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How to Fix Sage Error Code 54

    Sage Error Code 54

    Sage 50 error code triggers when the system can’t read the data file accurately and correctly. This error happens because of several issues. For instance, due to the power shortage or issues such as network cards, faulty network connection, and the database connection failed, etc. The below article is rounded up with the troubleshooting guide to rectify Sage 50 error code 54.

    Sage is the only accounting software that is used worldwide, and it has created an accounting market globally. However, sometimes you can have some technical issues due to some errors, and one such error is Sage error code 54.

    In today’s blog we are going to discuss everything that you need to know about Sage Error Code 54.

    What is Sage Error Code 54

    Sage Error code occurs when Sage 50 software can’t read your data file correctly and accurately. Sage error 54 can occur mostly due to power shortage or problems like network cards, switches etc.

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    What are the Significant Reasons for Sage Error Code 54?

    Many causes are responsible for the error code 54 in Sage 50. Before troubleshooting the issue it is necessary to view the causes that are below:

    • A workstation’s connection to the company’s database has been lost.
    • A faulty network connection may prevent access to an open database.
    • Power failure during a Sage 50 session.
    • Damaged data files in general cause this issue.
    • Network Connection loss prevents access to the database
    • Damaged data files
    • Power failures
    • Database connection loss

    How to Rectify Sage 50 Error Code 54?

    Here is the List of Methods to Fix the Issue:

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    If the Files Appear on the Server

    ⏩ Initially close the Sage system 
    ⏩ Check out the server error 
    ⏩ Now open the account reconciliation
    ⏩ It will open properly on computer and server then you require to restart the server now
    ⏩ Now give the name Userpref dat file to Userpref.old 
    ⏩ Next re-launch the Sage application on the computer 
    ⏩ Begin the account reconciliation procedure 
    ⏩ Now cross-check to ensure that no error message is displayed if the issue persists
    ⏩ You must need remapping the data path 
    ⏩ After that launch the Sage system 
    ⏩ Check and confirm whether or not the issue occurs

    Issue in the UserPref.dat File

    ⏩ First of all launch the Sage accounting system
    ⏩ Locate to the company file
    ⏩ If you have opened the company files then navigate to the menu
    ⏩ Choose the Maintain tab
    ⏩ Click on the option for company information
    ⏩ Now make a note of the directory
    ⏩ If you failed to open the company file then you require to go through the below-mentioned instructions:
    ⏩ First of all close all the Sage 50 software applications for multi-users
    ⏩ Begin the computer and search for the directory of the company
    ⏩ Find the userpref data file and now right-click it
    ⏩ Now choose the option which says Delete
    ⏩ After this give a new name to the file and also enter userpref.old
    ⏩ Turn off the system
    ⏩ Open the Sage 50 followed by the Company file
    ⏩ Verify the issue is fixed

    Run the Repair Utility

    ⏩ Locate Help menu
    ⏩ Click on the tab named Customer Support and Service
    ⏩ Hit the Integrity Check button 
    ⏩ Choose the Backup tab to create a backup of the company data
    ⏩ Click Integrity Check utility
    ⏩ Once you had made a company file backup
    ⏩ It will display Data Integrity check or Repair Page
    ⏩ Choose the testing type
    ⏩ Now do anyone test at a time
    ⏩ Make sure you do not choose multiple tests
    ⏩ In this choosing, multiple tests may create the issue more complex to correct
    ⏩ Now perform the below types of tests:
    ⏩ Data synchronization tests
    ⏩ File Tests
    ⏩ Invoice Synchronization
    ⏩ Hit ok to proceed


    Hopefully, the above resolutions helped you to resolve the Sage error code 54. In case you face any issue regarding the same then give a call to the expert’s team. Use a live chat or drop an email [email protected] with the query.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can a Faulty Network Connection Prevent your Access to an Open Database?

    Ans :  You can follow these steps to resolve the faulty network connection that prevent your access to an open database: 

    ⚫ To ensure a better network connection, inspect the network cable and patch wiring.
    ⚫ If there is a power outage or drop in your area, you can use an uninterrupted power supply.

    What are some other Causes Behind Sage Error Code 54?

    Ans : Some other causes behind Sage Error Code 54 are: 

    ⚫ In the event that the Userpref data is damaged.
    ⚫ If the drive is incorrectly mapped, Error 54 will appear. 
    ⚫ If the drive is mapped via a share above the Sage folder as a replacement for the Sage folder itself. 

    Can you Restore your Data Files before you Get Sage Error Code 54? 

    Ans : Before you notice any damage, you can restore a backup :

    ⚫ After you have completed the backup, you must run the data verification process from the file menu. 
    ⚫ Then you must re-enter any maintenance records and transactions to apply the backup time frame.

    Why am I Getting Sage Error Code 54?

    Ans: ⚫ Damaged Userpref data 
    ⚫ The drive is not mapped correctly

    How Would I Restore the Data Files Before Troubleshooting the Error?

    Ans: ⚫ Once you have completed the file backup you need to run the data verification process using the file menu
    ⚫ You must re-enter any maintenance records and files to apply the backup time frame.

    How Much Time Do I Require to Resolve the Sage 50 Error Message 54?

    Ans: The time might vary with computer and network connections.

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