Now click on the file
    🔹 Select export from the menu
    🔹 Now select the folder where you want to save the backup file of .net framework
    🔹 For search easily ,provide the name of the backup file
    🔹 Then move to ‘Export Range’ and save the backup file.

    You can Use Clean Manager to Perform a Disk Cleanup

    🔹 Go to start and type cmd in a search box
    🔹 Press ‘Control’ and ‘Shift’ keys and then Hit ‘Enter’
    🔹 Click yes when you are prompted
    🔹 Type cleanmgr in the command window and press enter
    🔹 Now click on the disk cleanup option
    🔹 Choose the categories to which you want to perform the clean up
    🔹 Then press ok to perform a disk cleanup

    Install Latest Windows Update

    🔹 Go to start
    🔹 Type update in a search box , press enter
    🔹 Windows update dialog box appear
    🔹 Now Click on the install updates option

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    Final Words

    If you’re experiencing problems with your computer, and you see a “sage” error code on the screen, don’t panic. There are many things that can cause this type of error, and although it may seem like your computer is about to crash, in most cases fixing the issue is as simple as restarting your computer. If that doesn’t work, or if you’re not sure what to do next, read on for more detailed instructions on how to resolve sage error codes.


    What Does that “msiexec” Process Mean?

    MSIEXEC file is part of the Windows Installer, a Microsoft program that can install programs on your computer. It is strongly recommended not to close this process because it is a required component in order to run your system efficiently.

    Does Disk Cleanup Useful

    🔹 Remove all the unwanted programs
    🔹 Make your computer virus and malware-free
    🔹 Make disk space for memory
    🔹 Instead of having the Windows operating system eat up your computer’s resources, HDD Sentinel helps you run your computer at optimal performance.

    How to Use Registry Editor on System

    Registry editor performs the important functions ; creating,deleting , renaming, manipulating registry keys, sub-keys and value

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