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Sage Errors Support

Sage 50 is acknowledged as top business accounting software. It was specially developed for accelerating the growth of small and medium sized industries. The software is built stuffed with that is designed for gearing up small and medium sized companies. It is embedded with rich features to handle the business operations proficiently. Meeting all the professional requirements the top preference in the modern business arena. Software and errors go hand in hand. There are certain situations when the software encounters technical and functional errors. When the error occurs, there is an error message displayed with a four-digit error code.

The list below is some common Sage error code reported by the users. When you approach the Sage customer support team, you are instantly provided the right solution to fix the error. The support team promptly identify, analyze and resolve the issues.

Major Sage 50 Errors

It is obvious software and errors go parallel. Sage software users encounter errors for many possible reasons that happens usually due to improper/incomplete software installation, software upgrade/update, network connectivity errors, database connectivity errors, file migration errors and many more. These errors are identified with a code that displays over the screen with an error message specifying the error. Below are some of the common errors that can be categorized as technical as well as functional. The possible reasons for the occurrence of the error is also mentioned below:

Sage 50 Install Error 1935: The major reasons that result to Error code 1935

  • .NET Framework problems may be there with the library.
  • Windows Update needs to be properly verified prior software installation.
  • The downloaded installed files are damaged due to incomplete/improper download or some other reasons.
  • Antivirus programs isolate the installation files that ends up cropping up the error.

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Sage Payroll Error 1046 : The main reasons why this error occurs are as follows:

  • Incorrect entry of the user ID and password in e-Submission Settings.
  • HMRC modification to your tax reference haven’t configured within your software.
  • Busy gateway while submitting and can’t validate your details.
  • Not registered HMRC as an agent and selecting the “Submit” button as an agent check box.

Sage 50 Error – Object Doesn’t Support this Property or Method

The Sage error signifies “Object Doesn’t Support this Property or Method”. The error comes up with a message – “Object doesn’t support property or method ‘date picker” while attempting to e-file through Atarax. The major causes of the error are:

  • Not selecting a week day for e-filing.
  • Attempting to use the cubes in pastel evolution the error occurs when trying to run the software.

Sage 50 Decline Code Error 14

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The Sage 50 Decline code Error 14 is referred as “Invalid Card Error”. It usually happens when the debit/credit card number entered by the customer is not correct while making a payment that ends payment is declined by the bank. The decline errors are categorized as the Bank Error codes or Transaction Decline codes. The error occurs when the payment is declined or rejected by the bank and the user does not receive payment.

Sage Error 0057 Rel 2013.2

Sage Error code 0057 Rel 2013.2 is occurs when the attempts to open a company file or while printing the reports or working on the organizational files. This error leads to closing of the program or stopping the work of the programs. When the error occurs it throws an error messages to the screen: Error: “Sage 50 Accounting 2013 [0057-rel\2013.2] has stopped working”.

The aftereffect of the error is that the software crashes. This error is experienced by the Sage 50 different versions.

Sage Payroll Error 7866

The Sage Payroll Error 7866 occurs during the submission process of full payment or FPS. This error can be encountered by the users of Sage 50 payroll, Sage Instant Payroll, Sage 50 Payroll Version 19, Sage 50 Payroll Version 20, Sage 50 Payroll Version 21 and Sage 50 Payroll Version 22. It is referred as the Sage critical error and it comes up with an error message: “Error 7866 – The amount in [EMPLOYEESCONTRIBUTIONSONALLEARNINGSYEARTODATE] must be 0.00 if the [NILETTER] is ‘X’, ‘C’, or ‘W’.”

Other Common Sage 50 Error Codes

Sage Error Code 1101 : occurs due to problem with the registration of MSIEXEC.

Sage Error Code 1304 : occurs due to problem with the permissions.

Sage Error Code 1324: happens when the folder path that comprise an invalid character.

Sage Error Code 1325 : occurs due to not having the correct Windows user permissions.

Sage Error Code 1327 : happen due to a missing drive letter.

Sage Error Code 1334 : occurs when installing Sage 50 Accounts, after Sage 50 Accounts Essentials installed and uninstalled previously.

Sage Error Code 1402 : happens due to the registry problem with Windows.

Sage Error Code 1603 : “Fatal installation error”. It occurs due to incorrect Windows user permissions to the installed areas.

Sage Error Code 1606 : It restricts access to the network location.

Sage Error Code 1607: “The user is unable to install Install Shield Scripting Runtime”.

Sage Error Code 1608: The software is restricted to create Install Driver instance.

Sage Error Code 1618: occurs when another Installation process is in progress.

Sage Error Code 1628 : failure in the completion of script-based install or Failed to complete installation.

Sage Error Code 1721 : problem with this Windows Installer Package.

Sage Error Code 1722 : error occurs when there is a problem with this windows installer package.

Sage Error Code 1723 : It occurs pops when there is a problem with this windows installer package.

Sage Error Code 1919 : error crops up configuring ODBC data source.

Sage Error Code 6002 : configuration error during the time of installation.

Sage Error 7806 : This is the Sage HRMS error.

Sage Error 1923 : It is an Sage installation error and called Sage Error 1923.

Sage Errors Technical Support Phone Number

It is one of the reliable Sage 50 Tech support agency that hires qualified and experienced Sage expert professionals. The team assures quick and feasible support to all the errors and queries reported by the users. The team can be approached through different modes.

  • Phone Support: You can call to the toll free phone support number . The Sage expert professional will attend your call and provide instant resolution.
  • Live Chat: This is the quickest way to acquire support. Connect with the Sage professionals and garner solutions immediately.
  • Email support: Drop an email to the and the Sage professional experts will reply back with the relevant solution.

Dial the toll free number and garner best Sage solutions & assistance.