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Sage Fixed Assets 2018

    Sage Fixed Assets

    Sage Fixed Assets is a speculation technique software which helps us to forecast and prepare for the expected assets downfall. The software is intended to track what is required and hence its keeps the business covered from assets devaluation, tracking and planning. Sage fixed assets 2018 is released with new and advanced features which allows the software to tackle down analysis task for the assets.

    Sage Fixed Assets aims to keep in mind the policies & then based on each & every aspect, calculates the ROI of the asset. This helps in better understanding of assets acquisition & loss. The tool is accurate, effective & reliable as it computes every aspect which could matter in changing the asset.

    In this article we would take you through the Sage Fixed Assets 2018 features and what the software is all about. In case you want to know more about the software, you can contact Sage Accounting software Support Number.

    Features of Sage Fixed Assets


    Devaluation or depreciation is one of the important aspects which influence the value of fixed assets in the organization. Sage fixed assets help you to analyze and determine the depreciation rate of the asset. The plan is prepared according to the profitability of the asset in next following years


    When we record a fixed asset on the tool, it gathers all the information which can impact the fixed asset. From time constraint to all the factors running behind it are analyzed and prepared a plan for. There are several reports which are generated by the tracking system. These reports depict the nature and profitability feature of the asset.


    The major work of the fixed assets tool is to plan the whole outcome of the asset with respect to the business. The software generated reports help the business to plan things accordingly for better results. Fixed assets are one of the most important resources of the organization which leads you to build a strong base.

    Features of Sage Fixed Assets 2018.0

    AMT Book Adjustment

    The instructions book from the IRS for 2016 form 4562 – The policy for devaluation and amortization does not involve the AMT depreciation adjustment for the properties which are placed after 2015. In the tax book, the assets which fall under 2016 -2019 is set to MF200 and before 2016 it is setup as MF150

    Scanner Portable Application

    This is the most interesting feature of Sage Fixed Assets 2018. You are allowed to download the inventory reports in the mobile application and using the tracking feature. You can therefore use the mobile to scan bar-codes and add items to the inventory in real time.

    Updated Image Manager

    The image manager is introduced with great new features. You can now add multiple images at the time and also link multiple assets to the concerned image. It has become easy to sort the file list in ascending or descending order.

    Sage Sage Fixed Assets Technical Support –

    Sage Fixed Assets 2018.0 is an online tool developed in order to track and analyze the response of the fixed assets owned by the company. In case you want to understand the software better or want to understand any of the features, you can contact our Sage customer support Helpline and they would assist you with a best in class knowledge. We also provide 24/7 assistance to the Sage users.